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The Teacher

True self is your guru.

You can find guru from inner (by observe everything the way it is and find out the truth after that the true self will work in your life itself )

Another way is you can get help from outside guru in different from and names of teacher, master, guru that who can read you the way inner to recognize your truth.

If they are pure and real both way will lead you to the same direction as the end.

When you completely surrender to The true self, The truth Masters, The truth gurus, the truth teachers then the karma can not reach you as you are no man. When you surrender yourself to the divine it s automatic is clear the karma. As the truth or divine is pure from everything nothing can reach or harm. Land of oneness. Love, peace, real happiness grow out from it.
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Can the iceberg generate heat by itself and turn itself into the water it consists of? No, it needs external heat. We too are spiritual icebergs and need the warmth of the divine guide's love to go back to our original condition - the infinite ocean of divinity.
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Your body and mind are iceberg but true self or divine is warm heat.

Do what your heart feel for as it will make your path easier.

If you feel you need heat from outside take outside.

If you feel you already have heat inside then use it.

Heat is heat no matter location you has them. It will melt the iceberg and give same result at the end anyway.
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In most cases the soul is dormant under layers of impressions and in my experience we need a guide to clean it and reawaken it with his spiritual power.
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(09-10-2014, 09:15 PM)chadnachev Wrote: In most cases that inner heat is dormant under layers of impressions and in my experience we need a guide to clean it and reawaken it with his spiritual power.

Just to add and say the same thing in a different point of view.
The inner heat can also be referred as the kundalini in the esoteric language. As far as I know this heat has the power to awake our spiritual power and spiritual virtues. But also can awake our lower qualities. In reality that fire gives strength to what we already have as vice or virtues. But it has the tendency of strengthening more our lower qualities, vices, bad habits than our virtues. This is why it is best to start developing one's virtues a bit more before we start rising the dormant fire; or an experienced Master to guide the kundalini rising.

It is true heat is heat no matter where it is found. But I would precisely consider 2 degrees of heats. There is a heat which can makes you want to remove your cloths (meaning to remove your vices), and a heat which will burn you. Not all heat awakes our higher nature. There is heat from the underground symbolically speaking, which is the commonly experienced inside as pleasure of earth which awakes our lower nature. And there is heat from the higher atmospheres symbolically speaking which is experienced as Joy of spiritual things, and which awakes our higher nature.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Bad heat can burn and make you hurt but it s also path of learning make you find the the right heat after. It s ok to fall sometime just get up and keep going. One day skill and knowledge will come Smile

Maybe one day from our learning journey we will find out that we all are true heat which will burn everything else but not yourself Smile
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Although this thread dates back to 2014, I have been happy to revisit it, finding it most informative and useful in the understanding of karma.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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The spiritual journey in its final rise towards Perfection resembles an inner mountain climbing - we need a guide - someone who's already reached the top and can safely guide us towards the fulfillment of our aspirations.
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I think I am doomed. All these years I could not find a human "guru" / master to guide me!! 
What a mistake!  I should not have listened to the cosmic sounds that surround us. I should have listened to the "wise" human beings and looked for another human  being to lead me to the truth that is within me rather than practising to understand my own truth. Oh, dear sun and nature, the 5 elements, I should not have trusted you all.
I should have gone to "sahaj marg"...Simple route/path.
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I listen to the voice within.
Works for me.
Being the only child on a ranch, was wonderful.
My mother often scolded me for not being where she thought I should be.
I was with my guide. Once I explained this to Mother and Aunt Marget, my aunt told mother there was nothing to worry about, as she sensed my Guide.

All of us have Guides. If one listens to their guides, they find themselves not only learning how to live in your new home, but remembering the world of spirit.
I was lucky enough to have my aunt to also help me on my new Earth Journey.

We are never alone, no matter if we hear or see them, or don’t—they are always here to help us.

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