The influence of the moon - Part 2

Today I thought I could blame the giant rock floating in space The MOON, for material success and failures.  Smile  . In fact I made a dangerous statement in an old thread about  influence of the moon and I'd like to clarify that for fear of wrong interpretation of readers.
Quote:"it's not intelligent to start a business or anything new during the waning moon, but rather start such tings during the waxing moon. "

First of all that statement should not only apply to businesses, but to anything we want to materialize, anything we want to come true in the physical world. Secondly That statement doesn't mean if you start a business during other phases of the moon, your business would fail. NO. That simply means your business is likely to get an easy start during that time of the month. As a matter of fact, all those businessman and businesswoman who start successful companies out there do not always know about the influences of the moon, but they do manage to rise their business regardless of the moon phases. So we may well succeed in starting something new whether it's waning moon, new moon or waxing moon. However the level of ease at which we start it wouldn't be be same. 

Nobody can deny the fact that each of us goes through mood changes. Sometimes you are happy, sometimes you unhappy. One moment you feel strong and want to lift mountains ( difficulties), and the next moment you feel overwhelmed and cry at the least criticism. This is how we are. The cause is within us. We start boiling within us, in our emotions and thoughts. Then It all comes out through our physical face, we blush, we become tense and the whole body is ready for the corresponding action.  That's something you know. But do you know that the same thing happens between the moon and earth? Yes our planet earth is a living body which also has its moments. Sometimes earth is happy, sometimes it is unhappy... and just like our body, the changes on the earth surface starts at its causes, they start from its emotional part which is the moon. And just as you well know, depending on the moment (the mood), there are certain things you feel capable of doing, and some other activities you just cannot. Like when you are unhappy it becomes difficult to make a fun joke. In the same way, in life the different moon phases facilitate some activities and makes some other activities difficult to do.

The influence of planets
All planets of the solar system form one giant organism, one being. The solar system has thoughts which are Mercury and Jupiter, it has emotions which are the moon and Venus, and a physical body which is the physical body. So one way to understand how our emotions influence our physical body is observe the moon. Our planet is a receiver of all sorts of energies coming from the solar system. All planets of the solar system send their energies to earth, because it is a blessed planet where energies well be well taken care of, it is a good ground, a good matter for all sorts of energies. All energies which reaches earth change to low vibrations and therefore become very concrete.

Our planet earth goes through series of moments, because of all the different energies which comes to it every now and then. All those planets out there, mars, mercury, Jupiter etc each sends its energy to planet earth each in turn. For each hour of the day, there is a planet energy influence. That's even why days of the week were named after the name of the planets which is most influencing that day.
  • On Monday earth will receive more moon energies, 
  • on Tuesday it will receive more Mars energies, 
  • on Wednesday it will receive Mercury energies, 
  • on Thursday it's Jupiter energies.
  • On Friday it's Venus energies. 
  • On Saturday it's Saturn energies.
  • And on Sunday it's the sun energies. 
But I also said that each hour is influenced by a particular planet energy. We have 24 hours in a day right? Well, each of the 7 main planets take a turn. The planet which will influence the 1 hour of the day marks the name of the day. So example when we say today is Sunday, or Monday... it is simply because on the first hour of that day, the sun or the moon was the first planet to influence earth. Here is how the 24 hours are ruled by the forces of the 7 planets.
  • 1H AM - Saturn ( this will be Saturday)
  • 2H AM -Jupiter 
  • 3H AM -Mars
  • 4H AM -Sun
  • 5H AM -Venus
  • 6H AM -Mercury
  • 7H AM -Moon
And so on. At 8H AM Saturn influence is back, then at the next hour comes Jupiter, then Mars, then Sun and so on. Notice that when you reach the 24th hour, it will be planet Mars influencing. And as you can see after Mars (at 24th hour) will come next in the 1st hour the sun influence. Which marks the second day "Sunday"  Smile

Humans are influenced by all those energies of planets. But other beings on earth are not influenced by all planet forces in the same way as it is with humans. When for example Mercury is influencing, certain vegetable which have no Mercury energies in them are not influenced, only the plants which are linked to mercury will be affected. As you may already know there are not only forces of attraction in the universe, but also forces of adhesion and cohesion in play in particular situations. What is similar will meet and will influence each other. The stronger energy will strongly influence the poor one to rise its vibration. In that process of vibration rising, we may sometimes feel the pain. Yes rising, evolving, progressing can be painful because it requires efforts :Smile . The poor mercury energies in you trying to rise up to replicate the cosmic level of vibration can be felt as a painful experience. However, when our inner Mercury energy is already high, we simply feel a boost. For example you may feel like you have time to do more work which requires logic thinking. 

