Hi fellows,
I would like to give away my feelings about music.

I'm a big lover of music Smile . And for those who are lovers as me, let's share the love we get from it. In this incarnation, I've always worked with music. I do meditation with Music most of the time, I do breathing exercises with music, and even go to work with ear-speakers on, sometimes Tongue . Music is a great motivation and we all know it.

For me it's more than a simple motivation. Music is food for the soul. It opens our soul's doors. I say doors, but you can call them Chakras, or the secrets holes from where energies can enter. When you listen to a beautiful music you love, your soul tries to imitate the vibration of the music, your soul starts to move vibrate like the melody, it follows the rhythm of the melody. If the change of vibration is intense you should notice a change of mood. That is how you can tell if your soul is changed vibrations (if it's changed state). so sweet music really puts your soul is a sweet state. Knowing this, you can manipulate your emotions and desires as you want thanks to music.

We often let music aside when we are sad and disappointed Sad , while those sad moments are the actual right time to use beautiful music to change the current bad mood. And that's what the disciples do. When they notice a bad mood, they play their best favorite music, and listen until they get better.

Music doesn't need to contain words. Music sounds can have enough pure effects on our being. Each note vibrates something in us. And that happens not only in our soul, but also in your physical body. Don't be surprise if I say that our physical organs loves sounds and sweet voices/melodies too. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like the skin breathing better when I'm loving music. It also happens that your body temperature changes at that time.

There are all kind of music, and no matter what music bad or good, it will have an effect on something in you. It can either wake up a bad thing or a good thing in you. Some musicians know that, and black magic sects do advertise some strange bad influence kind of music on TV, radio or internet for a specific bad effect on us. There are music that will make you dance, some will make you want to cry, some will make you feel like a son of God, some will make you fell like a King, some will give you courage, love, hope. Yes I know what I'm talking about. Music can take you places. The secret in all this is that the mood change will create holes in your mind and heart for energies to enter. If the music creates a bad mood, you open doors to bad energies. But if the music is lovely, then enters great spiritual energies in you.

I'll suggest to try the following:
Alone in your room, start your best sweet lovely calm music that makes you want to be an angel, a real son of God, a perfect being. Now sit down, and listen while thinking you are right now the concrete image of your imagination. Feel yourself surrounded by invisible spiritual beings.

Why to think/imagine while you are listing?
Because listening to music has created the best condition in your astral body(feelings), the perfect state when it can absorb energies from the universe. You take that opportunity to help the process. You think or imagine while listening to music because music is emphasizes your thoughts. At that very moment, whatever you think comes to you. Yes anything you think of when you are in any given state comes to you. This is just one of the principles of life.

You want to attract angels energies to you, be in the state of love and think that angel's energies are coming to you. They will come straight away. Not tomorrow, not in few seconds, but as you think. You just don't feel it because that energy touches mostly your spirit for now. But later, by dint of doing so, your spirit will grow and it will start sending some of those energies down to your astral body (feelings), until you can really feel that great JOY Heart (the love of God) .

And speaking of Joy, the joy you get from music, is a food. If you get used to feeding with this sort of food, you will be able to skip some earthly pleasures. Great initiates have learned how to feed themselves using the 7 holes of the head, of which the Ears I'm talking about here. This was so they could be able to skip feeding themselves from the holes found at the bottom of the body (like our sexual organs) and the other hole I don't need to mention, you already know Cool .

Music is not only found in a human life. It's first a cosmic language. The whole universe visible and invisible sing. Our planet produces a Melody all the time, as well as the rest of planets; Planet earth for example enjoys new music as it travels the space to turn around the sun. Because on its way, it (planet earth) meets with other music which we human call January, and an other called February etc. Our solar system also has a greater Melody which other systems out there in the invisible universe like to listen to. Even insects and animals listen to the music of the stars at night. And crickets among insects tend to mimic the same Melody they listen to. Do you know that we all have that cricket sound in our head, and which we can also hear when there is no more noise. Maybe you are listening to copy of music of the stars. Yes that sound you can hear in a very quiet night, is the sound of silence, the sound of energies, of electrons motions... Many of those who listened to that sound were influenced to leave their physical body and travel the invisible world.

If you have a babe, or a sick person, play the sweetest music from time to time, it will restore Harmony . And if you have a stubborn boy/daughter, teach him/her music, let him/her sing sweet songs most often. Yes Music is such a remedy for all.Smile

Love and light to all.