Thoughtfulness state.

I would like to share some answers to thoughtfulness questions. You are welcome to share anything which can be helpfulness to those looking for those answers?

What is thoughtfulness?
Thoughtfulness is simply to experience no "ordinary thoughts" in the mind.
initiates have a different view on what we commonly call a thought. They consider a thought as all past and future things of the mind. But anything in the present is not really a thought but rather thoughtfulness. Simple as that.

Why is thoughtfulness important during meditation?
When during meditation we have no more past nor future thoughts, we experience thoughtfulness. To come to this achievement during a meditation, one has to learn how not encourage past and future thoughts during the day, for many weeks. This is to prepare the mind for meditation. Because no true meditation can be done without being in that thoughtfulness state. We can't expect to be inspired or be heard by spiritual beings while being in between the past and future thoughts of every day earthly life. Meditation is supposed to be the moment when we leave earth and join the spiritual world to receive blessing, strength and guidance; it is not a moment of mental noise about the things we do on earth.

Thoughtfulness state is something to encourage to meditators and to whoever would like to receive anything from the causal world. It is the condition for a proper meditation. Unless it is really necessary to go in the past or future to gather some information during meditation, it is not good practice to wander in the past or future. See, when you want to visualize during meditation, do not imagine something you saw in the past or that you will see in the future. Rather visualize it, as if it was there right now, in front of your closed eyes. Your meditation must remain in the present moment in order to experience thoughtfulness.

Also do not force thoughtfulness, it is something which comes naturally during a meditation properly done. But when you happen not to have a thoughtfulness experience in a meditation session, do not get disappointed. It will become frequent with practice. Just do your meditation right. That means, do your meditation in the present moment. The key to thoughtfulness is simply the disappearance of past and future thoughts.

Why do we experience it during meditation?
When we do our meditation right, when we are very focus and in the present. We experience thoughtfulness. It is a result of a very good concentration. One cannot have such a result with no strong concentration. It is impossible. Without a strong concentration, our mind always goes in the past and future, where mental noise is. In the present moment is found peace and calm.

What should be the duration of this state?
As a matter of fact, It shouldn't have any duration. At the beginning you may be led to think that you spent 10 to 15 mins in that state, but in reality you were in that state for an eternity. Yes, it is a bit difficult to believe, but it is a reality. Anyway, this is the sort of conclusion the meditator should come to, from his/her own long experience. You will notice that you don't really know when exactly you enter that state of thoughtfulness during meditation, you don't really know when it starts, you simply notice that you entered the state at some point during meditation, in order words, you won't know since when the past and future thoughts have stopped coming to your mind. That's why you can't really tell how long it takes; because how can you measure the length time of something which you don't know the starting time.

And the more you have such an experience, the more it will become clear to you that thoughtfulness is the point where time disappears. Yes during thoughtfulness there is no more time. You kind of enter eternity. A " moment in time without beginning and end ".

What we should do when we achieve this state during meditation?
The thoughtfulness can occur either instantly, during cogitation on abstract matters, or during a visualization of a spiritual image. What you have to do at the moment you realize that state, is to either observe that silence (silence caused by the absence of past and future thoughts) and enjoy the moment, Or simply visualize a spiritual image. Or again, you can cogitate on spiritual principles (meaning of spiritual things). But you absolutely must not involve any material thoughts in your meditation at that moment. You should not think of anything in the physical world, only abstract things like love, kindness, enlightenment, reincarnation...should be allowed.

You might think that if you visualize or cogitate on anything during thoughtfulness, you will loose the state. Well, No. You will only get out of thoughtfulness if you visualize material things from a giving time and space. In order words, that will happen if you visualize something of the past or the future. However if you visualize or cogitate on spiritual abstract things, you will remain in the thoughtfulness state. Remember that thoughtfulness is not to stop all thoughts. It is simply the absence of past and future material kind of thoughts. Notice that most spiritual thoughts are abstract and in the present. So you are not breaking thoughtfulness when thinking of a spiritual deity or cogitating on the meaning of God, the creation... for example.

What are the changes on someone who experiences frequent thoughtfulness state?
A regular thoughtfulness achievement, changes the soul (mind and feelings) and body. But the soul changes quicker than the body.

Changes in the soul
Every time you experience the thoughtfulness, all animals temporally in your inner forest go to sleep.
Thoughtfulness is a state of mind. You can picture this state of mind as the temperature (cold weather). You know that wild animals do not survive well in cold weather. Like in the north pole, where you don’t find as many wild animals as in the hot weather country forests. Most animals in the north pole are very soft like the polar bear, you find no lions, no tigers, no crocodiles ... Well, you should know that when you experience the thoughtfulness stage inside you, you actually experience the north pole weather conditions in your mind.
In your mind, animals are your vices, and your trivial, earthly, materialist personal thoughts. And the less of those thoughts you have, the purer you become in the mind. And purity is essential for any spiritualist to go further in spiritual life. So thoughtfulness is a result of the purity of the mind. You can also take thoughtfulness as your spiritual “weight scale” or your spiritual measurement tool. So if you notice that your thoughtfulness becomes more and more permanent, you can then say that your mind is becoming purer.

