Physical matter are all formed of the 4 elements, and we know it. Among physical matters, Some keeps energies longer than others. The popular example is the Ion that keeps heat easily and longer than most matters.

Even Stones can keep, attract energies. And human beings can behave like those matters too. Fire is not only the flame, but also be defined by it’s heat. The heat is the state of the Fire, just like sadness, joy are state of a human soul.
When someone says he is sad to me, I know his soul is all wet, he is cold.

Any matter, physical or invisible can face the 4 state I call the manifestation of the 4 Elements.
We know something is Fire, when it has heat. A fire without Heat is no Fire, is not true.
The truth is what can everybody approve, what all creatures can approve.
if the fire is just the flame, it’s form, it would be wrong because the blind man will not approve that.

So what I would like to make clear before I can keep on is that we recognize the Elements by their manifestation.
Fire by the Heat, water by the Cold, Air by the cool, Earth by the heat and cold together.
So even without seeing it, we can tell if there’s fire in our thoughts and feelings or not.

Now cold is the state of Element that attracts, keep and save what come to it. Like the ice knows how to save and keep what it has or comes to him. That means that when your soul is cold, it attracts, keep and save things around.
that also means that cold water you drink also contains things it has kept from different places.

Let me give you an example:
You are in a room, you are angry, very very angry, your thoughts and feelings are now all over your room. And you take a very cold bottle water out of the fridge, you put it on the table, you don’t drink it, but sit down next to it.
Then you keep thinking of how to revenge. After about 2 hours of anger you decide to still not drink the cold water and decide to put it back in the fridge. Let me tell you what is happening in the invisible space. the cold water on the water has attracted all your anger; the thoughts and feelings you were having. And even after your anger has passed . those vibrations are still there in the bottle of water in your fridge.

Now if you receive a visitor and give him that cold water in question, you are seriously a killer Sad . Because you are giving him your bad feelings and thoughts. The visitor will soon or later start to feel similar bad feelings. he will find reason to be angry about anything, he might be even aggressive, or worried. And worse he might not even know the real reason why he is in a so terrible mood. But the real cause is you.

That’s what happens sometimes in our life, However we can use this knowledge in a positive way to develop ourselves. Use the cold water to put in the greatest idea and drink it. Hot water will not work the same way, hot water will reject anything coming to it. Put in your cold water some suggestion to better the person who is going to drink it. That’s the secret of church water blessing rituals. So we can understand why it’s recommended to pray before you eat, it’s based on this same knowledge, but we also understand that it works better when you know what you are doing. When you do it consciously.

That’s not all, you can use heat to destroy bad things in you, in your lower nature, or in other people nature.
so in front of a fire, connect to it’s heat then start thinking of all your bad behaviors, faults or vices, and throw them in that fire. You can do this using your mind, your imagination, you imagine yourself (your lower nature) burning in that fire . or using an object if you are not good at visualization. What you do is you take piece of paper, you write your bad habit name in it, and you throw it in the fire. But still it does not need to be a paper, you can use a meaningful object if you know the lows of relationship, and object that represent your bad behavior. Or simply write the name of your vice in any object you want to burn, it could be anything like a piece of fabric.

You can do that every time you light a candle, you write the vice name vertically on the candle thinking that your vice is now the candle. And let the candle burn to the end. And as the candle melt away, your vice also goes away. Then it will be better to finish the candle and not stop it. All matters have its secrets. It’s not for nothing special Stones are used to help with achieving specific result. Despite the virtues of stones we know, Gold for example is the strongest or best in keeping thoughts and feelings. Because it’s matter allows it.
In our human body also, the mini physical from of the world, we also have things that have the same property as Gold, it is our seminal liquid ( seminal fluid).

We can do with it as much as we do with the physical Gold. An example is the way some deeply involved magicians will use their own seminal liquid to put their spiritual desire in it, so as to make their idea come true. The thoughts you put in that liquid will come true because the seminal liquid will give your thought earth matters. Well you can guess the rest of things you can do with it.
Some wise great magician like Salomon have lived in the past with thousands and thousands of special matters like gold and other precious stones. And thousands of wives in their palace. This was all because they know about the power of Elements and their state. They knew they could achieve anything they wanted to come true using those things.