The sources of Life and Death (Part 1)

The sources of Life and Death  (Part 1)

As humans with mind limitations, we've come to wrongly define certain truths of nature. How we view something influences our next thoughts, feelings and actions. It is therefore in our best interest to learn to view things as they are, in their original form, or as nature displays them. There is a difference between a "Half full cup" and a "half empty cup". Both are true, both are a reality, but choosing to view it as a "half full cup" will produce much more better influence within you, a sense of hope and optimism.

Among all truths, Life and Death are those which have been miss interpreted. And those miss interpretation of what nature originally says about life and death has brought people to commit so many mistakes. Because they thought that death was the end of life, young men will hurry to live fast their current life, to do whatever you need to do early before death takes them. You will hear this "Life is too short!". This very thought about life and death contributes to many misbehaviors specially among young people. 

In this thread allow me to remind what nature says about life and death.
looking into nature, it is clear that life and death are simply two different possible states of something. States caused by sources. Let's break this down into peaces to help the understanding. 

A fruit attached to a tree can be said to be alive, It shares the temperature of the tree ( his parents)  and inherited its color and texture from the tree. This state of the fruit is LIFE. But when this fruit is cut off the tree for any reason, it falls on the grown. Disconnected from the tree, now directly connected to the grown, it then slowly looses the right temperature and its color, it gets rotten. This new state is Death.

[Image: 486eff3ba7022e786ae57b09ffc423ea.jpg]  [Image: old-fruit-300x200.jpg]

From this simple view, we can agree that Death is the state caused by the disconnection from the upper source (example the tree), and the connection to a lower source (Example the ground). And life is that state caused by the connection, the attachment to the upper source. You can also say that the 9 months we spent in our mother's belly before we were born, were the moment we (the baby body) were still connected to our source ( our mother). Then the moment we come out of it, began the process of our baby body death. Yes our body as  a baby started dying the moment when the cord which linked us to our mother was cut off. And then what have you noticed? you've grown up and have no longer a baby body. And have you lost your consciousness through that death process? Did you disappear from the existence?  No no. Why? because as long as you are still connected, attached, linked to a source, you will always exist. So yes, even when you are dead you still will exist.

To exist is to remain attached, linked to a source. But that existence will be based on the rules of the source you will be linked to. During the day, the world is linked, connected to the sun, the day is the moment in time when the sun is the primary source of energy for our world. During the day the sun is the source, but when comes the night, the source becomes the moon. The world is rather lightened, nourished  by the light of the moon.  When you were still in your mam's belly, your body was under the rules of your mam's belly, (your primary source at that time), then when you were cut off your mam's belly, you were now attached to earth's belly, your new source (your current source). See, there are always sources we get attached to. Even when that day comes, the day you have to live this world, a cord which links your soul to this physical body (the golden cord) will be cut off to detach you from this world. You will be detached from the physical earth (your old source) but you will be introduced to a new source (which is the astral earth). Like that fruit attached to a tree ( the upper source), cut off from its tree, it got attached to a new source which is the ground ( the lower source), we always either attach to the upper source or the lower source. Which keeps your existence.

The upper sources give you a state called "LIFE" and lower sources give you a state called "Death". It is true we never dye the way we are commonly told "the stop of consciousness", as we continue to live linked to a new source always. To life or to die is simply moving from one source to another. Spirits we are originally, for being born on earth in a physical body is already a death process, in other words to be born is the beginning of our spirits death. But like a tree, there is great  benefit for the fruit to go through the death process, as it is the only way for the fruit to grow big, and give birth to other new fruits one day. A fruit falls on the ground (the lower source) and from there it dies, but its spirit (the seed of the fruit) will go through hell (the underground) from where it will produce roots, then later a tranche  then later leafs then later the fruits. And so the fruits becomes like its parents (the old tree which gave it birth). The purpose of our spirit is grow as big as its origins, God. And that is not possible if our spirit does not get the chance to face death.

[Image: 012210_Fruit-Seeds.jpg]

In a way it is a blessing to get to be born again on the physical plane, not all spirits of nature get that chance. This is an opportunity in the existence for our spirit to grow bigger, greater and Divine. Within each one of us is a hidden seed waiting for everything around it to get rotten (the vices, the weakness, the impurities) so it may start growing roots, branches and more fruits. Only then it may be called "Sun of God". Don't just exist, Live. Link yourself to the upper sources and you shall be alive. Stay linked to the lower sources and you shall remain a walking dead. 

Love and Light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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wish Kray is back
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wow, you are back krya, i am so glad, such an awesome feeling....
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