Unlike most beings in nature, humans are made of all the planetary energies. His thoughts are Mercury type of energies, his emotions are moon type, his creativity is Jupiter like, his sense of eternity is Saturn energy like, his sense of courage is Mars like, his sense of freedom is sun like energy. So it clear why we are influenced by all planet forces.

Some strange use of the moon
Some occult people scheduled their practices, rituals and even meetings based on the knowledge of planet influences. When he is required to think deeper and higher, he could do it any day of the week, but to make things easier, he will take advantage of the right moment to do it without so much efforts, so he will choose a Wednesday. This is when mental energies are better align for the mental body to work at its best. When he is to put an end to attachments, like breaking with some vices, he will plan his magic ritual on a Saturday. 

The mystic however will invoke the forces of Saturn to help easily quite his mind to hear the voice of silence. And for inspirations the mystic will take advantage of Thursday when the energies of Jupiter are aligned. 

This example are not perfect, but I use that to give an idea. Those who are totally involved would go further and do more combination to align all forces. For example, they could wait for the year and month and hour when such and such planet is influencing, add to their ritual all sorts of related materials which are receivers of the planet energy. Specific plants, perfumes etc... But do you really need to go that far?  Smile

And Of course, some money oriented occult people have used this knowledge of planet influence. For the particular day of Thursday on a full moon to bring up luck and fortune. So they go gambling in casinos or play the lotto. Yes I'am aware of  stuff people do :Smile :Smile , I read the news.   Smile Smile  

And so as you can see with Jupiter together with the full moon, the forces of Jupiter are emphasized. 

The state of the moon indicate our current astral energy level.
The phase of the moon gives direction to all current energies on earth. waxing moon means increasing all current energies, the full moon means energy at full capacity,  the waning moon means decreasing all current energies, the new moon means flat energies. And it is exactly thanks to its effect of increasing energies "waxing" that mental and astral energies crystallizes, or materializes. At the full moon, the astral energy is its full capacity.

[Image: meditation-zen-moon-1.jpg]

You may not be aware of it, but the full moon influences energies condense, crystallize, to become so dense that they materialize. Yes if you want some help from nature to make your dreams come true, speak to the moon. She knows the science of making ideas and desire concrete. In fact women can also do it even more effectively. The ancient initiates saw women as the representation of the moon on earth, sometimes also seen as the moon daughters, for they are alike and do alike. They even have those different moon phases with their menstrual cycle matching almost the one of the moon. Women can not give spirits a physical body but they may also give body to  ideas and desires in particular circumstances.

The state of the moon in the sky should therefore be seen as an indication of the level of our current human soul energy. Sort of our current astral energy density level. Sort of a measurement tool of our current astral energies. When it rises, and so does your astral and mental forces ( but more your astral forces). That's why it will seem easier to develop your qualities during the waxing moon. And harder to increase the manifestation of your qualities and virtues in your life, during the waning moon. 

Using the Waxing moon for materializing dreams
You will hear that moon is the planet of magic. That's not false. It is true in the sense that it is the only planetary force which materializes. What is magic to people if not the science of poping things suddenly in front of their faces :Smile . And the moon has the power to do so very well. It can pop things out in the physical world, just like that. Just like magic Smile.  But in fact the process of materializing thing is a known reality. If for example you keep imagining something for a lot time, that image thought will wear a lot of astral matter. Then if you continue viewing that same image in your head over time, the astral energies of that image will become so dense and you will start to attract to your physical life the corresponding physical reality image. This when you say I've realized my dream. So a " dream came true " is just a crystallization of your astral energies. You can do so without the moon help. You just need to increase more and more the astral energies of your thought-astral energies. It will take very long time to come true, but you will make it if you keep visualisation the mental image. However if you involve the moon in your work, your dream will come faster, become here you are letting yourself be influenced by the waxing moon. Letting your astral energies grow as the moon is growing. As the moon grows white, so is your dream image getting more material. 

[Image: 13391951_f520.jpg]

To get full help of the moon, it's necessary to be conscious. Be conscious of it when it is waxing for example. In this case best would be to know in advance the date when the moon will start waxing. Some calendars sold in the market do show the different phases of the moon. You will see when is the next waxing starting day, so you can start your spiritual work on that its first day until the full moon. You can keep the work as simple as repeating a sentence at least 3 times, twice a day ( morning and evening). Just be careful what you wish for. All material things are here to stay. Certain things are not worth it.  And you would just bring more karma to yourself should your demand things which contribute to evil doing.  But if your project although it is not eternal, will not only help your stay in the material world but also help other people around you, then why not wish for it. 