Always remember, thoughtfulness is a state, it is a result (a consequence) of a certain control of mind. Just like the weather is the consequence of cloud behaviors. It is an achievement of a hard work on the mind, a particular position and state of inner clouds in our inner sky symbolically speaking ( sky = mind). Therefore it can’t be forced, but only be caused. Just like you can’t get a smoke caused by nothing. You know If you see a smoke, that's because there is fire or heat somewhere. If you notice cold, then there is absence of hot. All personal earthly thoughts are generally hot symbolically speaking. Remove them and you get cold in the mind. So thoughtfulness is indeed a sign of mind development. A sign of mind purity.
In the other hand, the thoughtfulness state is an open door for spiritual beings of higher order to communicate with you. During thoughtfulness be aware that spiritual entities are now there. This is the moment you must show a very respectful attitude in their presence. Imagine that there are beings of lights all around you at that time, and understand that they like no mind noise but the noise of spiritual thoughts. I mean the only mind noise you are allowed to made at that time is the visualization of spiritual things or the cogitation of spiritual principles. You must not think about anything of your day to day life. Then they will always give you something spiritual before they go. You get their blessing and their guidance. As time goes, you will start to naturally think wisely and love more, because your ego will start to die from that cold weather (thoughtfulness). That is all the important benefits of it.

Changes in the body
No permanent visible changes will happen before many years of practice. Because the physical body matter is a heavy and less subtle matter than the soul. Things are always quicker in the mind than in the body. See for example, you can build a house in the mind in seconds (you simply visualize it), but it will take you months or years to finish a house in the physical world. However there are things in the physical world which start to change in a short time after few years of practice. Those are odors, light, and motions.
Thoughtfulness changes the odor of your body (It reduces all bad odors). It also softens your body motions. Your breathing motions will become harmonious and slow and never brutal. You will naturally start breathing slower and benefit a better physical health. And finally, your eyes will definitely change. You will naturally have a spiritual look. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The way you are managing your thoughts will reflect on your eyes to testify of your mind purity. You won't need to tell anyone what you've been doing with your mind in secret. What state you've been achieving in secret, because your look (eyes) will tell for you.

In fact, we never have to tell anybody about your spiritual achievement while we are still busy working on them. Rather let the result speak for themselves to others. A true spiritualist doesn't feel the need to impress humans around him/her, but he/she rather is more interested in impressing spiritual beings. Always look for the appreciation of spiritual beings, and leave humans alone. That is the rule which protects you from vanity and pride.

This state is achieved during meditation session only or Can it be achieved at workplace doing office work also?
It is easy to achieve during meditation than in other situation of our every day life. But as we advance in the spiritual life, we are able to achieve thoughtfulness anywhere, while driving, eating, working, washing... It is not forbidden to experience thoughtfulness during your daily activity. Achieve it if you can, you are even evolving faster this way. But it is always better to do this without being noticed by your co-workers or anyone around you. And to do it without being completely detached from the outside world. This is not impossible. One simply needs to be costumed to looking inside and outside from time to time. Letting go of earthly personal thoughts and encouraging spiritual thoughts throughout the day.

If during office working hours, you are thinking about nothing but what you are doing at that time, you are likely going to experience thoughtfulness. The technique to experience thoughtfulness during day activities, is to simply observe what you doing, while you are doing it. For example, if you are washing the dishes, then observe yourself washing the dishes. That means, observe yourself lifting the plate, observe yourself putting it into the water, observe yourself taking the soap etc. You do nothing but that. Observing each and every actions you make without judgments. Don't bring in your "Likes and dislikes". Also have a look into your mind from to time, if a past or future thought comes in your mind, simply observe it until it goes away by itself. When this becomes an habit, your mind becomes so clean, that you will be accompanied by spiritual beings at all times. And your home meditations will become much easier and even more effective.

Can we be thoughtless while driving a vehicle? or being focused on driving is a kind of thoughtlessness state?
Yes. But only if you are observing yourself driving. If during driving you have no past nor future thoughts, and that you are aware of each motions, you are making while you are making it. Then Yes, driving becomes a great moment during when you can improve your thoughtfulness state. Be aware of each motions you made, let no action be made by you, without you knowing it. When you are changing gears, know you are doing so, when you are looking at the blind spots, know you are doing it, when you are stepping on the clutch, brake or accelerator, know you are doing it. At the beginning you can help yourself by saying (in your mind) "I'm pressing on the clutch, I'm opening the door..." and later it will become automatic and simple observation of your own actions.

During your day work, It may be required for you to remember something you did yesterday; No problem! simply remember it, go back in the past, look for that past thoughts, it is ok to remember, as long as you observe yourself remembering that past thought. This is the advanced level of the spiritualist improving their meditation states. If you want to advance a step further into meditations, learn to observe your activities during the day. When you manage to do this properly, you should feel like you have become 2 persons in one. One person in you is observing all actions (thoughts, feelings and physical actions) while those actions are happening. And another person in you is doing those actions. The thing which observe all actions in you is the true self, and all things in you which make the actions are the maya, the illusion, the ego. When you have come to understand this lesson in a practical way, you have made a great progress.

What is the difference between experiencing a trance and to be in thoughtlessness state?
It depends on what you call trance. There are many definitions or views about Trance today. The way I see it, is that, trance is a slightly different state, But it is made of thoughtfulness state. I mean you have thoughtfulness in trance. Someone in trance state doesn't think past or future. He is in present moment but with his consciousness between 2 worlds (visible and invisible). Someone in trance has spiritual sensory organs active. So it may happen that he sees, hears, feels invisible things and visible things all at the same time. His brain is not at a normal brain wave, and some of his chakras are quite active. You are likely to experience trance during profound meditation or during a very relaxed sleep.

Love and light