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The brain and the soul

The brain and the soul

Many believe that thoughts and feelings are the pure product of the physical body, from the brain. Well seems like even if we say, that we have invisible parts that does the thinking through the brain, they will not get that. That illusion will go away when most people will start to become awake during their sleep. How will they then explain the fact that, they are out of the physical body and that they can still think and feel. Or the surprise will be the day they realize they are dead, and that they can still think and feel.

Thoughts and feelings comes from what we can call the human soul. I say human soul, because animals, plants and stones do have a soul too.

-In stones the soul is not so developed but at least the soul is there as a seed, unable to think or to feel.
-In the plants the soul is a bit developed than in the stones, here the soul start to feel a little(sensibility) but still unable to think
-In animals the soul is a bit more developed than in plants, here the soul start to think a little (instincts) and feel a little more.
-In humans the soul is more developed, it can feel and think fully.

Notice that depending on the development of the soul, the visible body changes forms and shapes.
You have no brains in the stones or plants because the soul hasn't developed his thinking skills yet. In the plant you can find a preliminary blood circulation which is its inner water that goes from the roots to the branches; then from the branches to the roots; But still no brain, because its soul can't think.

In an animal now you can find a brain and a heart because some feelings and some thoughts has started. Even the reason why animals in general do not have a human standing position can explain so much of the state of their soul;

And now humans with a well developed thinking and feeling have their brain and heart functioning in a better way than animals. But still not better comparing to the super humans, because yes, there's an other race of human among us who have developed more their soul to think and feel much better than normal human.
Super humans look like humans, just like humans look like animals sometimes Smile, but the difference is more in a better functionality of their brain and their heart, thanks to their developed soul. These kind of humans have not been so popular in the past centuries, but I guess they should start to be known more and more in the coming years.

From what has just been said, you can see that the brain does not produce the thoughts and the feelings, but it just allow them to manifest in the physical world. "A great soul in a great body" like it's often said. The body's brain depends on our thinking and feeling skills. When the soul develops his thinking and his feelings, the brain changes. It must change in a way to support the new skills. If by intoxication of drugs or other bad substances, the brain get damaged, the thoughts and feelings will not be received properly. Many cases of madness are caused by a malfunctioning of the brain which cannot receive the thoughts and feelings properly from the soul; but when those so-called Mad people go to sleep and leave their body, they can think and feeling again normally. So the brain is just a special organ that acts like a TV antenna to capture the soul thoughts and feelings.

So without the physical body, we still can think and feel. But since we have a duty to develop our soul from the physical body, it becomes then necessary to take care of the physical body and most of all the brain. It is in that respect that the physical body need purification, that the type of food we give to it, the activities we engage to, must be well calculated. We can't afford to poison the body, especially not the brain. The brain is our precious organ that connects us to our mind. No need to say more about its importance I guess.

The 2 brains : Right and left Hemisphere
Let's look at the brain a bit deeper. We notice that we have 2 brains, what the biologist call the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Looks like much happens in our mind, for the brain to come up with such a split. The right hemisphere controls the left side of our body and the left hemisphere controls the right side of our body. If during a terrible accident the right hemisphere brain is chocked, the person could be paralysis in the left side of his body; and if the left hemisphere brain is chocked, the paralysis could happen in the right side of the brain. But why is the right brain not affecting the right side of the body instead, or the left brain affecting the left side of the body? There's a logic reason to that.
In an other article, I talked about the relationship between the arms of the body, the planets and the subtil bodies. I linked the right arm to Mercury and the left arm to Moon (and Mars), Mercury is the planet of thoughts and the moon (and mars) the planet of feelings. See how things get together again, the right hemisphere controls the left arm, meaning the feelings. And the left hemisphere brain controls the right arm meaning the thoughts. This is because the right hemisphere brain deals with feelings and the left brain deals with thinking (reasoning, cogitating). So when you reason in your head, doing all sorts of calculations, using numbers and words, you use your left brain. And when you think with imagines, you use your right brain.

