The white mage experience

When we are constantly vigilant of our inner life, all manifestations of thoughts and feelings can be seen like real event of everyday life.
Each emotion looks like a degree of temperature of a particular earth environment. Each thought like the clear or dark cloud of the atmosphere. Strong emotions and feelings like rains, tornadoes. Focused thoughts like heavy clouds and the clear mind as a sky with no clouds. When we’ve spent many years or centuries watching our inner world, we know what causes the inner rain, what causes an inner beautiful blue sky.

We become true scientists, the scientists of our life. Look at our common known scientists who study the form of things in nature. They have discovered and keep coming up with many useful things that helps our external everyday life. Well same and much more are the scientists of life. the scientists of life discovers and come up with things that help our inner everyday life. The have watched how the rain falls inside them, how the trees grow inside them, how the sky becomes blue, and then discovered ways to cause a beautiful inner rain, a wonderful inner blue sky or a sky full of stars when the nights fall inside them. Because they can cause all those things inside themselves, they are named white mage. Yes great magic is to be able to transform one’s life, to lift inner mountains, to control inner beings, inner animals and inner humans. And of course there are people who consciously change all the positive things in them into negatives things, those are named the black mage.

The white mage is who possess the inner knowledge, who can heal himself and others. Some people have positive influence on others, their only presence heals emotional pains, and lighten your mind. Words they say and solutions they give seem to be talking to you in particular. And, so you feel comforted and lightened. That’s how you recognize white mage. Because all those who have learned how to wake up the good in themselves and in others, who have learned how to heal themselves and others, are automatically classified as white mage by nature.

Now when I talk about healing, I’m not referring to curing physical related illnesses like headache, brain problems, tuberculosis…, For such illnesses doctors, reiki masters or traditional healers exist. Even when a white mage can heal certain physical related illnesses, he/she still focuses on curing the soul related illnesses which are worries, anxiety, vanity, stupidity, dishonesty, selfishness...

The white mage distinguishes the real from the unreal, the truth from the Maya(illusion), what lasts forever and what doesn’t. And so he invests more time on what is eternal, on the spirit, on the higher self. His favorite healing method is not a pain relief, but a permanent change which he possesses progressively with constants efforts of everyday practice. Because he knows the laws of nature, he knows that nothing can truly become old if it has never been young. And that all sudden transformation are illusions and soon or later falls back to their natural process. The white mage knows that his speeches elevate the soul of who are listening or reading him, but he also knows that the joy and inspiration he is causing to people is not a complete transformation of the person, he knows that the person will only be in that state for just as long as he is listening or reading. When the person returns to his everyday activities the inspirations and joy starts to slowly faint away. The white mage can also with his hands or his imagination remove the emotional pain or worries of the person, but none of that magic is permanent. When the person starts to face life difficulties, he will start to feel the worries and regrets again. Reason why the white mage has a different approach in the matter of healing, he focuses more on giving the essential knowledge and techniques that guides the person to cure himself and above all to prevent illnesses. From a white mage we learn more how to live our inner world, what to do in such or such inner circumstances. Instead of temperately connecting us to our own higher self (which he can do), he focuses on showing us ways to connect to the higher self, so we can connect by ourselves progressively, since that’s the only way for a permanent change.

In the history of humankind, there’s been and always has been white mage, they simply differ from their level of evolution. You are already a white mage at some level. So many different levels, so many methods available. Because they grow in different conditions. Many white mage have find way outs to many inner bad situations, and we can benefit from their experience. When a method from one of those mage doesn’t work for us, we choose another method from another mage and try it out. We keep the method that works for us. And because we are also experiencing and fighting with our inner bad forces, we end up coming up with many other personal techniques which works best for us, then which later help others.

Love and light.