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The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

All Bible’s readers are well acquainted with the story of Eden written in the book of Genesis, and which relates the fall of mankind. We now have evidence that this Eden story did not originate from the Bible but was simply copied from much earlier mythological texts from Egypt and Mesopotamia, because there are now excavated fragments of Egyptian papyrus and Sumerian clay tablets available and largely predating the Bible, and which also relate this myth. So this leads to believe that whoever wrote this biblical book of Genesis was already familiar with these much earlier mythologies and was simply reinterpreting (and readjusting) those myths to suit the needs of his intended audience. And it also explains why the redactor of the book of Genesis appears not to claim authorship of his writings, unlike other biblical books where the alleged redactors usually claim to have been personally given information by God himself! But for now, it doesn't really matter what is the true original source of this Eden myth, but rather it is the symbology expressed in this myth that is of great import to us because of its esoteric value.

If you deeply reflect and meditate upon this Genesis account (the Eden story in particular), you will come to find that there are many valuable esoteric data to be mined on it, and which (among other things) can help in understanding the current spiritual state of mankind. As far as the Eden story itself goes, it is important to know that neither Adam nor Eve should be considered as historical personages but simply as symbolic representations of the masculine and the feminine energies of the planet respectively. As far as this topic is concerned, what interests us are the two trees mentioned in the story of Eden: the tree of knowledge of good and evil (TKG&E) as well as the tree of life (TL). Obviously, these two trees are also symbols representing certain ideas, although some religious people have tried to litterally interpret the TKG&E as an apple tree or something like that. What we also note from the story is that, although Adam and Eve are said to have been warned about the dramatic consequences that could result from eating the fruits of the TKG&E, yet they were not denied the opportunity of doing so. This is all in keeping up with the cosmic principle of freewill which is vital for the learning and development of souls. Most of what are said in this story are symbols, and since all symbolic ideas can be interpreted in different angles depending on the perspective sought by the interpreter(s), this is why I believe that it is perfectly legitimate for me to also share my perspective and understanding on the matter, based on my own meditation works on the subject.

The fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Now, if we agree that this whole story of Eden is nothing but a symbolic representation of what may have occurred, what ideas could then possibly be represented by these two trees? Well, to put it loosely, the idea represented by the Tree of life is diversity and infinite multiplicity of entities and possibilities, all united by one main trunk, whereas the idea represented by the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the sameness of entities (their minds and bodies). While the TKG&E has only one trunk on which all its fruits are directly attached, the Tree of Life has an infinite numbers of branches and sub-branches all producing different kinds of fruits which are all joined together by the main trunk. This leads to theorize that the first tree is called the tree of life because eating its fruits leads to spiritual abundance and prosperity, therefore offering its consumers more vitality, inspiration, and creativity during their evolution.

But the eating of the fruits from the TKG&E ultimately leads to spiritual atrophy and subsequent disintegration (i.e. death) of the bodies, minds, and souls of its consumers because it is based on the principle of restriction. The Tree of knowledge of good and evil represents any indoctinating ideology (be it religious, social, political, intellectual, legal, etc) which deceives people’s minds by claiming that only it and it alone contains all the knowledge, truths or powers of life, and that any different or divergent source must therefore be wrong and unworthy to exist. The concept of TKG&E is (and was) best expressed in certain religious denominations which claim(ed) absolute infallibility in their doctrines and dogmas, and pretend(ed) to offer to their believers the only true way to salvation (whatever salvation meant to them), and They frequently engaged in bloody campaigns of extermination of those holding any opposing thought. But this extermination campaign is not always expressed in brutality but can also occur in conceiled ways such as missionnarism.

I once had the opportunity of working together with someone who was a member of a certain American-based Christian denomination (which I choose to restrain myself from naming) and who spent an enormous amount of his time and mental energy trying to proselytize me (and others) into his belief system, and relentlessly distributed to us an abundance of literatures published by his denomination. This man was totally convinced to have found the only true source of spiritual knowledge and hence he sincerely believed that he was partaking in a “divine” activity while trying to convince us into joining his denomination. The bulk of his “spiritual” message was fear-based, and covertly had a pseudo-threat that if we refused the “benevolent” invitation of being part of his denomination, then an ultimate destruction was awaiting us at the end of the world which they predicted to be arriving very soon (but whose devastation will “miraculously” spare only active members of his denomination! ). It never ceased to amaze me that someone Iwho was very respectable like him and who had some fairly decent decent moral standards could be so much intoxicated by the fruits (teachings) of his denomination’s TKG&E to the point where it was almost impossible for him to realize his errors no matter how hard you trie to prove them to him!

Something I came to realize about people whose mindsets are already intoxicated from over-eating the fruits of any TKG&E (that is, those who have already heavily invested their minds and intellects in deceptive ideologies) is that they honestly believe that their way is the only way and there can be no other acceptable way. In fact, they even lack the capacity to even imagine the possibility that they could be in error, because they are already so deep in the error itself and see it as the only existing reality! Unfortunately, such people cannot be helped by anyone except themselves, provided they come to realize the wrongness of their beliefs and they drastically change their mindsets and attitudes toward life. Sometimes fate will conspire in order to bring certain traumatic or depressing events in the lives of such people so as to offer them the opportunity of questioning their belief systems and ways of life.

