Quick Overview

The astral body is from where comes our emotions and desires. It is all human being invisible body which looks exactly like the physical body. It dwells in the physical body to transfer its emotions and desires vibrations to the physical body. These 2 bodies, physical and astral coexist, occupy the same space like your coffee and milk can in your mug. The astral body can be used as a vehicle of consciences. One can use it just like we use the physical body, but of course because it belongs to a much more subtle dimension than the physical world, it is capable to more actions like, walking across walls, moving fast, flying in the air, travel very far away from the physical body and it doesn't know fatigue. Meaning that humans are able to visit places they have never been before physically.

Advanced esoteric people or Masters use it consciously to travel the world and the space to help living and dead people. The use of the astral body as a vehicle of consciousness is mostly done during the sleep of the physical body. And it requires a bit of mind awareness to do this. It is been observed that when people sleep, their astral body gets out of their physical body and either floats the whole night few cementers above the physical body, unaware of the situation or they go out for some night adventures. Many cases of what people call dreams are actual astral trip during the night (of course not all dreams are astral trips). So yes we all get out of our physical body when we sleep, we simply don't remember how and what happened when we come back in the physical body in the morning. For most people the consciousness is not ready to function independently away from the physical body. And so they are party in the physical body and astral body in their sleep. Others can actually transfer their consciousness to their astral body during sleep but they can't bring back the information of what they saw, heard, or did during the experience back to the physical brain, because their astral centers (I'm referring to a chakra here) aren't active yet to allow such an activity. However a total transfer of consciousness happens from our physical body to our astral body the day we die. There is then no big difference between to sleep and to die. Sleep happens to be short death. Sleep means you leave your body for a short time and come back consciousness or unconsciously. while at death, you leave your physical body for good.

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The astral world.
The astral body is made of astral matters. Matters do extend over the physical world. There is an invisible matter beyond this physical matter we can touch and fell. The astral matter is also touchable from its world. You can touch objects in the astral world, and above all, you can feel them. When something of the physical world has many years of existence, it gets an astral double in the astral world. It is very common to see more furniture in your room from the astral world view. This is because some stuff must have been standing at the same place for a very long time to create an astral form of it, a astral double. All astral things are touchable or you can go through it as if it was transparent (you decide). Therefore, when in the astral world (the one close to this physical world), you are likely going to see more people and more things around. Physical things and astral things. And because this is the first space where dead people stay for some time, it is not surprising to meet some dead dudes walking around. Generally they are not aware of their new state. This is usually because of their believes, because of what they have been told mostly from their religion about life after death. Most religious people expect to found themselves in either hell or paradise sort of space the day they die. So until they see what they are expecting, they don't believe they are dead.

The reality is that in the first stage of death, we (our astral body) still walk around an astral world very close to the physical world. And because it is no different from the physical world in the appearance, the dead thinks that he is either still alive or in a dream. And then acts like a living person. Meaning he will try and keep doing the activities he used to do when still alive. The astral world is very sensitive to our strong thoughts, and one can easily live the reality of his thoughts. It wouldn't be a surprise to see a dead person talking alone in the street, because he might be seeing an image of his own thoughts, his uncle or friends conversing with him. But fortunately this is not always going to work for him. Sometime he will notice that certain person who are not his thoughts are not responding him. He will start to come to his senses and do an effort to accept the fact that he/she is dead. This is why it is helpful to guide the dead. By reminding them that they are dead and so they should move on by accepting the new reality. That is even much better help than traumatizing them with so much cries (which they are very sensitive about).

There exist 7 states of astral matters. Just to give an idea, take as image the different state of the physical matter: the matter can be solid, liquid, gas, etheric, highly etheric, lower atomic and atomic. I don't know if there is even names for the different astral states of matter. So I will go on using numbers to talk about them. From state 1 to state 4 of the astral matter are the heaviest ( it is more like the 4 states of water).

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I will take the state 1 of astral matter as the heaviest (this can be seen as the solid form of astral matter), and so you move up to the 7th sate, you get to the most subtle of them all (this can be seen as the atomic, the finest form of astral matter).

