The influence of the moon

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Ordinary life is found on planet earth, where souls get to experience the life of the matter. The rest of the planets in the solar system make the soul experience other regions of psychic life. Going from planet earth, the Planet moon is the beginning of psychic life. You would say, "But there's no life in the moon", well that's where you are mistaken, there's life in all planets of our solar system. The fact that we do not see any living being in the moon doesn't mean there's no life. Life is not always associated to a physical body. A soul is a living entity and it can live without a physical body. It's known that we continue living after death! So life has very less to do with the physical visible body. The physical, the visible doesn't justify life. All those astronauts who go in the moon, look around with their physical eyes, they see no physical organism, then conclude that there is no life in the moon. Is that really a good conclusion? It's amazing to notice that astronauts are so desperate trying to find a walking living being in the space. Maybe they will find it one day, since they've already started to notice water in some planets like mars, so there's hope I guess Smile , But I do have a question. Have those scientists finished exploring planet earth itself. To me, it looks like all they've done is look around the surface of earth to come to that conclusion, that it's all about plants, animals and humans on earth. But have they really searched for any life underground earth? Are they aware of those developed creatures that come from the very deep underground of earth to the surface of earth from time to time through the north and the south pole of planet earth? If they were aware of all that, it would have made them review their conclusions of believing that the moon or other planets of the galaxy are empty. Where it is apparently empty, there are always so many invisible beings. All areas of earth where there's no physical being, many invisible being gathers. Because many invisible beings of the nature do not like the noise humans make, so they go and enjoy places where silence is. Now imagine a planet like the moon, where there's no humans to scream, or make car noises, it's obvious that it is a great place for all kinds of entities, isn't it.

Psychic life and the influence of the moon.
The psychic life refers to the invisible life, the world of feelings and thoughts. All those planets in the space express an aspect of the psychic life of the solar system. The solar system is a being too. Its physical body is the earth, and all the other planets are its psychic life. The moon is the first degree of the solar system psychic life. While earth deals better with what is material, visible and touchable, the moon deals better with the invisible, the untouchable. Planet earth is about the life of the body but the moon is about the life of the soul; The influence of the moon over earth explains the influence of our soul over our body. The moon is the first world that represents invisibility, the starting point of the soul. In that sense, it is more advanced that earth. Because its matter is more subtle that earth matter. But like I explained in a previous article about planets, the solar system is a macrocosm of which humans are the microcosm. Meaning that a human being is a small solar system, and I've given some examples of things that the solar system has and which are found in a human being too. So, if the moon is the lowest psychic body of the solar system, then in a human being, the astral body (our feelings) correspond to the moon; and so the physical body corresponds to phanet earth.

In our spiritual ascension, we go past the inner moon before we can start the real spiritual work. The inner moon in us manifests as feelings and desires. Everybody feels and desires so everybody experience the psychic life, symbolically we say we all experience the moon life (the influence of the moon). That's right, you are in the moon when you dream and when you feel, when you wish. In the outside world, the physical moon aura and the earth aura meet, and so the life of both planets influences each other. For those who do not know: each planet has a aura (in fact anything as an aura), and the bigger the subject, the greater the aura, and the more spiritual the subject is, the beautiful aura it has. And so the aura of the sun is much much bigger than any planet in the solar system. The aura of the sun expends miles away and touches other distant planets, and that's how the sun life influences earth life. Now planets auras touche the moon, the moon mixes its aura to the earth's, and so we are influenced by the life of all distant planets of the solar system more or less strongly thanks to the moon.

Inside of us, those influences of planets manifests as difference kind of feelings and desires. See inside you can be sad for some hours and the next hours you are happy, and the next day you feel abandoned etc, all those reactions, mood changes are influences of our inner planets to our inner moon. Why the change of mood every time? it's because planets are constantly moving, and so they cannot keep influencing the moon permanently. A planet will get far and another one will get closer, and so there are changes all the time, which creates the change of moods.
But I was saying that we need to go past the bad influence of the moon quickly (lower psychic life), so we can start enjoying the influence of the sun (spiritual life). That's right, but I do not mean that feelings and desires are bad. No. There are good and bad feelings. It's actually the bad region of the moon we need to go past quickly. See, the ordinary human experience the bad side of the moon, because it's the default region we are all in before we even start our spiritual journey. It's region of wrong believes, believes of things that are not logical, that are not true, bad emotions , feelings of culpability, desires not directed to the spiritual world...Feelings that has nothing spiritual.

