The astral body Emotions and Desires

One of the things that doesn’t help us (humans) to progress spiritually, is that we usually identify ourselves with our physical body, our feelings and our thoughts. While those are only areas through which we (the higher self) manifest. People who believe that they are the body, feelings and thoughts, work for their body, feelings and thoughts only (I mean their lower nature). Whatever the body needs, they give, whatever their heart desires they satisfy, and whatever their mind thinks they make plans for it. And that’s how they nourish their lower nature. Later when the idea to develop spiritually comes to them, they feel totally blocked, unable to grow easily, then they wonder why they don’t get results, well, because they have made of their lower nature a fat, heavy, impure nature which now cannot be used as a channel for spiritual energies, for spiritual beings or for God himself. It’s really clear for me, it’s impossible to experience a spiritual life by obeying totally to one’s lower nature. We are not supposed to serve the lower nature, but the lower nature is the one to serve us, to give us (higher selves) food, strength, power . But to be able to put the lower nature at our service, we need to first understand it, to see how it works. That helps in knowing what to do against its clever traps. The subject about the lower self is a very broad topic, But in this post, I’d like to “zoom in” on our feelings ( astral body fruits ), to present a view on what emotions and desires are, and how they can help our spirit ( or higher self).

What are emotions and how are they created?
We experience all feelings through our astral body. Each emotions can be seen as a motion of our astral body. In fact it’s all about motions ( call it vibrations if you want), When the physical body moves we get an action, when the astral body moves we get an emotion, and when the mental body moves we get a thought. A motion is also a sign of life and energy, when someone dies, there’s no more physical motions, or when he is out of energies motions becomes weak. Well in the same way, when we get an emotion, something in us get energized, awakes, revives. Also an motion is caused, because things don’t just move by themselves, however not anything has the power to put anything in motion. In the physical world for instance, water is what describe the astral body the most. And we notice that water is affected mostly by temperature in the air . Like a very heat temperature can boil water. That’s why, in our inner world, we notice that thoughts (air) and music (Temperature) affects (moves) our feelings. Music is like a temperature in the etheric plane, some music are hot, some other are cold, when they hit our astral body, particles of the astral body moves (vibrates) and emotions are felt. A hot music can boil the astral body so much that you could go crying or dancing Smile . It all depends on the density and the beauty of what is causing the emotion.

Emotions, reaction of your astral little beings.
So we have little living beings in our astral body? Yes we have. How they are created or where they come from and what they feed with, is a whole science that can only be obtained through experiences, as the world of feelings is known not by cogitating, but by experiencing it, by living it. All we can do here is give some light out of it.
In our astral body lives beings that have no other purpose in the existence but to feel whatever is put in from of them. Some of them are even developed enough to protect themselves against dangers, to save their life. there are good and bad ones. The good ones fells the beauty, the bad ones feels the ugly. I was saying earlier that we get an emotion because something in us moves. Well, that thing is the little living being of our astral body. When you think of God, when you pray or meditate about God for example, you could feel different good emotions of peace and joy; in those moments, It’s not the bad astral beings in you who moves, no, but it’s the good guys in you who do. The more they move(vibrates) the more they revive and the more they demand food from you. And it is actually their demands we commonly call Desire. I’ll explain.

Beings are found everything, even a germ, or a virus, so tiny it could be, is a being. And beings lives inside beings, each living being is found in another living being. A cell for example, is a living being, it is found in a tissue (which is another kind of being), a tissue is found in an organ (another being), an organ in a system, a system in a body, a body in a planet, a planet in a system (like the solar system), and the solar system in another bigger body (galaxy) etc. So you have beings inside beings! This is how all humans on earth are seen as some kind of cells by mother earth, and planet earth is seen as an organ by the solar system.
And see how living beings organize, when they look alike they naturally gather together to form a family. And they are given a family name : humans, animals, plants, minerals . Humans hanging out with humans, animals with animals, minerals with minerals. and even inside one kind of being you find multiple groups, with humans for example you find rich people gathering with rich people, intelligent people with intelligent people etc. So it’s not going to be surprising to hear that our astral body also has cells (allow me to them astral cells), in metaphysics we call them astral matters. Those are the elements our astral body is made of. They are the ones which reaction to thoughts, music, images, words. our astral beings are our inner cells which feed, grow, gather together, give birth and can invite external beings from the astral world. Here’s in short how those beings react and develop inside when we love something:

-When you start loving something an astral cell is awakened.

-Then if you last long loving it, the astral cell gets energies and give birth to other similar astral cells , The cells has become an astral tissue.

-Then when you keep going back to that same thing you love, your astral tissue learns how to revive itself, it now knows what keeps him alive. The astral tissue becomes an organ. This is what we commonly call an habit, a vice or virtue.

-And if you continue going back to your love regularly, you soon feel that you can’t do without it, you become addicted to it The astral organ becomes a system , this is when external astral beings come in you to feed from you.

In short an astral cell is that loving feeling for something and which grows by phases or stages: tissues, organs then system .

