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The first time I met a gargoyle

I want to start with the story about me and the gargoyles, to see for myself if I belong here with you, on this forum. This is my first time on a Forum.
Little bit about myself before the story begins Male 48 years old, timid, spiritual incline, hermit, and have had many expirences on the subject, I can see the future, I can perform and use TeleKineses, telepathy, and I have experienced many other thinks, like visions, comunication with the dead and living. But enough about me I leave you with the story:

The gargoyle Jonmundur rode me yesterday, funny little prankster he is
asked him to leave, so I could continue my work. He stayed for three days this time.
Jonmundur is different from the one I "married to" (some what biblical, but isn´t) his name is Asmundur.

Comes from Norway, lives there so do this Jonmundur who comes to visit me occasionally
very fine dude, who loves the spirit of the proof.
such a suckers they are, love them.

I once came to call Asmund: Azmo´Dane, for fun, he loved it. I met him here in Denmark, just north of the border to Germany on 21st of July 2015. Majestic looking dude. I know more of them, there are at least three who visit me regulary for the fun of it and good company, gives me joy to "sea" them. and they give me hope.  Lovely Greatures they are. And they have a great Humour

They are my best friends, love them!

After my walk( that story will come later, a spiritual Journey that I came to call: The Walk), I came up the thought: did I need one to get through? Yes
For me it was just like in the move Avatar, when the Avatar had to choice his HorseBird. Bind with one and only one in his entire live, that would be Asmund, but I have many friends there in their camp of justice.

Is it my mistake to take one on? they are so soft and lovly, and very very funny, so no

How would I describe them?
OK, just in case; Greenish skin, around 150 cm to 180 cm in height, and thin. They keep their genatals indoors like the whales. Their hand are proportial longer then humans. walk on two feets. So callad Human-noids according to Gene Roddenberry.
Their eyes are fierce, but do not let that fool you. They are very sharp and have an acute awerness(senses)!
They have been here for along long time, once they walked the earth with us in our timeline (our world, "on this side")
that would be many thousands of years ago.
Forrest people they are.

They want to go home. they do not belong here! They come from another world,  another Solarsystem far, far away called Orion!
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Very interesting!
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Hello, I have a question, are these "Gargoyles", as you say, those beings they call "greys", who are said to be from Sirius or Orion? Is it possible people are mistaking the identity of these "greys"?

It is simply a curiosity that I have, though I may not be in the same perspective as you, and though I do not share the same stance on these beings, would you be so kind to give me your opinion? feel free to PM me if you would like? You can do that here can you not admins?
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