When you get angry, and then happy, that is a good example of the astral matter state switch. When you say I feel good, or I feel bad. Those are different state of the astral world. When in sadness, disappointed, any negative state, your state 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 is active, vibrating. and when in joy the state 5,6 or 7 is active and vibrating.

let's just give a practically example of how this happens in everyday life. You listen to a beautiful song, if you feel spiritual joy, inspiration, desires of doing something spiritual, you want to pray, meditate, or do something divine. That means the astral matter 5, or 6 or maybe 7 is vibrating. What I am trying to say is, that each state of matter allow a particular type of feeling or desire. If you'd like to have an idea of what type of feeling, desire each astral matter could generate, here is an example:

State 1 - 4 = jealousy, passion, anger, revenge, depression, laziness, disrespect, dishonesty.
State 5- 7 = sensitivity, love, sense of sacrifice, altruism

But of course there is no accuracy in that example. I just mean that from the 1st to the 7th state of astral matter, feelings and desires goes from worse to better.
If for example you are used to vibrate the state 1 of your astral matter, your jealousy is like ice. At this state, your jealousy is a real vice, solid, and dangerous to people around you.
Then when you start to vibrate the 2nd state of your astral matter, your jealousy becomes like liquid water, softer, less dangerous. Then at the 4th state of the matter, your jealousy becomes like gas, like vapor, almost unnoticed by people.

Now for those who still wonder how the astral body can occupy the same space as the physical body. It's simple! The official science found out that between the smallest of atoms of any objects there is always space. In fact not even 2 atoms touch each other. Well, in between that space fits the astral matter. That is how the astral world fits in the physical world. I'm trying hard to stick to the astral world to avoid making this post any longer, but it would be necessary to tell people new to this, that they are many other higher and finer worlds fitting in between astral matters too. Some spiritual matter state are compared to solid, some others to liquid and some other to gas. And as you know from physics, the atoms in gas are very much separated, and so can host in between other atoms like the liquid atoms. And again atoms in liquid also shows spaces in between, you may have solid atoms in between. Now the solid atoms are the very much close to each other, however we still notice spaces in between. And so you may have all types of state in one space. The mental world, or plan matters if compared to gas, hosts all the lower worlds: the astral (liquid) and physical world (solid).

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So you will definitely see a human being in the astral world occupying the same space as a human being in the physical world with no discomfort at all. It is therefore a mistake to believe that the spiritual worlds are positioned in a sort of scale, or that they are found some where up in the sky or in the galaxy. No! the spiritual worlds are fitting, melting in between each other here in the physical world. So all other dimensional invisible world are right here among us. And because we all possess subtle invisible bodies in each of those invisible worlds, it then only takes a switch of consciousness to move from one world to another. This explains what the clairvoyant does, he/she has the ability to move his awareness around. He can view what is happening right now in the astral world. Some clairvoyants can even take their consciousness to a much higher spiritual world than the astral, to see spiritual beings, and even see the past and the future from there.

It is not in vain that great spiritual teachers of the world have all advised moral behaviors. This is not really for God. God can do without our misbehavior. But it is for our own sake. The rule is simply, keep vibrating higher matters to stay healthy and happy. Vibrating the highest astral matter is also another word for spiritual heart purification. Purity is found from the 4 astral matter upwards. When those type of astral matter starts to vibrate, many good behaviors, spiritual virtues become available to you. Then many vices fade away. Because finer astral matters do not allow the manifestation of vices, bad desires. When you vibrate your 5th astral matter for example, it becomes difficult to manifest certain vices. You might have already noticed it, you've been in a state of joy which didn't give room for saying bad words. haven't you? I've mostly seen that in churches when I used to go to church Smile . It is amazing how after a long prayer even the rude person spoke differently, said no bad words. His state didn't allow him to. But then of course, if you are in a pleasure state, you will realize how much of nonsense you can say and do Smile. We've surely experienced that too Smile

Love and light