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The seal of Solomon reveals the right mix of forces

The seal of Solomon reveals the right mix of forces

In some of my old threads, I've often used the symbol of the seal of solomon to explain how our higher nature and our lower nature mix to give birth to the truth. Isn't it the goal of mystic initiation? The wedding of both natures, isn't it the whole reason for we want to live a spiritual life? To bring both natures of ours to a perfect balance, a perfect union, in order to experience what it is to be sons and daughters of God. But the work required to bring both natures to work together can be tricky; If we don't know how to work with both natures, we could get very unpleasant results. Since many of us are into the spiritual life without knowledge of what we are doing, it happens we make few mistakes which hurt a little. 

Spirituality is about perfecting oneself, it's about inner transformation. To engage in a spiritual life, you accept to become that doctor in the laboratory, working to find the perfect remedy for inner deceases . You have to find the right dose of elements, of the right color, mix them with another right element to get the perfect remedy. Otherwise, you end up poisoning yourself and others with you results. In this thread, I'd like to bring your attention to the way both natures should be mixed safely. 

We must enter the spiritual life with the knowledge of both natures (the higher and lower nature). Without that awareness, Ho my God! so many things won't make sense. People without this knowledge, who practiced day and night, cultivating virtues, were surprised to notice new virtues and sometimes even new vices rising within them. New virtues and vices they didn't even plan to have. The most surprising and disappointing is when you work so hard on cultivating some virtues, and you realize that you are also awaking some worse vices Smile . Yes this things happens in the journey. We should not t be surprised of these things when we know the laws which governs our nature. It's important to know that our lower nature reveals more of its subconscious forces the more we awake the higher self. You cannot move one of them without affecting the other. But as long as the power the suprabconscious force awakened is higher than the subconscious force, you are safe. The good news is that each force in our higher self is always connected to another force. Each force has a friend. Of course same story applies with the lower nature forces. They are all connected. If you still don't see the point, No worries, It will all get clear soon Smile

We want to realize the seal of salomon, we want to unite both natures harmoniously. But we will have to be careful how we go about it, because we are not mixing 2 things of the same nature here. What we have here is like mixing fire and water together. You understand that fire and water may terminate each other if too much water or too much fire is used. And indeed symbolically the spirit is Fire and the human soul is water. It takes great alchemists to safely mix those. In the seal of salomon, alchemists see 2 triangles mixing. The upward triangle is the triangle of Fire (the spirit). The downward triangle is the triangle of Water (the human soul). Each triangle represents a trinity of subtle bodies. 

[Image: sealofsolomon.jpg]

Our lower nature (the water triangle) is made of 3 bodies = the physical/etheric body, the astral body and the mental. 
Our the higher self (the fire triangle) is also made of 3 bodies  =  The causal body, buddic body and atmic body. 
We can therefore cloth the seal of salomon like in the image below. 

[Image: seal.jpg]

This is an important picture to meditate upon, because in that image is shown the result we get when 2 subtle bodies work together. This is alchemy work. We need to have a well measured water (soul) and fire(spirit) to reach the goal of our destiny. Each element in the water and in the fire have to be pure to expect the perfect result. In the picture, I've associated each corner of the triangle with the subtle bodies, but we can also represents them with their respective letters or numbers, or  colors, or with the types of thought or with the types of feelings and even with vices and virtues. In fact students of astrology would easily find the correspondences of each corner of the triangles with the vices or virtues. Here's a clue, in astrology, 3 signs (vice or virtue) form  one of the 4 elements.
Fire = Sagittarius, Leo, Aries
Water = Pisces, Scorpio,Cancer . 
[Image: seal-zodiac.png]

In my next image below (excuse my poor painting skills Smile ), I've now placed the corresponding colors for each elements of the triangles. I think is greater illustration because using colors as example, anyone  will be able to verify what I'm saying. 
The triangle of Fire = Red, yellow and blue
The triangle of Water = Orange, green and purple. 

[Image: seal-colors.png]
Now let's see how the combination of elements will bring out a different element.

The blue color at the top of the triangle is the result of the union of 2 colors of the triangle of water. Purple and green = blue (color of the fire triangle).
- Orange you see at the bottom of the triangle is the result of the union of the 2 colors of the triangle of fire. Red and yellow = Orange (which is a color of the water triangle).
- Purple you can see on the left, result of union of the spirit. Red and blue = purple
- Green is from the fire triangle. Blue and Yellow = Green. 

