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The astral body - Instrument for the higher self ( Part 3 )

The astral body - Instrument of the higher self ( Part 3 )

Like said in previous part of the thread, the astral substance is what allows feelings and desires in any being. But then there may be a question why minerals don’t feel anything? Because the activity of the their astral substance (matter) is not enough developed to serve as instrument of feelings. It is often believed that minerals don’t have an astral body (an instrument of feelings). In fact they do have one. The difference is that their astral body just isn't ready for use. In each being there is the super consciousness (or the true self, the higher self) trying to manifest through all the inner layers (or subtle bodies). But it can only manifest better through developed and pure subtle bodies. Behind the minerals there is the higher self working its way through the matter. Like a a broken musical instrument produces bad sounds, so does the none developed astral body. The higher self requires fine, perfect instruments (I mean bodies) to manifest all its potential. The only way to fully experience the Divinity is to then better our inner bodies. Clean the instruments, better them, strengthen them, is the whole reason behind all the spiritual exercises in mystic schools.

The consciousness receives the astral body vibrations.
By principles, one can picture a whole being as a house, in which the appliances (TV, microwaves..) are the subtle bodies and the person living in that house is the consciousness. If an appliances is broken down, the person can’t get the benefit out of it. The appliances in the house are distinct from the person using them. When the appliance is working, the person becomes aware of its functionality, if not, the person won’t get anything out of it. The person is compared to the consciousness in us. The person simply receives impressions (sounds, images…) coming from the working Tv, Radio … but he/she doesn't make the sounds or images… same with the consciousness, it doesn't make thoughts or feelings, but it only receives those from the astral body and mental body. In other words, thoughts comes from our mental body and feelings from our astral body. The impressions, the vibrations of the astral body reaches the consciousness which is then seen as feelings.

[Image: 2zyy0m0.jpg]

What does it mean to develop the subtle matters?
The matter, whether visible or invisible ones, can be modified, shaped and purified to a certain degree. This possibility to change, to purify, to master matter is made available by the cosmic intelligence for us to help with a better manifestation of the higher self through the matter. The higher self projects itself into the matter using 3 types of layers almost simultaneously. You can picture the higher self holding the lower self (the 3 layers) as a puppet. Referring to the puppet picture below, the astral layer is on the left, the physical body is the puppet at the center, and the mental body the puppet at the right. Like we've all seen how puppets are handles, there is always someone who makes those puppet dance, jump, and speak Smile. Well, same kind of scenario happens between the higher self and the lower self (the puppet).

[Image: 10oifdv.jpg]

But more than just puppets, the lower self (the 3 layers) is alive. It is a direct shadow of the higher self. It was meant to represent the higher self in the lower worlds (in the matter). That means, the matter is meant to be the material aspect of the spiritual forces. Thanks to matter, love can now be seen, touched, smelled, and even calculated. In the plans of the cosmic intelligence, the matter is meant to vibrate accordingly to the spirit (higher self). There is supposed to be a synch between the lines of forces and the ones of the matter. What happens in the higher worlds is meant to happen in the lower world. That beauty, that wisdom, that power of the spiritual world is to happen in the matter.

Each type of matter is limited in its degree of development. Water can be purified, shaped, colored to its most beautify form. But that's it! there is a limit to how far you can go with each type of matter. Any further attempt to purify water from its end purified limit, will change the water into air. You would loose water! In nature, when the matter reaches the finest state, that matter becomes the best tool for spiritual forces. That is the only type of matter which obeys to pure spiritual forces without any resistance. It synchronizes with the spiritual world and act as a perfect Chanel. Certain matters in the physical world, like stones have reached a higher level of purification, ( I'm referring to precious stones ) that they allow great spiritual virtues which corresponds to their degree of purity. And same in us, the physical body, astral body and mental body can be purified in a way, that they start to obey to the higher self better.

How the higher self incarnates in different types of matter through time, to try to manifest its potential?
In the minerals and stones exist a consciousness which doesn't receive much (or even nothing) from the astral body and mental body, because those are not enough developed to generate feelings and thoughts. That is why minerals don’t feel and don’t think. But each mineral eventually develops through time, by being in touch with plants, or the spirits of nature, which happen to use big stones as hosts. Plants have a much better developed astral body than the minerals. And by being close to plants, minerals improve their astral body. When their astral body have reached a certain activity, it is no longer fit to live in a solid rock body, the higher-self will then reincarnate as a plant. But their development takes longer compared to the rest of beings on earth. Because they usually must go through destruction, or decomposition by water or fire, before they can reincarnate. Some of them even have to go through different forms of minerals or stones before reaching a plant body etc. such is evolution.