This idea can be expanded to include all those people who expect to find one “perfect” religion or spiritual group to give them a free ticket to paradise or heaven (wherever that is). Although they may be sincere in their desires, such people are still unknowingly seeking the TKG&E even when they may believe otherwise. They may even call themselves “spiritual seekers” if they prefer, but the illusion they entertain inside their minds that one day they will finally find one particular religion or meet one particular spiritual master (or guru) who hand over to them ALL the answers to all their questions (in one box) can only lead them to the inevitable disapointments and desillusionments. Although they may even claim to be searching for the truth, the fact is that the truth has always been around them and the only reason why they could not find it was because it did not please their expectations and they wanted something more suitable to flatter their spiritual fantasies.

Sadly, these self-declared “spiritual seekers” will never find the truth they are allegedly looking for, simply because they are looking for it with the wrong attitude and they want a “sweet” and “politically correct” spiritual truth that will make them “feel good” about themselves, and help them forget about their daily anxieties (but this is exactly the opposite feelings one gets after realizing the truth about life). Most of religious people and "spiritualists" will stubbornly resist and reject any evidence which contradicts their utopic belief systems, and they will waste a great deal of brainpower in elaborating vast amounts of contrived arguments (which are often based on circular reasonings and self-referrencings) in order to explain or rationalize the inconsistencies and contradictions that can be found in their erroneous beliefs system. This is why people such as Galileo were mercilessly persecuted even by the “holy fathers” for refuting the biblical notion about the sun supposedly orbiting the earth, and presenting hard astronomical evidences which proved that it was the opposite that was true.

The fruits of the Tree of Life

The real spiritual knowledge (which are fruits from the TL) can be found in various sources (branches) all united by the main principle (or trunk) of existence called love. Genuine spiritual seekers only strive to find vital clues in various intellectual or spiritual traditions they have the opportunity of learning from in order to unlock certain inner doors leading to where the truth can be found: inside themselves. So it can be said that any intellectual or spiritual knowledge you acquire from whatever source is only meant to give you the necessary light (i.e. awareness) that will guide you in your inner search for the truth. Nobody has the power or the responsibility to give you all the spiritual knowledge you think you want. You are the one who must make concerted efforts in seeking that knowledge in whatever way possible, and then integrate it in your consciousness in order to help you find the truth about life. Even if it was possible to be freely given all the spiritual knowledge in one package as some think, this would never help them grow their souls, because anyway, people don’t really appreciate the value of something they did not work for. There is no one particular source in which you are going to find all the spiritual answers to all the questions about existence, because even though those answers do exist, they can only be found piece by piece and step by step in different sources.

There are always some vestiges of genuine spiritual knowledge that can be found in all religious and spiritual traditions, even though these spiritual knowledge were latter diluted with the intrusions of various amounts of lies and falsities. In fact, it is precisely because of those residual truths that any false system can stay alive, for a lie cannot exist and persist on its own without any assistance from the truth. This is why it can be helpful for a genuine spiritual seeker to examine as many of these religious and spiritual (esoteric) traditions as possible in order to uncover whatever residual truths that may still exist in them. Of course, you will need to exercise caution and discernment while filtering most (if not all) of the falsities that are usually mixed up with the truth. In fact, one of the reasons why souls are born in different cultural and religious settings during their many reincarnations is to learn from various knowledge available in different cultural and spiritual traditions and which can help them advance their consciousnesses accordingly. But nowadays this may no longer be necessary for most souls to reincarnate in different cultures in order to learn whatever knowledge is in those various traditions. The globalization of the modern world has made it easy for people to learn from each other’s knowledge and traditions, even without setting a foot in their land!

Still, you will need to filter whatever stream of knowledge you come across and only retain what is essential for your own spiritual growth, the same way those who extract salt from the sea do a filtering work before getting the product they need. As far as the Bible is concerned, I personally find that contents of some books such as the Psalms, the book of job, or some parabolas in the gospels to have many spiritually elevating and inspiring ideas, while most of the rest of biblical stories are either useless at best, or absolute rubbish at worst! So much can also be said about other “holy” books such as the Koran for exemple. It might also be interesting to note from the Genesis account that God (whoever or whatever he/it is understood to be) allowed Adam and Eve to eat from any other tree in the garden of Eden except from those two particular trees. And after having eaten from the TKG&E, it is said that a cherub was quickly despatched to expel the couple from the garden and prevent them from coincidentally eating the fruits of the tree of life until when they were ready for it. That symbology becomes plausible if we consider that the two trees (the TL and the TKG&E) are mutually exclusive, that is, upon eating the fruits of one tree, one cannot simultaneously eat the fruits from the other tree. It is therefore impossible for a person to be stuck in his or her false ideologies and belief system and at the same time be open-minded about the possibilities of other ways and beliefs!