Some of us have played with colors in life, so we know how true this is. Those are the right combinations you can make with color. Same with the rest of correspondances you place to this image of seal of salomon. Certain mix doesn't work. From that image you can see there is no obvious result (no summit point) when we try and unite read and purple, or orange and yellow for example. Such unions do not match. We don't do that, else we get very unpleasant ugly colors.

Also note that even going from one color of the water triangle,  you can bring out a color of the fire triangle. It is a fact that if you stare at the orange color for few minutes, and quickly look away to a white board, you can see blue appear. What does it mean? It means if for some time you work with the orange color of your soul, you will inevitably bring out the blue color of the spirit. Orange, the color of love (of joy in the astral body) ends up awaking the wisdom in your thoughts and words. And the opposite is also true. You can get to orange from the blue. So the image shows how what is above is linked to what is below. One corner of a triangle is linked to the corner of the other triangle. 
Purple ends up bringing out Yellow.
Green ends up bringing out Red.
Orange ends up bringing out blue.

[Image: seal-colors2.jpg]
There we are. The laws of positive combinations. What it means is that certain thoughts and feelings should not be mixed. And certain thoughts should not be entertained, should not be maintained in the head for too long, to avoid awaking some other unwanted thoughts. If you've are a long time meditator you must have already verified this natural law in your own mind. From one subject you are meditating on, you awake so many new ideas, new insights which are out of this world. In fact even the one who knows nothing about meditations, or the one who allows his mind to wander in hell, also knows the effect of this law, for thinking of winning, or revenging he/she ends up coming up with the most dangerous strategies.

We humans may not see thoughts, but if you are good clairvoyant or if you enter the mental world, you can see that thoughts are real, visible and alive and they have colors. You will see how abstract thoughts are mostly eletric, and concrete thoughts are magnetic. The electric thoughts move in straight line and faster in the causal world than in the mental world, while the magnetic thoughts moves in a circular lines and faster towards in the mental and astral world but slows and freezes in the causal world. The colors of fast thoughts are very beautiful, intense and lightning  The slow, heavy thoughts tend to lose their vivid bright color theme. 

Depending on how you process thoughts, you can generate in the mental world beautiful or ugly color thoughts. After some time, when you keep thinking, will turn into a different color. A Blue thought will turn into an orange thought, an orange thought will turn into a blue thought, a yellow thought will turn into a purple thought. An example of yellow thoughts are all intellectual thoughts, logical thoughts. An example of purple thoughts are all thoughts about the unknown, about God and its laws.  Same process applies to feelings in the astral body.

What we call vices and virtues works on the same law. One virtue can bring out another beautiful virtue. Virtues as well as vices are associated to colors. Any clairvoyant can tell about your qualities and weakness simply by looking at the colors of your aura. If for example you develop a virtue of green color, sooner or later you will manifest a virtue of red color. Or you can choose to work 2 virtues which you must carefully select based on the right combination of colors. Say for example you are working on the blue virtue, then you shouldn't be working on the green or purple virtue at the same time, but rather on a yellow or red virtue. This right combination will automatically bring to you the green or purple virtue you are looking for. 

You can indirectly work on the virtues, simply by visualizing the right colors in your meditation sessions. Imagine yourself as an orange person, lightened with orange from your bones to your skin, image you are made of the color. With such a regular practice, not only you will experience the virtue of orange (Joy, patience, health, purity), but after some time, you also experience the virtues of blue(wisdom, clarity and faith). But it's not wise to visualize 2 incompatible colors equally. I mean, it won't be good result to visualize for example Red and purple together for 5 days. Please don't! Red and purple don't go together, just like Red and Orange, or Orange and yellow, or yellow and green, Green and blue, blue and purple. Those forces will not match.

[Image: seal-nono.jpg]
It's therefore useless to try and work on all the spiritual virtues, because as you can see, we can awake many virtues from certain virtues. We just need to select the right ones. I've used colors to prove the point. But if you know the rest of correspondences  you can place it to the seal of Solomon to see what you can and should not mix. So go on! place on it the planets if you are an astrologists, place on it the organs if you are a doctor, place on it the chakras if you are mystic yogie, place on the Sephira if you are a kabalist, place on it the precious stones, the name of entities ... And see what you get. I guess I'll leave it to your own meditations.

Love and light. 
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Thank you Krya. I love your teaching. This lesson will nead more than just a reading to comprehend

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Light, Life and Love
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This is much to study over. Conversions of thought forms.

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