We say we have an addiction, well in fact that addiction is caused by the demands of astral beings who entered our astral body because we kept feeding our astral beings in a regular manner. This also explains what we call possessions, this is how people host all sorts of bad beings, beings of violence and madness and which causes sicknesses to our physical body… But there’s not only bad possessions, because an intelligent person who understand this process, can decide to feed himself with good emotions for many years to attract spiritual beings, then he becomes a genius, a poet, a wonderful musician, an artiste. God is honorable King who comes to live in a body full of intelligent beings, and needs to be surrounded by all wise and loving inner beings. So if we don't manage to host a single spiritual being in us, how can we except to host God himself?

Now can you possibly identify yourself to your feelings? Are you the one who looses control? who get violent and so angry when you don't like something? are you the one who is sensual, who is arrogant, jealous ... Well you should know it, it's never been you. it's always been your little dirty astral beings. or put aside everything I've said so far, and think about it, simple logic: how comes you are pushed to do things against your will? sometimes you know you shouldn't do something, but you do it anyway because it's beyond your control! If it was you taking alcohol, smoking etc, how comes that it's not easy to stop? If it was always you, don't you think you could manage to keep purity all your life?
And I have to ask the same question to all those spiritualists who are too proud of themselves, believing that their love, their generosity, their courage, their kindness, all come from them. If it all came from you, how comes that some of you have lost those qualities? and why can't you give a bit of generosity to your selfish friend? well you should know it, you've fed your inner little kind beings so much that now they have grown up and revealed their qualities and gifts, not to mention other external beings who come in you to make of you extraordinary people. That is what explains your gift to cure, to make great music, to understand the greatest mysteries of life... so you should be thankful to God!
It's urgent that people stop identifying themselves to their feelings but they should rather ask who is currently feeding in them whenever they have feelings. That helps to be more conscious so as to start feeding from time to time the right inner beings.

Emotions and desires from a clairvoyant view
I said there are astral cells in our astral body, but this is just me exposing how the psychic reality could be understood in a concrete way. And now I need to tell how a clairvoyant sees those astral cells and organs. For a clairvoyant the astral body appears to be exactly like our physical body, but that body is made of light, so there's no way you can tear it or open its stomach to see what is inside, only light fills the astral body. but where are the organs? the astral organs are viewed as colorful light coming out the astral body. Those colors are the emanations caused by the movements of the little astral beings (astral matters). Some astral movement generates orange colors, other movements generates yellow, others green, or blue... people who feed with bad emotions constantly are seen by clairvoyant with dirty colors, kind of like dark colors. A color comes from a group of invisible beings which moves (vibrates) at the same rate. A group of being which have a specific quality. When a clairvoyant sees you with a clean orange at the level of our sexual organs, he knows you have good control over your sexual organs, when he sees you have a clean green at the level of our heart, he knows you are full of love for spiritual things and generous. So the more you feed your beautiful astral beings, the more they manifest their true colors meaning honesty, generosity, patience, humble etc.

But because clairvoyance have degrees, some clairvoyants will really see more than just colors, they will could see those little beings with wings all around a human being. This is how you get different views from different spiritual people, advanced disciples and masters. Because we see the same thing, but each from his level of development. And From what I can see, the real human being is beyond what we can imagine, he is like his father, same nature as God, he is the a spirit, and he's been given a whole unique solar system (a kingdom) to rule, in that system planet earth is his physical body, moon and mars his astral body, and each of those planets are not empty, but field with millions and millions of beings, now it's up to him to decide on what kind of beings he wants to be filled with.

Also did you know that on our physical face and on the palm of our hands manifest all those little astral beings I've been talking about? Yes they do, I could go and tell how they do to use our face, by that would be too long for this post, allow me to tell in another topic; but see for yourself how someone's face changes when he gets angry, sad, jealous; When he lies, when he is getting violent. It's always a different being manifesting on his face every time. It's a wonderful science to know. how colors visible and invisible (physical and astral) affect muscles and blood. And that is what psychology hasn't get to yet. It's difficult to current humans to accept the reality of little astral beings that awakes and shows through our face and hands. As our inner beings develops in us, they take a physical shape on our physical body. Especially on our face which changes by following the forces of our invisible astral body. You will meet people who display an angry face by default even when they are not angry at the moment. Or some other who displays always a gentle face even when they are angry inside. The shape and number of wrinkles, the soft or had face and hand skin, the shape of eyes etc talk about our inner life. When you have spend a lot of time distinguishing how most of those little astral beings manifest in you, you should be able to greet someone and sense what is the emotions of the person, what he desires and even sense some of his regular habits. Some people are very good at hiding their emotion on the face, so you can't always find out what is going on in them, but they can't hide anything on the palm of their hand. and especially not to a clairvoyant or other spiritual beings of the nature who sees our aura.

