The future of Planet Earth

"When you cut me, do I not bleed? - Shylock in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. 15th century.
Every action attracts or causes a reaction. Universal truth
When an occupying civilisation attacks/abuses its host planet - you'd better watch out.
It's happened approximately every 10,000 years for (as far as I can tell) several million years and is related to the obvious cyclical surge of sustaining Cosmic Energy resulting from the elliptical trajectory of solar systems (plural) around the core of the Milky Way galaxy. (Look for variations within other galaxies.) I expect this cycle to end/change when the Milky Way collides with Andromeda Galaxy in about four million years’ time.  
The present Covid 19 pandemic does not have to mean global wipe-out. When humankind was introduced to Planet Earth, he was handed the obligation of care; evolution of planet and occupying race was intended to occur concurrently. Instead, cupidity, the individuated demand for power, sensual experience and delight, without exhibiting due consideration for one's fellows and the Planet, has thrown everything into a dangerous state of imbalance.
The Global community must be made aware of their responsibility and react accordingly, otherwise ... ... 
There is a Global Governance Group, of which 99.999 per cent of World population are unaware and to which the remainder have no meaningful access. With the GGG lies the ultimate onus – their responsibility to The Angelic Hierarchy.
Many Spiritual Meditators are aware and work on it.
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Copyright Joseph P J Westlake aka MOON BEAR SPEAKS KINDLING FIRE
At night, when I look at the stars,
I wonder what life’s like on Mars.
Our Galaxy’s large.
By the way, WHO’s in charge?
And WHO created pulsars?
Milky Way can seem quite bizarre
As we gaze at it from afar
Other galaxies too.
I have to ask WHO
Devised the fabulous quasar?
The explosion of each supernova 
Comes when its lifetime is over. 
They say every sphere sings
But WHO made the darned things?
There are those who would credit Jehovah
Andromeda, now there’s a vision.
I wonder WHO made the decision,
In four million years
It could all end in tears
               With one almighty collision?
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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To much fuzz has been given to the Reality of an Cosmic, But the Energy that is lived on earth is that which prevails or gives the inedible cause of What Sickness has prevailed on the Planet of Earth. To Consider the Statement of the Horoscope, Nothing comes of a Different Orbit except Planetary Alignment that Settles through the Human Consumption of what they Profess, in this the inedible cause of All Sicknesses is Unadible (to it's Cause).

in Conjunction to the Astrology of the Pandemic; That Seen no Ailment has touched humanity but the Definition by Which it lives, it is the Reality of What they Face in the Obscurity That benefits but the Soul's of the Human body to Convey a Sickness of their Times. No Reality is found but the Consumption of the Health of the Earth that Does not Noth give it's best back to the Relevance of the Planet Whether By Artificial CREAtion which aLigns the Internal Sickness of Mankind, or the NAtural Inhabitance of a Foreign Entity that Conveys of it's Displeasure upon Mankind of the Dealings they have Dealt with the Universe of it's NAture and the Reality of It's Phantom Man-HUMANITY, Mankind.

Sickness prevails in the Due derided; that it shows mankind the face of it's Eternity if it does not Change it's Phase of Living with Right over Wrongs. The Whole Construct is given that we Permit to See, Whether by Epidemic or by a Freak of Nature that the Whole World is Ever in the PerIl of it's Time, in Accordance to the Righteousness that the Human Consumption is Defying to the God of this Cosmic Universe.

Mankind is being Judged.:

In Accordance to this Virtue, Several Death's is Just a Reminded to the Vanity by Which it Lives. In This Holographic System that Judges and Lives unRightly, it is A Content to Convey the Message of the Humain. That if Mankind does not turn to Humanity, it will Suffer Loss. Mankind has become the Arrogance to Think the Defiance of Humanity of it's God. So a Virtue is Established by or for the People that it must understand it's Fragile State of Life. Undependent of it's Karma. Mankind has Sinned beyond the Scope to Ever See an Epidemic Judged by the Relevance of the Higher, seen as the Epidemics of Mankind. This Reality is a Phase to Some Not Mentioned, Tho Relevated of the Star's as an Incident Worth Living by AS IF LIFE: is but a Phase in Time, But the Death's of the Eternal is but a Scene that Shows that we ALL Will Die of the Eternal Death of Fear and Platonic that they insist to mender upon Mankind. This Unrighteousnes of Ailments to Ridicule and Miniscule that Mankind Intents towards the Eternity of their Souls, is but a Vast Grasp if by Death their is no Charge of Change TOWARDS, the Direction it Phases in the HEll By Which it Provides.

So is their an Astrological Alignment, and For What is it to Obsule?

If the Earth is to Lose its Relevance to the Maker, it will see Pandemics Worse then the Relevance of What we Phase. It is but a Small Matter that Mankind is to Face Death and Extinction if in Reality They See Not it's Ways of Mankind.

The Reality of it's Phase:

We Live we Breathe we Die; But what you do before you die, Relates to What you become in the Eyes UnSeen, But Noticeable to the Creator and God. Since Life is Full of Molecules. To Dust you Are and to Dust you Shall Return.
What you Make of your Eternal Soul, is the Contraction of an Ailment Far Worse then a Flu or Common CoVID; 19 that brings death to the Eternal Blueprint of the Physiology of the Soul. By Which You Die;

... By Which You Lived

Live in the Accordance to the Law of God; For Rejection at the Gates Might Come Apparent to Late for Some to Notice:  11000 Death to this Count as of  March 21st, 2020 have faced the World of This Sickness, But What True Sickness are their if the Souls. Human are at Contagion of Their ETERnal GOAL.

❝The world is yours, the land is yours
This galaxy is,
You are The Most Generous
My lord, hear my Prayer
I am weak'nd without you:
Light'n up the world' Z❞
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We were long due to face the destruction we are facing now .
We destroyed everything in nature to an extent that nature had to reset by herself. But for what ? To become slaves of corporates who utilises our greed for money and power ? We lost touch with the eternal light within us , spiritual journey deemed as craziness . We boast ourselves as supreme power , denying existence of our creator . Religion , which was supposed to be our path of salvation , became the tool of mass control and another way of fulfilling the greed of power. Nature warned us with wildfires , flood, drought , earthquakes , crying for us to stop our torture , but noone cared , Because those in power blocked their senses for personal benefit , and most of us were too ignorant to think about anything beyond trivial matters of daily life.
This is not the time to blame anyone , but to take collective responsibility as a species . Because at the end of the day , nature won't discriminate us on the basis of religion , ethnicity , nationality , skin colour or all other standard that we set to make it as "us Vs them " battle , but it will annihilate us as a species to protect others who has equal share on this planet just like us .
This global pandemic has been an eye opener to me in the sense that I realized not standing up against our cruelty and destruction , makes me equally responsible for current situation .
Let's take responsibility for our collective action as humanity and come out of this pandemic as a more evolved species .
Sending healing and protecting energy to all the group members from my side . Stay safe.
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Hi there,
Just want to say that I agree with you, with all written above.
Very true, I hope that we as mankind will wisen up in time to turn the tide.
Things are not looking so good, we are going in the wrong direction....
but you said it so well, it's saddening, what should have been our salvation, religion, as you say,
doesn't have that function anymore as so many turn their back to it nowadays,
too much manipulation by man, while it should have served the divine.
I still believe there should be a solution to all of this,
I trust they have a plan, up there, to get us out of this mess.
We must do our best, we that realize what's going on, and uphold the highest standards and principles with in our interactions with to our colleagues of life here on this planet,
and then pray and hope for the best.
Blessings to you all.
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