The formula to repeat can be as simple as you looking at the sky ( night and day sky) or looking at the moon if visible in the sky and say for example:

"Like the moon is waxing, and so is my speaking skill" 3 times.
"Let my intelligence be more visible to people as the moon grows" 3 times
"My new business is becoming more successful as the moon gets bigger" 3 times.

Last year I went on vacation in the central of Africa, visited few old wise men of the villages. Each night, we use to sit by the fire so that the old men would tell me stories. Because apparently there must be a fire or you should offer a traditional drink of the area for them to start talking and reveling some wisdom to you :Smile It was fun. So one day, as we sat by the fire at night, one of the old said to me . "Look at the sky, there are many bright stars, it's beautiful isn't it? well, today is the day, make your wish. Look at the sky look for the brightest star, and every time you find one, make the same wish" I can't remember how many time I made the wish :Smile :Smile . They did not speak of the moon directly, but I linked that to the same esoteric principle of moon.
The Waning Moon
During the waning moon, your current energies are influenced to decrease. This time of the month can be dedicated to the spiritual work in which you get rid of things. Things like vices, impurities. All the things you do not want in your life. And I have to repeat this again, you can work any kind of spiritual work at any time of the month, but  when  you do them at the right moon phase, you benefit from nature's help.  

Some people complain that they always struggle to get anything in life. Karma is in play, but is not certainly the first the blame. Because what if those "unlucky" people are just doing things at the wrong time. See, ignorance can also be the cause of many miseries. The starts do not care if we know about their influences or not. They will continue doing their job, they will continue working on you, you like it or not. When the forces of love are spread by the stars, it is probably time to engage in soft work, where love is needed. Maybe it is best moment to be around children, around your love ones. If you do so, things will work out just fine. They may even love you back in a way you will feel it really, because it is the right moment. However if you play the lover at the time when more forces of wisdom are spread in nature, , you might just find it hard to be around people to play, you would prefer to stay alone to reflect, to think deep, to see clear. You could notice that if you dare go the opposite direction against the current wisdom forces, you will find it difficult.

The concept of easy and difficult, luck or unlucky are concept which can be explained with the science of the stars. You align with the current force, things will seem easy. You go against it, things get hard. Why learn astrology and numerology, if even with those science in mind we cannot make our life easier? Someone based on his astrological signs and planets have potentials and qualities required to work easily as a an accountant, or as a lawyer, but because he/she chose to do a career which is out of his natural (star) competent, he/she now moves slowly in life. That's normal, then why cry and be Jealous of those who have chosen the right career which matches their qualities and virtues?  Exclamation

The Waning moon in astrology
And what does astrology says about the moon. It says that the moon warns us about not having surgeries on the part of the body which corresponds to the zodiacal sign where the waning moon is currently positioned. For those who are not familiar with astrology let me bring you up to date on this, so you can make sense of what I've just said. Each sign of the zodiac ( Sagittarius, Libra, scorpion ...) corresponds to a particular part of our body (Gemini= lungs, cancer=the stomach, scorpion= the genital organs...) . And in the zodiacal calendar, the moon transits from one sign to another about every 2.5 days. In other word, the moon is traveling our body, going through all our organs. The advise is not to have surgery operation on the organ where the moon. Say you must have a stomach surgery, check the zodiacal calendar to see where is the moon in that calendar, and avoid surgery on that particular day when the moon is on cancer sign. Above of if on that day, it's waning moon. 

So much to blame on the moon hein? Smile . Feels good doesn't it. Something got to be blamed Smile. Fortunately, we have a free will. The Moon cannot be hold responsible. Because we may decide what it is going to be. The stars are not the masters of our destiny, we are. The stars shows the inclinations, they show our tendency, the road we are likely going to take in life, because those roads are easy ways for us. If we follow the stars, meaning if we follow our raw instinct we go in life easily. But if you feel like you do not want to go the star road, you can say "NO", and choose to take a completely different path, keeping in mind that it is going to be a little hard because you are going to go against certain forces which supposed to be on your favor.  But it's better to take the hard road if you know that the easy road at which stars are pushing you will not help you become a better person. If it is for a good cause, be not afraid to change, despite the difficulties on that road. The moon is one of the stars, the closest of all, with much influence on our astral energies and on all feminines aspects of material life. When you need its help, link your goal to one of its phases. Then as the moon changes, so does your goal.

Love and light.