Here's a common question. What is the whole point of  astral projection? In this thread I will assume the reader already knows what an astral projection is. Otherwise a simple google search will inform on it. There are thousands of articles about it all over the internet. I will just be dealing with the reason why someone would need to astral project, to see if it is even worth going through the trouble. 

You've surely heard it, that we all naturally astral project in our asleep, whether consciously or unconsciously. Of course some whose body do not allow a distant separation of soul, cannot go miles away from their sleeping body, but the fact that their soul gets out even few centimeters floating near the sleeping body, that is still called astral projection. And most people wake up in the morning with a blurry memory or no memory of what happened.  

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If consciously or unconsciously we astral project, it is because it's part of natural process of sleep. This is first so the body can refill with energies. When the body is at rest, and the etheric body moves out of the body a little to fill itself with energy. At this point the brain waves slow down a little ( alpha state), then new energy of the etheric body is carried down to the sleeping body in bed. This is why we wake up feeling more energized. It only takes a slight separation of subtle bodies out of the physical body for this latter to be refilled with new energies. This is also why you would come out of a deep meditation (done on a chair) feeling all refreshed and energized, as if you've come out of a complete sleep. 

And so one may not just decide to never sleep anymore, because he would be missing the natural opportunity of refilling with fresh energies. The initiates know that, and that's why they value the moment of sleep. They would even endure themselves into a semi sleep called "trance state" or "Alpha state". They know that it is exactly at the trance state that energies may enter their physical body because of the slight separation of subtle bodies. There you have it, one reason for why it's in human to naturally astral project. But it's not all. 

Some of what we've called revelations, and morning clarity of mind come from an astral projection . Yes, those days when you wake up with the feeling that everything has become clear to you. Or those days when you may have slept with a question in mind, and when you woke up, the solution appeared so clear to you. The solution seemed so clear and simple, that you would even wonder why you didn't think of it earlier before sleep. ? . Well, that's because the answer was revealed to you in your sleep, when you were out of your sleeping body. Our soul has its own way of seeking for solutions. It travels the invisible space to go find the right people, the entities who can help with the answer.

Here in the physical world, you may be limited by space and time, you may not have enough time to read all the books in the libraries to get your answers, but during your sleep, you may be brought to the right places, in front of the right person or spiritual entity to solve your mind puzzle. This style of learning, is even far more enlightening because you get to experience the abstract words like love, wisdom, justice, kindness, silence, generosity, beauty, harmony... what used to be simple literal words may now be felt, seen, and almost touched. 

Not all people's brains are able to remember the information gotten during an astral travel. Because those people live to destroy their brain with all sorts of toxic substances. They have trained their brain to reject other possibilities and realities other than the physical ones. So when they come back in the morning into your physical body to transfer the information into their physical brain, their brain faces conflict of concepts. Their brain centers are not capable of holding such new information. And often those information are distorted and converted into symbols which their brain can better refer to. And then they give hard time to initiates to interpret their dreams symbols. 

However those who have  a healthy body and brain, who have make their brain receptive to astral impressions, may remember with clarity what they have seen out there during their sleep. Note that you do not need to know how to technically astral project to contact invisible beings in the invisible world, because your soul can do it anyway without you going there consciously. And when it comes back to your body, all you will have to do is write down the astral memory as soon as you wake up. Just do it soon as you wake up to be sure you don't loose the information during the day. There you have it again, one more reason why human astral project. 

More advanced initiates would use astral projection to help many more people than they would do in their awake state in their physical body. For example, if you have a friend who cannot yet understand spiritual concepts. You may astral project and go speak to him about it. His subconsciousness will remember what you told him. And one day maybe during his meditations, he may see your information in his mind as a revelation. You may do the same with your students if you are teacher. You may even bring consolation to your patients if you are doctor... 

As a conclusion, the goal of astral projection is to recharge our body, to go learn and experience the spiritual realities, and to help others by sharing the love and light we have acquired so far in our spiritual journey. This happens more often unconsciously to most of  us. But if your heart is the one of an initiate, those reasons would make you want to make the effort of learning astral project consciously in order to help yourself and others more effectively or more often. Only if you see those reasons as worth of an effort, you should learn to practice astral projection consciously. People with the tendency of destroying themselves and others should stay away from such practices for they may become a danger to others. So only the purity of your heart qualifies you for this practice. 

Love and light