[Image: 312ctgm.jpg]
Some stubborn being force their way back to minerals too. When they refuse and fight against the law of natural evolution, it is possible for any higher being to lower the activity of his astral body down to the mineral level. And so yes, a stubborn human being can make his way down and reincarnate as minerals (by going though the different lower lives of animals of course). That is involution. That is rare but it happens to whoever will to roll back in evolution Smile. But anyway that is not the topic.
Nothing is which has happened in the past is ever lost, our past still is among us. The stones and plants, and animals we see around us are our past. We do live with our past, your dog and the rock from which your home is build is your past. Such is the laws of life. There is always a record of where we've gone past. We, as the higher self have gone through all those stages of development before making up a human body. And again, a new race of humans is already born, which live among normal human. And why not, there will still be another kind of being Superior to the awesome human kind which is rising. But none of the past kind will be lost. It may even seem that Dianozore are lost, in reality no, they still exist. They simply have moved dimensions. One can now find them in the astral world. Same with certain bizzare creatures of the remote past. They are all alive in the lower sub regions of the astral world. Unbelievable isn't it!

Different level of astral body development for different types of feelings and desires.
It’s a good thing to take the astral body like an instrument which auto makes feelings and desires. Yes the astral body is constantly generating feelings, a consistent type of feeling for a certain time generates a mood. The astral body is one of the most magical thing in a being. At its lowest development it is not capable of almost no feelings, like in stones. But in plants, the astral body it capable of a lot of feelings, in animals, its activity becomes intense, here you get all sorts of complex moods and desires. And in humans, its intense activity can be harmonized, its activity can be purified. That’s why we can notice to human certain feelings and desires animals can’t manifest, like the desire to unite with the Divine, the joy, spiritual love, patience; desire for peace, for harmony, for beauty…

The more it develops, the more it reacts to certain impressions. It auto generates feelings based on the impressions it is exposed to. All beings in the universe do not experience the same type of feelings. Some beings have an astral body which reacts to actions of violence, some others do not at all. Some astral body reacts with joy to spiritual texts, some others have no reaction at all. That’s why you will notice that we all don’t like and desire the same things. This is explained by the differences of vibrations in each person’s astral body. I’m saying that the astral body auto generates feelings, because to feel is not an act of will. feeling is a result, a reaction of the astral body towards something (an image, a sound, a thought, a physical sensation…). You don’t control of it. You can’t directly generate a feeling from the astral body. you can only provoke the feeling. It needs to be caused. Opposed to your thoughts which you can control, as you can willingly create thoughts. For example, you want to think about your future? you can do so straight away at will. Now you want to feel some joy, you want to feel some happiness? well, you have to do something else first to cause joy, you have to beat around the bush to get it: Listen to a wonderful song, read a beautiful quote, buy yourself something nice, think about something nice, a loving gesture..., YES! just to get a smile Smile.

[Image: 2zowxhy.jpg]

Joy, happiness, pleasure, pain are the astral body expressions. Looking a being at a being from the invisible world, looking at his astral body, you can see different colors rising and fainting as he gets laughs, smiles, suffers etc. What is a color in the astral body becomes a smile, or a frown, a muscle tension. Each body we have (visible and invisible) speak the same language in each in particular way. Now when a body purifies, it speaks clearly its language. The astral body learns to speak the buddic body of the higher self language. A person astral body which spends a lot of time on the buddic body chest, feels great and get ecstasy( very much like that image of the baby on her mothers chest). This happens when you love something divine. People who pray a lot experience that joy a lot. They are on fire, they are filled with so much joy that everything else fails to give them any more happiness. Yes because indeed the love for God, for angels, for anything spiritual fills you a great deal.

Our astral body can be seen as our inner heart, it has to keep beating, it has to be kept alive with warm temperature. By analogy, the warm temperature is Love. without Love, our astral body starts to get weak, freezes and becomes solid, while its best state should be liquid. Now they are different degrees of warm temperature. And the aim for the astral body is to target the hottest temperature upwards. which is the love for God. You could love a common thing like someone would love God. The degree of heat is not the same. All love for common things produces a low quality heat in the astral body, and when it becomes excessive, that heat may burn to pain; that is what we call pleasure. The astral body is a substance is us which allows us to experience an aspect of God called Joy, happiness. There is no other matter in the material universe which makes you experience happiness or pain but the astral matter. That happiness or joy is a result of our actions. All you have to find what makes your astral matter vibrate, what makes it move, what makes it happy. And apply the same actions every day to feel happy. Always keeping in mind of what gives real happiness. Not everything which makes you smile, or laugh is Divine. Not all types of heat is good. Find the one which elevates you. Which doesn't burn you, but which rather warms you and other people around you. If God is everywhere, then happiness can be found everywhere, but remember, God exist a different degrees in the universe. God is very little in bear, wine, food, money and sex. But it get very much in more subtle things: in nice colors, in nice smells, in spiritual texts, in nice music, in meditations, in prayers, in pranayamas... Must we then not drink, eat or make money no more? NO, but knowing this truth, we would do all those things just to keep the physical body alive, and invest for energies on gathering joy in more subtle things.