Why the feminine psyche is fascinated by the TKG&E

Another important symbology to be noted from this Eden story is why it was Eve who was first duped into eating from the TKG&E. The seducing creature described as the serpent could have tempted Adam first since he is said to have been around the garden way before Eve was made, so why did it wait until the arrival of Eve for it to make its move? The best way to approach that question is to first understand the workings of the masculine and the feminine energies (this subject deserves further elaboration, which I intend to do in another thread). The feminine energy (Eve) has a different role to fulfil in life from the masculine energy (Adam). It (the feminine) is the energy that seeks assurance of stability and security over any other concern, whereas its masculine counterpart prioritizes exploration and expansion. Stability leads to survival whereas exploration leads to advancement and progress. The two energies must reconcile and complement one another in order for planetary evolution to occur both rapidly and safely. If only one energy is in action, then a serious handicap is created and evolution will be stuck or meets a dead end.

Now because Adam and Eve were given the freedom to eat fruits from an indefinite number of trees existing in the garden (that is to say, they were allowed to indefinitely explore different systems of knowledge in life), this implied they should always be exploring, seeking, and trying new things; a situation that could logically most suit Adam’s inclination than Eve’s, who as mentioned, is most inclined in seeking stability. Then comes the opportunistic serpent (a Reptilian alien?) who deceitfully tempts Eve by telling her what she most wanted to hear: that she could afford to have a self-sustainable system of knowledge that would allegedly incorporate all the knowledge (fruits) of existence in one source (tree), therefore giving her all the powers, and liberating her from the obligation of having to endlessly learn from many sources! From her predisposition, Eve must have found the temptation too great and too appealing to resist, and so she willingly ate the "forbidden" fruit and later persuaded her mate to do the same. The deception of the serpent stemmed from the fact that this TKG&E did not (and could not) offer all the different fruits (i.e. knowledge) of life in one tree (paradigm) as promised, but only one kind of fruits. And since we all know that eating only one kind of food for an extended period of time will inevitably result in malnutrition (and ultimate death) because the (spiritual, mental, or physical) body needs different kinds of nutrients in order to function optimally, this is why I think it made perfect sence to warn about the ultimate death resulting from eating the fruits of the TKG&E.

The extreme suggestibility, impressionability, and subjective evaluation of things the female mind has is a major loophole that can be methodically studied by any ill-motivated person who wishes to systematically take advantage of women around him/her. This weakness in the female mind can be exploited not only by religious leaders, but also by business marketers, social activists, as well as political leaders, who all sell their deceptive ideologies and products by first seducing the minds of women with some appealing propositions before reaching out to men. Such seducers very well know that they will surely meet resistance and possible failure should they attempt to directly sell their deceptive ideologies to men, and so they chose the easy way instead. Although all this may seem like a misogynistic evaluation of thing (and of course there have been many preachers who have gone to the extreme in their interpretations of this Eve tendency to come across as misogynists), but if we objectively look at reality with a clear view, we find that there is nothing misogynistic about this mythical account, but that it can very well be observed in everyday's life with the way most women deal with enticing offers and propositions. Ever wonder why any aspiring cult or sect leader first starts by recruiting women to join his “life saving” program? This is because the cult leader knows that once he succeeds to gather a significant number of female membership, then it is only a matter of short time before those women start bringing their husbands and sons to “salvation”, and once this is done, then the cult’s business will be up and running! Smile

On the same note, this is also why it only took some cold-hearted psychopaths such as Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Staline, Mao Zedong, and many others, to just come up with their crazy propositions about creating a “great and prosperous nation” where their women will be able to breed in all the comfort and safety that their “mighty” armies would allegedly provide for them, and despite the trail of tears and bloods these psychos in power usually leave behind in the pursuit of their vainglory, they always manage to secure a large amount of female admiration and support for their causes! Saddly, nowadays Eve (the collective female mind) is once again being duped into eating from yet another modern TKG&E that is supposedly meant to “liberate” her from her alleged “slavery” and “empower” her to become a “strong and independent” woman! Many females (and males) have already eaten the fruits of this TKG&E and have become so damaged emotionally and mentally by its toxicity to the point where they adopt belligerant attitudes in their lives! The result, as it has been observed for the past fifty years or so, is a conflictual climate in gender relation in those societies which have fully integrated that deceptive ideology. I do not wish to go any deeper in this subject for now so as to avoid attracting unnecessary outrages. I simply wish to finish this subject by categorically dissociating myself from all those who hold prejudicial opinions that the female nature is inherently evil in its core. If only one understands the working and purpose of the feminine energy, one will find that it is just what it is, and there is nothing good or evil about it at all! Besides, evil is often a subjective concept because it has a different meaning to different people.

How the masculine energy reacts to the TKG&E

In this world, males and females have been made to live in a state of co-dependency instead of cooperation and complementarity as it should be. And because of this, anything that negatively affects one gender will utlimately reach out to the other gender as well. In their normal senses, the males' minds are not very keen on eating the fruits of the TKG&E because that implies settling on one (ideological) diet only at the exclusion of any other possibilities. So when females (whose inner priorities differs from those of males) are duped into overwhelmingly eating the fruits of any kind TKG&E (deceptive ideology), the males will reluctantly join in just “for the sake of the family”. But since the masculine energy naturally abhors routines and has the proclivity of wanting to explore diversity and multiplicity, this creates a real problem when a system based on the TKG&E has been established as the norm of life and which demand absolute obedience to its rulings. So in order to keep the stubborn tendencies of males contained, the TKG&E system will necessarily need to get more and more oppressive, consequently digging its own future grave.