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The Waxing and waning influence of the moon.
Once the person has managed to go past that bad region of his moon (inner heart), he arrives in the good side of the moon where he starts to have more spiritual feelings and desires, he has more good feelings than before, he now has the feeling to become spiritual, to become a son of God, to help others, to sacrifice himself for God. He starts to feel joy more often. It kind of feels like natural to feel good most of the time.
Now let's go back to the physical world and check the physical moon, it appears it changes completely twice a month, about 14 days it goes waning, and the next 14 days it goes waxing. Well those 2 phases of the moon are exactly the 2 types of feelings I'm talking about. The waning moon represents all the bad feelings and desires, and the waxing moon are all the good feelings and desires. If you read the occult science, you will realize that the moon is used for magic, that's right. It is very much used in that way because of its magical influences. White and black magic (as it's usually called) use it;

The physical moon influences everything related to water. The sea for instance is effected during the phases of the moon, something that science know about. In the same way our feelings (astral body) is also affected during those phases. Plants are also affected because of their sensibility which is also something related to the moon; This is why it's not intelligent to start a business or anything new during the waning moon, but rather start such tings during the waxing moon.

The sun is the destination.
In general the moon appears to be seen and drawn as circle divided in 2. One part is white and another is black. That means one part is facing the sun and the other one is not. The lighted part of the moon communicates with the sun. And in us, our good feelings and desires faces the inner sun (our higher self, or our inner Christ, or buddha). But the story doesn't end to the moon. The moon is not the destination, we still need to keep moving. Yes to move to other planets like Mercury (the world of reason), and later Jupiter (the world of the spirit), and so on, until we get to the sun. Again I need to remind that this is possible inside of us, in our inner world. Every time we move, we experience a different psychic life. That's how we make our way slowly and slowly to the sun (God).
In that way back to God, many good things are on the way, but the most frightening experience, the most difficult is what we meet at the beginning of that journey; those difficulties are in the moon.

Invisible moon is first train stop after death.
Looking at all this from spiritual point of view, in the invisible universe, that region of the moon is a plane that we can correspond to what we commonly call hell. Hell we all go through when we die. That's so! Smile Even Jesus had to go through hell before moving up. The difference is the time we each take in hell, spiritual people go past it very quickly while ordinary people have to stay longer to learn more from their wrong feelings and emotions. Death requires that we all go past hell. In the initiation, to become a spiritual being, you are required to die and then come back to life again. In past initiation was seen as the door of death. Initiation is always about death, but what kind of death? A death while you are still physically alive. I know that may seem strange to some. It's ok, strange is beautiful Smile .

See when your physical body dies, you find yourself conscious in the plane of the astral world ( that moon region I've been talking about), where you are unable to satisfy all the bad things that kept you alive while you were in the physical world. If for example, you were used to enjoy drinking every night to please yourself, you won't be able to do so, and that will cause a sufferance, a torture. You can imagine what i could be like for someone who on earth could not do without taking drugs, food etc. It's going to be such a difficult time for him the astral world, that's what we call hell. Now spiritual people have learned how to go through all that pain while they are still alive, in the physical world. That means if they have an addiction for anything, they will educate themselves, to get rid of it before they die, so they don't have much of that desire to deal with in the astral world. they purify their feelings and desires while they are still on earth. You've probably heard of initiation that was done in temples in the past, in Egypt, and in the very old time with Pythagor, platon, etc. Well in our present time, initiation doesn't need to happen in temples, it happens in the every day life, you are no longer given test to go through in a temple, but nature is now that temple, every day life difficulties (temptation to lie, to anger, to doubt, to violence ...) are the test, and every time you pass the tests, you approach spiritual death, a degree of initiation. Hope the word death is clear and less frightening in these article, so we can move on.