What feelings and desires to look for?
The way to live the material life and the spiritual life has always been an issue with the common people, especially with religious and people in certain closed spiritual community. People have such a wired view of bad and evil, which affect their way of living too. For many religious people, sex, alcohol, smoke are so evil and must be abolished BIGsmile . It is bad, bad, bad. Not to touch. Smile well, how they know those things are bad? because it hurts them surely. Now what if those things don't hurt YOU in particular? then the statement of "it is bad" is a false one. It should be clear already, Good and Evil is relative. What is good for you may be bad for me, what makes you happy may make me angry. What is good for you stomach could be bad for mine. Let me then ask this: Is fear bad thing? some would say "Yes it is", well, then how comes that animals need fear to save their asses. Again, it is simply bad for you, but good for animals. And what if I said, that some developed beings uses what we call bad to grow their spirituality. Hoo yes, in the future, when we are all developed, we will eat bad things and nothing will happen to us, our bodies would have developed so much and bad things wouldn't harm us no more. Don't tell a 5 years old boy to lift a 80kg pound, it is bad, right? but when he is older, this wouldn't be any more bad. In the future, spiritualists would reach so high the spiritual worlds, and they will all need to go down to hell to look for any other matter to master, to purify, to educate. Yes, one day we shall visit hell and use all those demons. But until then, depending on your level of development, bad or good will be defined. And how we should live both lives, the spiritual and the material lives. Well, there's a golden rule to that: Take 1/4 from the material world and 3/4 from the spiritual world. That means, we may allow 1/4 of pleasure and 3/4 of spiritual joy. That could mean giving your physical body enough food, drinks, and the proper living conditions it needs. while feeding more with spiritual things.

Many spiritual masters and even nature could back me up on this, that it is not advisable to completely stop with all physical pleasure. If the stop should happen, then this should happen naturally, not voluntarily. Each type of matter needs time to change, any sudden total change can only cause sufferance and even death. Whether it is for the astral body, mental body or physical body, no sudden change is advised. All matters should accommodate. If you are used to feeding with a particular pleasure ( pleasure of drinking alcohol for example) more often, do not suddenly stop, just because you know it is not the proper kind of heat degree to aim. Rather try to slowly cut down the amount of pleasure, week by week, then by months, then by years... that way you give time to your astral matter to get used to not having the pleasure. At last, it is not wise to try and cut down on a pleasure without trying to get the habit of feeding with spiritual joy at the same time. VERY DANGEROUS Sad. This leads to an unhappiness life, and to no success. You don't want to spend your entire life fighting with a vice, do you? well, then don't just try to get rid of of vice (From which you get your pleasure). Look for more spiritual activities to feel the gap you are creating. By Praying, meditating, doing some pranayama. It is dangerous for example to live a life time abstinence (form sex) if you don't replace the emptiness you are creating with something spiritually similar. The astral matter is in constant motion, the inertia of that motion is what we call the habit. What that means is once that matter is set in motion at a certain speed for a certain time, that matter will continue the course until it is set to move otherwise. The astral body records all emotions and desires we have constantly and then it auto generates the same emotions and desires. Should we get your astral body to having great emotions and desires, the higher self and many spiritual beings of nature will take it for a great channel for manifestation. our emotions and desires will in time effect people around us. Who wouldn't wish to be a positive joyful influence to the people around him/her? In the next article, I'll try to elaborate more on the astral matter inertia, and the different ways it can be developed.

Love and light

A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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So it would appear that our attitude is of primary importance for our evolution. Depending on it we can go up or down the evolutionaty scale.
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This I would say is a reminder that nature abhors vacuum. Thus if we decide to abandon something in our life without finding something else to replace it with, then that is a recipe for disaster because nature will surely fill that void with something else, and it will not necessarily be for our best interest.

Thanks krya for elaborating on this critical law of our existence.
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Thanks krya for the post. I enjoyed reading it.

I can clearly see that happiness depends on us. On what we do to provoke it.

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