When the masculine energy increasingly begin to feel restricted and limited in its expression beyond the tolerance level, it will react in a violent way in order to retrieve its freedom. This then will push men to eventually rebel against any enduring TKG&E system (be it religious, political, legal, etc) they find restricting, and replacing it with a new one in order to try and taste a different kind of fruits. This is how new religions or political systems have frequently been enacted in the course of history in order to topple the old ones which became like “tasteless” fruits to the male’s mind. But the problem is that the new trees (i.e. systems) that men violently plant in order to replace the old ones usually turn out to become yet others TKG&E, and which may end up producing even bitter fruits than the ones from the trees that were cut off. But as far as the masculine energy is concerned, it doesn’t care about the potential negative results of its rebellions and revolutions, as long as this brings change and movement. From the masculine energy's point of view, any change is acceptable (no matter how horrible and agitating it can be) so long as it keeps things moving forward. And it is because of this divergence of views and lack of common purpose between males and females on this planet that humanity has been thrown into a downward spiral of increasing negativities.

The TKG&E and the Matrix Control System

In all the millions of movies that Hollywood has managed to produce over the years, The Matrix is arguably the most instructive one, because this particular movie contains so much esoteric information that are subtly conveyed in the its actions, and which sums up succintly the mental (and spiritual) conditions of mankind. In the movie, Morpheus defines the Matrix control system to the newly awakening Neo as “the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth that you are a slave.... you were born into a prison that you cannot smell, taste or touch.... [the Matrix] is a prison for your mind”. And after Neo chose to swallow the proverbial “red pill” which was said to help trace his body among billions of other bodies that were grown and raised in captivity but whose minds were blissfully living in the comfort of a virtual reality, he was told that there was no going back. This is due to the fact that once one has awakened from the illusion of life, it is impossible to unlern what one has already learned. And another interesting idea I noted in that movie is that once the mind has been freed from the virtual reality of the matrix, then its body could no longer continue to be kept in captivity!

Of course, the writers of this movie conveyed their message by using technological themes and languages in order to reach a larger audience. But we could just as well interpret the movie’s message in esoteric terms so as to explain the actual spiritual (and mental) condition of mankind. It can be said that upon eating the fruits of the TKG&E, you essentially enter (willingly) into the virtual reality of the mind created by the one who planted (designed) that particular tree of knowledge of good and evil (or matrix system). Consequently, your fate is from then on determined by the one (or those) who designed that system and you become nothing but a mere tool of the system, with no freedom or real power to do anything even about your own life. Until you make concerted efforts to “unplug” yourself (i.e. to spiritually awake) from the illusion of that matrix existence and reintegrate your mind back with your true cosmic identity, then you shall indefinitely remain a slave of the world systems until your soul runs out of spiritual energy to reincarnate in a body, and it dissolves back into the primeval cosmic “sea” of unconsciousness, to be recycled as matter. This is the concept some have described the “second death”, that is, the dissolution of the soul. So in recap, this is to say that the mind is something that can be trapped into false paradigms constructed by those who wish to keep your soul in captivity so as to exploit your spiritual resources (i.e. vital energy) to the last drop. You may have a potentially great soul, but if it is kept captive in a mind that is trapped in false (religious, spiritual, political, or philosophical) ideologies, then your soul shall never be able to express its greatness in any significant way. Therefore, in order for you to free your soul, you must first begin by freeing your mind!

The Pseudo Trees of life

There is another aspect to consider while meditating about the TL and the TKG&E, and that is the concept of tolerance. Tolerance stems from the fact that you have been made to realize that you have neither the cosmic right nor the power to completely exterminate others. Those who have attempted to exterminate others (either through hideous mass genocides or ruthless massacres) have attracted some tough karmic backlashes to themselves which left some serious scars in their collective psyche and brutally reminded them that there exists a “third force” overseing everything that is happening in the Universe and giving each one its due. So the concept of tolerance has been created in order to adapt to this harsh realization.

Tolerance is different from acceptance in a sense that when you fully accept others, you acknowledge the fact that they have not only the cosmic right to exist, but also to live their lives in their own preferred ways (i.e. freewill). Tolerance is only a covert form of adversity because from tolerance slowly comes assimilation, which is just another way of exterminating the ways of others and replacing it with your own way. What we currently know as the United Nation is a fake version of the tree of life because it is based on the principle of tolerance, not acceptance. Those “united nations” pretend to want and seek peace while simultaneously arming themselves to the teeth! They hypocritically shake hands in “unity” with one arm open while holding knives with their other hands hidden behind, ready to backstab each others at any given opportunity. Instead of seeking true reconciliation and brotherhood, powerful nations of this so called “united nations” only run a covert rivalry to see who will get on top of world’s affairs and plant its own TKG&E (i.e. its ideological way of life) to the rest of the world. It is all just a big joke.