Angels, Creatures of the higher astral world (the lightened moon).
Like I already said, the visible moon is an image of the invisible moon, a representation of the invisible moon, which is called the astral world in esoteric terms. It's in short the world we first reach when we go to sleep deeply or die; a world filled with all sorts of bad and good forces and which influences our everyday life behaviors. I also mentioned that region can be divided in 2, like the 2 sides of the moon. The lightened part of the astral world, also called the higher astral world, is from where you can meet the creatures we call angels, it's not surprising why some of the saints of religions who have giving more priority to the purification of their heart, have seen and communicated with angels. In the bible the master Jesus said "Blessed be those who have a pure heart, because they will see God", that means the purity of the astral body (or feelings and desires) takes you to the lightened part of the astral world from where you can see an aspect of God, angels. The more the heart is pure, the more it's possible to see and communicate with more and more higher creatures like archangels, trones, etc. I know Jesus said the pure hearts will see God, but we also know that none of those who have purified their heart have seen God; because depending on how we consider God to be, jesus statement could be mis understood. It's more logical to me that God is not something or someone we can see, and so nobody can see God. What we can see is what is limited in space and time, an object with boundaries. But unfortunately God has not limits and is not a form. However we can see aspects of God, his manifestations of which angels are examples. Examples of other higher aspects of God can be seen from the higher worlds, like archangels are found from the higher mental world, in the causal world ...

Demons, the creatures of the lower astral world (the darken moon)
Now if you have angels from the higher astral world, what do we have in the lower astral world? Well, you guessed it right. It's the demons. Yes Demons do exist and they are creatures you will find from the lower astral world (the darken invisible part of the moon); These creatures are like angels and possess a great knowledge of planet earth, they know the science at their fingertips; Reason why they are like angels is because their origins are angels, they are the fallen angels. The esoteric tradition says that those angels were sent down in the lower regions of the universe to work on it, but when it was time for them to go back home (in the higher regions of the universe we commonly call heaven), they refused, and rather decided to stay in the lower regions, they got familiarized with the low life. The material world, our physical world, the planet earth is formed thanks to the astral matters. The matter we see around us is a coagulation of the astral matter, That's why the experience in the physical world is both good and bad. Because the forces of the astral world are also both: good and bad. In other words, this physical world is a sort of hell-paradise combined. Sometimes you feel as good as paradise and some other times you fell as bad as hell.

Although demons rules the lower astral world, they are not the only kind of creatures you find there. You will find creatures created by humans, yes humans do not only give birth here on earth, consciousness and mostly unconsciously, humans create astral beings with their bad desires and bad thoughts. Those sorts of creatures usually stay next their creators (the humans) to feed from them; Some other creatures are created by a collection of human thoughts and feelings, A group of people concentrating on the same thought creates these kind of creatures. You will find those sorts of creatures in sects, churches, religion community; In the case of astral entities created by a group of religious is not necessarily a bad creature, so you could find religious creatures created by humans in the higher astral world. But because of the ignorance of humans, too many bad astral creatures are still being created and strengthen in the lower astral world. We human are the ones who feed the most demons and all those bad creatures of hell, with our feelings of anger, revenge, hypocrisy, vanity ...; It only requires more people to train themselves to not emanate more bad desires and felling to stop feeding all those bad creatures of the astral world, so they can start starving to death. Some would ask, why did God allowed demons in the lower astral world, since they do bad to human soul? well that question could seem like asking why did God create wild animals since they attach humans? Or ask the human who created the fist weapon, he will probably reply, it was so he could hunt for his survival; See, what is bad for us is not always bad for others; what we call evil is not evil for God for example; The existence of demons has its purpose for God, if not, don't you think that God would have removed them all long ago, and God doesn't need our help to do that!

I do believe that humans have found the lots of solutions for physical evil. See for yourself, we have found antivirus, set hygienic rules to stay away from germs and many more social rules keep being made to help against bad situation; We have learned how to use evil for good, I'm aware of some dangerous plants which are now being used in medicine to cure the sick people, and many other dangerous things like the thunder and wild animals are all being used for good, yes science is doing so much progress in that matter. And now the same method science has discovered can work effectively when applied in our psychic life! And psychiatrist should be first to learn them. Let's see, who complains about wild animals? nobody, it's as if they do not exist, it's as if there were no lions, crocodiles ... Why? Because we do not live together with them, we do not share the same space, the beasts are in the forest and we are in cities. Bravo! there is the solution, we are clever! Smile Now why can’t that happen inside of us. The forest is an image of the lower astral world where wild dangerous animals, our vices and evil behaviors, then cities are images of the higher astral world where humans are the good behaviors and super humans the spiritual virtues of our soul. So it’s the same solution inside and outside: To not live in the zoo and the forest (lower astral world) but rather stay in the cities (higher astral world), that way, you will spend your entire life not worrying about the evil (the wild dangerous animals).
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A huge Fire doesn't know evil.
Is there anything bad for a huge fire? No, for a huge fire, everything is good, it takes anything with great joy. Even water can make fire rise even more. And we have all seen that. The next time you are in front of a big fire, ask it what it thinks of evil; Throw at it a poison, a bullet, bad tomatoes, anything bad, it will reply " Hmm, that's good, I need more, give me more of those". Many people read in holy books , that God is like a Fire. But how many have meditated about that to understand what it really means. I read this from the physical fire. Call me crazy, fine! at least initiates know what I'm talking about. But you cannot deny for example that fire loves dead dry branches of trees, and you cannot deny, that those branches make cracking noises few seconds after they are thrown to fire, then the fire gets bigger, fire feeds from all those dead branches. Why? Because fire is finest matter compared to the dead branches, So anyone who have managed to purify his matter (his nature), who have made of his matter the finest, doesn't see bad things (dead branches) as evil. All the insults, all the criticisms, all the difficulties of life can only make him even stronger spiritually (fire getting bigger). In the eyes of God, we are the dead branches and God himself the biggest fire. The cracking noise of the branches in fire explains the pain, the sufferance of those who purify themselves to become later like God. Because yes, anything bad that goes into fire, must become like fire. That's one of the advantages of personal development, it increases the inner fire to the point where we get so hot that evil has no more effect on us; The spiritual fire protects because evil cannot touch fire.