The power of the right brain
Some people use more of their left brain, and some other use more the right brain. The right brain thinkers are fast thinkers, because they use images to think, but sometimes lost in reality. The left brain sort of translates the feelings into images. The right brain is responsible of the creativity of artists, poets, spiritual people, musician, etc , It is good at imaginations and memory. In spiritual practices, the right brain is very much used, especially for visualization. When really developed the right brain can receive instantly information that drops in the mind, that means as soon as information of the causal body touches the mental body, right brain can receive them. The brain had divided itself to better manage all sorts of thoughts. So that it is possible for the spiritual soul (the higher self) to manifest properly in the physical world through the brain. This is why, while still developing our soul with meditations and mantras ... it's important we keep our physical body in good condition, so the brain can grow together with the soul.

There's no product you can take to develop your brain. If you want to develop it, just get busy developing your soul (your feelings and thoughts), the brain will follow, it will change to accommodate with the new kind of feelings and thoughts. Depending on what you think about most of the time, will depend the development of your brain.

The 3rd brain : The solar plexus
Some inner feelings gets to the right brain then they manifest as images. But great feelings are not mostly received from the right brain. There's an other brain below the diaphragms that understands properly the feelings and emotions; It's the solar plexus. Yes the solar plexus is the brain that understands better feelings and emotions, pain and joy. This 3rd brain of the physical body is the reverse of the normal brain of the head, meaning it has its gray matter in the outside and its white matter in the inside, while the normal brain has the gray matter inside and the white matter outside. The gray matter allows the thinking and the white matter allows the feelings. The solar plexus has its white matter on its outside to explain the fact that it deals more with feelings. More to that, it takes care of the functionality of all organs in the body. When there's strong feelings happening in our astral body (our feelings), the solar plexus reacts and sends out a message to the entire body to function according to the feelings; It thinks in a feeling way; And because it also senses the outside world, it can inform you (with a good or bad feeling in the stomach) of an event before it happens, this is what we call "a gut feeling".

The damages of our organs are mostly caused by stress, worries, anxiety... While if we entertain from time to time feelings of joy the solar plexus will force the whole body to act harmonically. The brain in the head can't help when there's a panic attach for example, but the solar plexus who talks to all organs can fix the problem.

How to use the solar plexus
To develop the solar plexus is then to simply entertain good feelings. If you use your brain to sort problems of your everyday life, you can use the solar plexus to sort out problem concerning your physical body, your health. See because the solar plexus controls all organs, it can help the brain in the head too, to concentrate better, to purify it etc.
Long ago, I had a spiritual guide, I used to go to, and he talked so much than I always felt asleep at the end Smile , because I was missing so much of what he was teaching me, I used my solar plexus to help my brain stay awake. I took my right hand, placed it on the belly (above the umbilical cord) and with the palm of my hand, I massaged the solar plexus from left to right ,again and again and again, soon I felt so awake an energized. It's a very easy thing to do. Check it for yourself, try that when you are tired mentally.

[Image: 2ywv4f6.png]
That technique is very much used by spiritualists who would wake up in the middle of the night to meditate, like monks in monastery who have certain hours for prayers and meditations, they would use that to be awake. But anyone can use it, especially if you love meditating deeply, it's a good thing you massage your solar plexus before you start, you should feel the difference.

An other way to stimulate the solar plexus is to listen to the sounds of falling water. It takes away the negative emotions you might have at that moment. To understand what I mean, try this when you are in an emotional pain and that you can't stop thinking about the problem, sit down near a falling water and listen to it, or if you can get the falling water sound over the internet, download it and listen to it with and open mind, you should feel the difference.

The plexus is also very sensitive to the feelings coming from the feet, so you can put your feet in hot water, the solar plexus will feel so great that it will affect all the organs to act harmoniously.
[Image: 4j50m9.jpg]
The real person, is not the human soul, the real person is above the thoughts and feelings. But the real person needs to manifest himself down here in the physical world. But it can't directly make the physical body move, feel and think. So it has an expert on the matter, which is the human soul; the human soul is responsible of the common thinking and feelings on the physical brain, this is why if the soul gets out of the physical body, this latter can't think and feel anymore. Theretofore, it's only the human soul which separates the real person and the physical body. The manifestation of the spirit on the physical body and among humans depends on the development of the human soul. A well developed soul will have well developed brains.

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I enjoyed reading this very much, it was very enlightening. 😀
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I'm glad that it helped Smile
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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thank you, useful and educational, i definitely going to practice this
Light, Life and Love
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