As for the over-praised political system called democracy (which some sarcastically denote as demo-crazy), it is yet another deceptive ideology impersonating the concept of Tree of life. Democracy is not a political system based on the principle of cooperative and consultative governance where capable (and benevolent) individuals share ideas and insights in managing public interests. Instead, it is nothing but a convenient new tool affording the most seducing demagogues to gain legitimacy for their despotic powers, under the pretext that they allegedly represented “the voice of the people”. Most of the so-called "democratically elected" leaders gain their powers not because of their intellectual merits or their moral integrity, but simply because they were successful in mobilizing and deceiving the ignorant masses to support their own selfish ambitions. And this is why this democratic system brings unnecessary conflicts and confusions, when different competing ruthless power-mongers use the public platforms as battlegrounds where they wage ideological wars with each others and inciting their respective brainwashed partisans to commit some of the most abominable crimes and destructions to be recorded in the history of mankind.

Other manifestations of the TKG&E

There is more to this metaphor of the tree of life vs the tree of knowledge of good and evil than can be said in one thread. Basically, people whose beliefs are based on the TKG&E are stuck in their narcissistic and sollipsistic mindsets, and they can only view the world with the glasses colored by their own mental paradigms. Even when they attempt to explore the ways of others, they prefer to take their own fruits of TKG&E with them wherever they go. Commonly known by the name of tourists, these "visitors" rarely wish to change their living standards in order to even momentarily adopt those of their host countries just for the sake of exploration. Great efforts have been made around the world in order to suit their exaggerated sense of grandeur by purposefully building some ridiculously expensive hotels and restaurants to accommodate their needs for comforts and "security". Far removed from the realities of the ordinary people they are supposedly visiting, most of the tourists prefer to eat the same fancy meals and beverages they used to in their own countries. You clearly identify them walking around with their cameras hanging on their necks, taking some meaningless pictures and literally throwing money in buying some useless “souvenirs”.

All the locals know that these folks have fat wallets and consequently, they give them a patronizing “smile show”, which the tourists wrongly interpret as a sign of niceness of the locals. Upon returning back to their home countries, such tourists are deluded to think that they understood the culture of the place they briefly visited and they can even write whole books about people they barely knew! Huh But this is not a good way of learning from the world as far as soul growth is concerned. Should you wish to explore the way of others in order to gain additional knowledge about life, then you do not have to be a tourist but rather an exploring visitor. Immerse yourself in the culture of your hosts, live among them, learn their language, understand their way of life, and upon returning to your home country, you will surely be amazed by how much knowledge, insights, and perspectives about life you have gained by even living with those you considered “uncivilized” or “third world” people!

The TKG&E is a Reptilian philosophy

The belief that only one single system of life (political, religious, social, or spiritual) is better and should ultimately be implemented everywhere is a typical Reptilian mindset which has been inculcated in the human psyche since the spiritual downfall of mankind. Those whose philosophy of life is based on the reptilian persuasion firmly believe in their own illusion of superiority and self righteousness, and they think they have a legitimate right to dominate (if not suppress) all others. They are convinced that the only acceptable standard of living is their own, and that the concept of civilization implies living in the anonymity of the artificial concrete jungles (cities), while being electronically catalogued and monitored by computers. They disgustingly (or condescendingly) look down on all others who still lead an ecologically sustainable lifestyle and prejudicially qualify them as “primitive people”, unworthy of existing, and whose knowledge about life is meaningless and whose opinions should not matter. In short, the reptillian philosophy represent the idea in the following picture...

[Image: 14c3z1x.jpg]

They (the modern consumers of the TKG&E) have been brainwashed into believing that the only way for people to live an orderly life is by being ruled like sheeps by a bunch of pathocrats running the government and thoroughly controlling the private lives of their fellow human beings, arrogantly thinking that they have a “divine” mandate and authority to decide about the fate of any person living in a particular God-created piece of land they claim to be part of their “territorial jurisdiction”. As for the lives of their hunting dogs (soldiers, police, etc.) who enforce such sick systems, it can clearly be seen that their sense of individuality and originality has been almost completely taken away from them. They all look and act the same way, and behave like some automatons, whose sole purpose is to receive orders from “superiors”, and can thus even be made to commit despicable atrocities which may even go against their own consciences. It is nfortunate for them that the law of cosmic justice (i.e. karma) does not take the argument “I was just taking order” as a mitigating factor to avoid (or alleviate) the consequences of the hideous actions they are made to commit.

Looking at all this, it might be tempting to think that the issues discussed here about the TKG&E is only a problem of the western (i.e. caucasian) people because they seem to be the ones who most exhibit this reptilian mindset of singleness of thoughts about ways of life. But that would be a big mistake because this is a problem affecting the entire human race. Given the means and the opportunity, any people (no matter what their color or culture is) will try to subjugate others and impose its own ways on them, under the pretext of “civilization”, “globalization”, or whatever other clever terms. It is just that currently, the western world (mostly the Anglo-American world) happen to weight more in the power balance of this world and it is therefore in position to impose (or advertize) its own TKG&E to the rest of the world, consequently creating a real cultural “deforestation”! But things have not always been this way because throughout the history of this world, there have been other nations (like the Atlanteans, the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, etc) who also had their times of glory and also attempted to impose their ways on those they managed to subjugate. And who knows whether in the future some other emerging power (like China) would manage to gain the upper hand and try to impose its version of TKG&E on others?