Gabriel and the influence of the moon periods.
The governor of angels is known to be Gabriel. Maybe you could understand why the moon is found in the symbolic sign in Muslim religion; It reminds the teaching of Gabriel to Mahomet. It's difficult to talk about The influence of the moon without thinking of Gabriel Smile . All the virtues of Gabriel are assigned to the good side of the moon. Gabriel rules all angel creatures. He is responsible of coagulating matter, I mean he has the power to change astral matters vibrations to make them material, and so they become physical. He deals with the materialization of things. It's not then surprising that many esoteric people want Gabriel help when they wish something to come true here in the physical world. In the same way, he takes care of births, of all souls that must be born on earth, all souls that must be given a physical body to experience life on earth. And he doesn't only stop to humans, but to all other creatures. The bible talks of him as the angel who announced the birth of Jesus. Now notice that nowhere in the bible it's mentioned that Jesus was born the 25th of December right? But even if the date is not exact for jesus, it however corresponds to the time in the year when conditions are best for spiritual realization. Christmas time is when the forces the Gabriel starts to influences earth, to materialize all abstract ideas to concrete ideas for example.
See certain period of the year, the moon influences earth magically. An other good example is the magic that happens during the month of May. Every year on May, during the night of the full moon, there is a mystic celebration in the Himalaya. This celebration is called Wessak. During witch the forces of Buddha flows down on earth. The tradition says when that Master Gautama (bouddah) finished his mission on earth, he received from God the permission to come back once a year to bless humans. Most mystic people get ready to take part that celebration, no matter where he/she in the world the mystic is, he takes part to that celebration as many of them astral travel that night to attend it.

The moon is a double face planet, it can be used for good or for bad. It is physical, but it also is a representation of what the astral world is. The bad influence of the moon are used mostly by black magicians and the good influences by white magicians. Depending on the nature of our being, we are more influenced by the bad side of it or the good side. So the more we develop, I mean, the better we get, the more we attract the good influence of the moon. The moon represent the forces that any ordinary human must go through. It's an inevitably path. It corresponds to desires coming from the below of the diaphragm, that means: the stomach and the sex. An acceptable control of that area , helps to go past the dark moon in order to experience the lightened side of the moon. That control is achieved by a purification process of our soul, that's why it's called the Sephira of purity in kabbala. For the same reason It's related to diamond. Diamond is seen pure for his clarity and its ease to let light enter, compared to most of other stones.
I could not cover everything about the influence of the moon, because it's so immense, we could only write about the most important points about it, I mean the necessary to understand its use for the inner world; for example these whole information helps to understand why all children born on a December during the full moon will have feelings and desires dominated by thoughts. Those children will be born with forces of thinking much.
But there's more to that, for example there are plants affected the most by the moon. Such plants when properly used they act magically to the person using them.There are 7 main plants related to the moon: Eggplant, cucumber, squash, poppy, samphire, oat,camphor. But there are many more plants like that, the walnut and the gourd for example. Note that best period of picking those plants to experience their virtues, is the time between the 23th and the 29th day of the moon.

The full moon is in particular a very good time for spiritual work. And every month we have that opportunity to take advantage of it. Among all the full moon of the year, the one that happens in the period of easter and during wassek are the most beneficial.

Love and light.