Feed the astral body with love.
Love is life, Love gives life. Love is then a food. It exist in different forms. In our mind, love is known as wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. In our heart it becomes feelings, bliss, ecstasy, joy and pleasure. Our mind feed with knowledge, but our astral body feed with feelings, it needs emotions. When you do not feed your mind, you become stupid, and when you do not feed your heart (your astral body) you suffer (emotional pains). See some people can live an entire life with stupidity, but they cannot stand sufferance. That’s why we all make sure that the astral body get its food in priority. Because the law of nature is set in a way that beings can’t live (or fell alive) without love. And so you see humans running after anything that can make them feel good. That good feeling we (humans) look for in man or woman, that good feeling we look for in alcohol, in smoking, in raping, in killing, in revenge, in fights or in prayers, in reading, in meditations, in music, in singing, in breathing… is all love and it all feeds our astral body. Unfortunately , all “good feeling” do not awake the same kind of astral matters (astral beings) in us. Some apparently “Good feelings” awakes (feeds) bad beings in us (beings of anger, of jealousy, of dishonesty..), and some other “Good feelings” awakes spiritual beings in us (beings of goodness, of generosity, of honesty…).

[Image: 2ilzi3k.jpg]

Love is warm and wisdom is cold symbolically. There’s even been a notice that people who think too much, the philosophers do not enjoy much, they are cold. While whose who do not use their head (their wisdom) get very hot so they are said to enjoy life to the full. That’s even what happens during humans sexual intercourse, the couple tend to stop thinking, reflecting in order to get hotter, in order to feel more pleasure. See, there exist 2 kinds of cold and 2 kinds of hot inside of us. There's a hot of "hell" (which pushes people to all the foolishness we know) , and the hot of "heaven" (which pushes to all the goodness we know). Now someone in a spiritual journey rather allows a better kind of cold and hot inner temperature (wisdom and joy). Joy feelings awake our inner angels while pleasure feelings awake our inner demons. And this is something you can verify for yourself. Indulge yourself into all kinds of bad emotions for a week and notice how anything can easily contributes to feeding your sadness and sorrows, for example someone would look at you and your inner demons will feel like being watched, that’s why they shout through you when you say: “What the hell you looking at?”. Big Grin . Just a look or a word from someone will be enough to make you angry.

Desire and hunger.
What we call hunger for the physical body is Desire for the astral body. When your cells get weak, you are hungry. In the same way when the little beings of your astral body haven’t gotten their food for some time, they cause a desire. When you get a desire you know you are missing pleasure or joy. In those moments, If you are really in a spiritual journey, you will rather choose to give yourself joy instead of pleasure. For joy will feed your little astral beings and you will feel satisfy. Even our mind gets hungry,as you know you are hungry mentally when you don’t understand a subject. When you’ve eaten physical food you say “I’m satiated now”, with feelings you would say “ I’m satisfied now” and with thoughts you would say “ I understand now”. But it’s really important to be aware we host different beings and each demands different food from us. and above all to be know that we have the choice to feed the good beings rather than the bad ones.

If you do not give your bad astral beings food, they will get weaker as time goes.
If you keep on for weeks not feeding them, they will become very thin, they will not bother you constantly like before.
Now if you keep on still not feeding them for months, some of them will eventually stop moving, at that moment you will feel like the bad desire is gone.

But be careful, and this is the most important part of the advise. When you get into that war with your inner demons, starving them like that, you must be prepared to feed your inner angels at the same time. Otherwise you won’t make it, and will feel sufferance. Because remember your astral body must keep getting hot (love), it must enjoy always, it needs love every day. So it’s not at all wise to quit any pleasure before having replaced it with a joy. If you used to take pleasure in many earthly activities, do not quit suddenly before you have found a way to get another activity that will give you joy. There needs to be a slow replacement from pleasure to joy and not a total privation of pleasure. Because spiritual joy is the only kind of “Good feeling” that can replace strong pleasures. In other words, feed more of your inner little good beings more than you feed your bad inner beings.

Happiness starts from a wise selection of what we absorb as feelings for our astral body. We need to know what awakes our spiritual nature and feed from it constantly. The inner world of feelings is a very dangerous one where every humans will have to go past before moving any further in spirituality. That world of feelings is called Yesod in kabbala and is associated with the astral body. Yesod is also known as the foundation, because in that world is the essential work the disciple is do on himself, that work is the purification of his astral body. On our physical body Yesod is our sexual organs; On earth it is water and in the solar system it is the planet moon for which the white side of the moon represent all the wrong pleasure that keeps humans in the dark and prevent them from seeing the light; and the white side of the moon which represent the spiritual joy, the starting point to a spiritual life.
Finally it's necessary to mention that our bad desires and emotions do not completely disappear even when we are really spiritual, because make no mistaken about it, even the greatest spiritual master God has ever sent on earth has those bad emotions in him, the difference is that those bad emotions are all in a sleeping state in him, so they don't manifest because they haven't received any food for God knows how long. People who have no knowledge of this reality, wake up all those bad emotions anytime and it's so sad.
All that is require as a job for all of us is to be wise enough not wake up those bad inner beings in us which could be compared to wild animals like crocodiles and dinosaurs, to all those inner animals that destroy everything on their way when they get too hot. Awake your inner angels with spiritual sounds, spiritual words, and all spiritual activities and you shall know what happiness and the kingdom of God feel like.

Love and light