Despite all the attempts by malevolent forces to trap people’s minds in partaking from the TKG&E, the seed of the Tree of Life has already been planted in this world by light workers, and it is slowly growing into becoming a mature and fruitful plant according to how it is being watered. The only way to accelerate the growth of this tree of life is if enough people in this world begin to open their minds and lovingly accept each others while exploring this universe of endless possibilities. The reptilian philosophy of exceptionalism and singleness of thought (which has kept mankind in spiritual captivity for so long) must categorically be rejected by all peace-loving people in order to bring about a new world in which people of various origins and cultural backgrounds can peacefully co-exist and share their knowledge about life. As a soul which has chosen to incarnate in a body in order to learn various lessons of life through the interaction with other people, you must feel free to explore and learn from whatever stream of knowledge you come across and extract whatever valuable wealth you can find from them. It is your birthright to benefit from the limitless diversity and multiplicity of cultures of this infinitely abundant universe, irrespective of which culture, race, species or world you happen to have incarnated into.

Because of eating from the TKG&E, humanity has been kept in a bubble of illusion and separated from the rest of its cosmic family, so that it now belives itself to be the only conscious and intelligent species existing in the entire universe! The only way for us (humans) to be reunited with our other cosmic brothers is if we fully embrace the philosophy of the tree of life in our daily lives. There is nothing (except our own mind) which can create a stumbling block preventing our souls from learning about the richness of life and growing in the process. All the great spiritual teachers and avatars who have come in this world have done so for one and only one reason: to replant the tree of life (which is an unifying philosophy based on love) that would eventually unite all the people of this planet, and allow them to learn from one anothers and also access the knowledge and experiences of other entities who have separately evolved from different worlds and planets. Once this happens, then there can be no limit as to what can possibly be achieved.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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In my opinion the tree of knowledge of good and evil represents the duality of existence, which is much lower condition than the original condition of unity, innocence and universal love from which we, as souls separated. Duality is characteristic of the material sphere and being much grosser, veils our original subtle nature and we lose the experience of it. The garden of Eden is not a place , but that original state of existence, which is purely spiritual without any physical parameters and therefore immortal. The world of matter is like school trough which we have to pass until we realize from our experiences, that we are purely spiritual beings. Until then we will keep reincarnating in various forms depending on the impressions (karma) generated from our thoughts and actions. Each life is a new opportunity, which God gives us to go back to him. He also sends beings of light and love in human form to guide us to our original spiritual home. Those are the true gurus or masters. As far as paths are concerned, there are many and it is up to the individual to select the one that suits him. Like in the mountain, there are different paths all leading to the same peak. Some of them are dangerous, some are too long, so we need a guide to lead us safely and directly to our goal.
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Quote: In my opinion the tree of knowledge of good and evil represents the duality of existence, which is much lower condition than the original condition of unity, innocence and universal love from which we, as souls separated. Duality is characteristic of the material sphere and being much grosser, veils our original subtle nature and we lose the experience of it. The garden of Eden is not a place , but that original state of existence, which is purely spiritual without any physical parameters and therefore immortal. The world of matter is like school trough which we have to pass until we realize from our experiences, that we are purely spiritual beings. Until then we will keep reincarnating in various forms depending on the impressions (karma) generated from our thoughts and actions. Each life is a new opportunity, which God gives us to go back to him. He also sends beings of light and love in human form to guide us to our original spiritual home. Those are the true gurus or masters. As far as paths are concerned, there are many and it is up to the individual to select the one that suits him. Like in the mountain, there are different paths all leading to the same peak. Some of them are dangerous, some are too long, so we need a guide to lead us safely and directly to our goal.

I think your interpretation of this Eden myth is somewhat also valid, although your approach came from a much higher perspective. Just like I have indicated in the introduction of this thread, any symbolic idea can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the perspective sought by the interpreter, and no one particular interpretation is necessarily the “best” over all others (so long as those others still stick to the basics). As far as my style is concerned, I usually prefer to be more practical and down-to-earth in my interpretation of symbolic or esoteric ideas, and I tend to give as much details (and anecdotes) as I can in order to cover as many aspects of a subject as possible. I admit that this may come across as talking too much, but it is just my way of conveying information and there is not much I can do about it. Often, the mistake many esoteric writers make is to assume that everyone has the capacity to understand the simplistic (and often enigmatic) explanations they provide to some extremely complex spiritual questions. This is a wrong assumption because there are still many people whose levels of understanding need more practical details in order to comprehend how certain esoteric concepts play out in real life. This is what made me realize that keeping esoteric interpretations in an imaginative level, although useful for meditation purpose, is not necessarily helpful to many, the same way that trying to quickly explain all the principles of quantum physic to someone who is just newly interested in science will not help the person at all!

This being said, I still believe that our slightly different interpretations converge to the same destination (We have simply taken different road to go to Rome!). We all agree that this whole story of Eden and the two trees mentioned there are simply symbolic representation of certain ideas rather than historical things and occurrences. I am also in the agreement that initially, all creatures (not just humans) were spiritual beings. But the spirit needs the matter in order to create and experience life, so our souls (which are tools used by the spirit) need bodies in order to experience life, whether those bodies are physical, etheric, or otherwise doesn’t matter. Some souls, in their exploration of matter, went too far and lost all memories about their blissful origins, and those are what are called lost souls. Many efforts have been made by light beings in order to retrieve these souls and reintegrate them to their initial status without violating their freewill. So if a particular soul rejects the lofty proposal to awaken and reintegrate with its cosmic identity (also called higher self, spiritual self, or whatever other term) but prefers to continue diving in deep in its materialistic exploration, then it has the right to do so. It will also fully assume the responsibility of any possible negative consequence it may encounter during its exploration.

But the question still remains: what made souls to choose such a painful and difficult way of experiencing life in the first place? Well, this is a profound question which pushes into some deep esoteric waters in order to try and explain, because it will require elaborating about this whole legend of luciferian rebellion which is said to have happened on another dimension of existence since trillions of our years (let remember that time itself is an illusion). The main point to note here is that once a person or people have been persuaded to believe that only one particular religious, political, or social paradigm (be it Catholicism, Mohammadism, capitalism, communism, Nazism, Apartheid, etc.) is the ONLY legitimate way of life at the exclusion of all others, then they consequently lose all link with the Source of infinity (what we can call the Tree of life) and they enter into a world of illusions created by their own collective minds. Spiritually speaking, this is the worst condition to be in because no tangible help can be extended to such people. Often, in order to try and shake such people from their illusion, Cosmic Intelligence will aggravate their situation and make it so intolerable and traumatizing to the point where the people cannot help but begin to re-think about their ways and consider the possibility of change.

Usually people believe that being wicked or committing evil things is the worst spiritual condition there is in life, but from a larger perspective, this belief is very wrong! For instance, if you commit horrible things such as brutal destructions and mass murders to others (like many individuals have done in this world), this will not be seen as a major tragedy from a cosmic perspective at all! Why? Because not only will those people you brutally murdered reincarnate back in this world (some may even be born as your own children!), but you yourself will have to face your actions in your next life by carrying forward a heavy negative karmic balance! In fact, there are many (more or less credible) sources who indicated that the majority of Jews who were brutally murdered in the concentration camps during the WW2 have reincarnated into German families! This is usually how cosmic justice restore balance and reconciliation among people in conflict. Therefore, this is to say that those who persist in harming their fellow human beings are simply wasting their efforts, because ultimately, they will always be on the losing side because karma will catch up with them sooner or latter during their current or next lives.

The worst spiritual condition to be in is to believe your own lie because nobody can do anything about it except yourself (you did not violate anyone’s right after all!). If you fully believe and integrate a false belief system in your mind and make it the only guiding principle of your life (that is, you eat from the TKG&E), then at that point you begin to live in a bubble world, a finite world you created with your own imagination and which has its own sets of rules and principles which are not applicable in the real world. So it will be impossible for you to get any kind of help until you first get out of that bubble and be back in the real world! Humanity has been kept in spiritual darkness since many millennia now not because of negativity it engages in, but because it willingly entered into a bubble of religious and political systems purposefully designed to keep them in illusion about life. Those benevolent beings who saw our sorry state of ultimate perdition and decided to come and help us by shading their light were somewhat simply urging us to get out of that bubble first and thus be in position where we could be helped. They were not always successful in their efforts, because there exist opposite forces benefiting from our current condition and who deploy equally great efforts to encourage us to remain in this state of spiritual illusions, by “bribing” us with all sorts of materialistic comforts or if necessary by threatening us with possible annihilation should we collectively persist in wanting out.

I admit that I do not have a simple way of saying about these much more complex realities.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Thanks for your remarks.
My heart so meek and full of fright was thus transformed to bravest knight.
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Interesting article John.
And like you so well mentioned it from the beginning of the thread, that
Quote: All symbolic ideas can be interpreted in different angles depending on the perspective sought by the interpreter(s).
That is so true. That means many interpretation of that story is possible. That also means that there cannot be one only true interpretation of it.

Unfortunately we find people like the member of the American-based Christian denomination you mentioned, who think the opposite. Thinking that there can only be one way, one truth on earth. That way of thinking leads to serious dogma and mind slavery. I've seen that mind mostly among religious people who with their blind believes think that there is no other truth than the one they know. I've had Christians friends for example who believed that only people in the Christians religion will go to heaven, and the rest of the world will go to hell. What is that? A simple lack of light.

People should come to the understanding that there cannot only be one truth on earth. Although there is only one truth in the divine world. The world in which we live is complex, composed and detailed, while the spiritual world is simple, synthesized and concluded. What you could say in 1 word in the spiritual world, you will say it in million ways in the material world. Everything up there in the spiritual is the conclusion of things down here. And everything down here in the material world is an explanation (description, detail) of what is up there in the spiritual world. The way the human is made, they way we live, the nature... Absolutely anything! Spiritual people who with their mind reach the causal plan (a region of the spiritual worlds) can see how things we find on earth are all synthesized into 1 or 2 geometric shapes or numbers, and when they have to explain those synthesized things here on earth, they use many concrete images to make it understandable.

The story of the 2 trees (The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) is an attempt explication of a truth. Whoever can go back in the causal plan to read the symbols, can re-write that whole story with his/her own words. That means many spiritual people have told the same story in a different way. They may have used other images which they and the listeners (readers) will be more familiar with; but it's still the same truth. The truth is the truth. We should recognized it in all its shapes which people give it. 5 + 5 = 10 that is a one truth you can read in the causal world. Now on earth you could have 5 bananas + 5 bananas = 10 bananas. Or 5 shits + 5 shits = 10 shits etc. From the causal world 5+5 is not attached to anything material, that is how the symbols work. Symbols are signatures, designs, lines, rules of things; It's the universal language which never changes, it's one. But on earth, materials things are used to talk about those symbols. So weather we use bananas or shits to explain the rule, it is still the same truth. Just like you can create a human statue with clay or cement or any other materials. You can use different images to explain one truth. The one truth is an abstract thing that appears in the human mind as an idea, commonly called intuition.

So in order to be able to interpret spiritual symbols, one needs to activate his intuitive mind, called the causal body in esoteric terms. When the causal mind is active, the person can now see in his life, everything that look like the one truth.
For example, in the causal world there is a truth which says that everything is covered for protection. But the causal world doesn't say the name of what covers and what is protected. It simply gives a rule, a configuration (What we call a principle). Now if you have a pretty active intuition, you will be able to see that truth in any area of the material life. You will see that "cover for protection" as the skin of plants, animals and humans, or as the aura of living beings, or as the roof of a house ...
To be able to see the truth is not something we learn in time, it's something we only activate, something to awake. Because it is already in our causal body. I mean we already know the truth deep inside in our higher nature. When you see the truth, you can't deny it, besides, you only make yourself look like an idiot for denying it. Like those people for who it is true that all human are not obliged to play the same sport to get fit, but who still deny the fact that all human may practice different spiritual rituals to get to God. Anyone else could see that story of The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge in mechanic, in education, in science ... Spiritual principles are duplicated in all fields of life.

I've personally seen the story of those symbolic trees in the solar system, in the human body, the human soul and in the universe itself. In the solar system, the the Tree of Knowledge" also known as the tree of good and evil appeared to me as planet earth which has a dark and a lighten part (good and evil). And the tree of life as the sun which is fully lightened (good or life). The Garden as the whole solar system. And Adam and Eve as the planetary consciousness (and human consciousness). Eve as the planets subconsciousness which came out of Adam the supra consciousness. Eve got attracted to the "tree of knowledge of good and evil", like the subconsciousness is the part of the human soul which is the most attracted by the material world (earth businesses). And Adam is the supra consciousness part of us which always tends to remember the rules of God. Beings on planet earth as the shape which the consciousness took. The serpent as the attraction force of planet earth. What the story is trying to explain here is that there was a time way back in time, when the human soul used to feed with the energies (fruits) of the sun only. Because their consciousness were in and around the sun with no physical body. They knew no darkness, but only light (happiness, bliss, wisdom, life). Then when they both accepted to feed with the energies (fruits) of planet earth, they knew darkness (sadness, worries, sufferance) and a distant light (pleasures and few joy).

We can also see the "tree of life" on the human body itself as the area above the diaphragm, and the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" as the part below the diaphragm (where the stomach and the sex is ). 4 lower chakras make the tree of good and evil (the root, the belly and plexus solar chakra) and 3 upper chakras make the tree of life (the throat, the 3rd eye and the crown chakra). The serpent of the tree of good and evil is the kundalini and the sexual energy.
Or we could also it it in the universe itself, where the spiritual world is the tree of life whereas the material world is the tree of life and death. The fruits of the tree of life are the energies of the buddic world, and the fruits of the knowledge of good and evil are the energies of the astral world.

So is there only one true truth on earth, NO!. Then why people keep one perceptive, one particular knowledge as the only indisputable truth here on earth? If we keep trying to own the truth, never we will share with others. If we always say MY thinking is the only truth, MY religion is the only one; if there is always a "MY is the only", not only we will never learn anything new to expand our consciousness, but also, we will look super dumb in the eyes of spiritual beings.

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I recently came across this quote: " 5 minutes after your birth, they decide your name, nationality, religion and sect, and you spend rest of your life defending something you didn't choose" - Bassem
It is hard to break the cycle if it is the only way of life you know. It is not easy to break out of your culture. Schools and communities just assume that you should follow the norm without question, and it is especially hard if you have children. It is frowned upon if you belief something different. I like to belief that I am open minded, and ready to learn.. But I know so little.
I am frightened for my children. Do I expose them to my "brainwashing" culture to ensure a feeling of belonging to a group and have them then questioning me for allowing to be taught things that I don't agree with. OR do I keep them away from all that, teach them about love and light and then have them resent me for not doing what society expects in order for them to fit in... I struggle with this one. Confused
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