Theta state and how you know you've reached it?

Someone during the astral projection training in Capetown asked : How do you know you've reached the theta state?

 I'd like to share with the group my perception of the matter.

People who train to astral project ( for whatever reasons), know that it easier to do so when you are in the deeper alpha state or theta state. When you are in the theta state of the brain, your physical body is paralyzed but you can move with your astral body. So the theta state is the key to a conscious astral projection. When you reach this state of being, you can exit your body at will. The theta state is a certain level of brain activity we naturally reach during our many sleep cycles at night. The astral projector is told to take advantage of the theta state to astral project consciously, but what if you don't know what is it like to be in that state? you will miss it all the time, because you will be reaching this particular state of the brain without realizing it. Those who are training to master the art of astral projection may need to distinguish this grace moment.

Some days, you actually were already in the theta state, when you happened to be fully awake, eyes opened  in the middle of the night wondering why did you wake up so soon, and what time it was and went back to sleep. If you don't know the signs of the theta state, you will be missing it again and again, and you will continue reading about it in books, it will remain a theory.

My approach in learning how to make the difference between the level of trance, is to start by training yourself during the day, by slowly moving from beta to alpha, than to theta. Spending some time in each state to fully understand them.

The training or exercise you do should be based on the following scientific facts.
Your brain cells generates an electrical wave activity which can be measured by a electroencephalogram machine ( EEG).  Thanks to the machine we know that a human brain generates more brain waves when you are awake than when sleeping. When the person is sleeping, the EEG machines show a decrease in the brain waves. And the different activities of the brain have been classified into beta ( most active brain, awake), alpha state ( less active, awake but relaxed), theta ( fewer brain wave, dreaming), and there is deeper state called delta ( too lower waves, almost coma) which doesn't fall in the scope of this thread.

Understand that the brain doesn't lower or increase its waves by itself. You help it do so always. When you are active, eg. singing, dancing, jumping, so is the brain. When you are relaxing, not moving, so is your brain. Each action you make is translated into brain wave. When you move a muscle, when you swallow, when you are moving your eyes balls, you are making more brain waves. Even when you are thinking, when you are making use of your mind, your brain will replicate the same activity into electrical waves.

But here is a brief thing I found out about the brain and the mind. There are certain thoughts of the mind which your brain do not know how to replicate into electrical waves. Those are mostly very abstract types of thoughts, intuitive thoughts. Those thoughts may not be detected by the machines. If you could see how important this information is, you would be glad to know that you can actually keep thinking without disturbing the brain, you can keep thinking while relaxing your brain muscles. Human beings are so well built. It's as if  every time you deactivate one function of the body, another more subtle function is activated. This is beautiful!, at least in my opinion. Some people believe that they will become like "zombies" if they walked with a relaxed brain, with no active thoughts, they wonder how they could interact with the surrounding without actively thinking Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile"> , well, try and see! The surprising result will be that you interact more wisely, you will be doing things with a creative mind.

So as I was saying, your brain waves correspond to your conscious activity. Those brain waves are not affected by the activity happening subconsciously among your organs, like the movement of the lungs and heart, but rather by all voluntarily motions. Taking into account all I've told so far, you may consciously rise up your brain waves or decrease them at will. I think everyone already know how to wave up the brain, we are all good at it, because compared to children, we as adults spend a lot more time in the awake state, because we need to work hard on this earth right?. Infants however are good at waving down the brain, because they spend more time sleeping.

The key to wave down the brain ( I think I've just come up with a new expression : to wave down the brain Smile" alt="Smile" title="Smile"> ) , to stop moving. You will need to stop moving your physical body, your astral body ( your emotions), and your mental body ( your thoughts). All those activities produce a little more wave in your brain.

See how you already do it without realizing it. To stay in the beta state, you need to have the whole of your being active ( your thoughts, your emotions and thoughts). The moment you stop moving your physical body, you start falling into alpha state, and if after a while you also lower your thoughts and emotions, you fall into theta state. Then if you want to come back to beta state, you know what to do right? you move every parts of your being: your physical body, your emotions and thoughts. Isn't that what you do every morning? To wake up in the morning, you move, you stretch your muscles,  you remember things... then your brain waves go wild again ( you are now in the beta state)

Now that you know how it naturally works, let's see how you can induce each state at will. We will skip the beta state which you are already familiar with. 

The alpha state.

The alpha state is easily reached during a meditation. When you are sat there, eyes closed, relaxed and not moving your muscles nor having too much thoughts. You are in the alpha state. This is fairly achievable by anyone even for beginners in meditation practice. Beginners in meditation who cannot hold a alpha state for too long, tend to fall asleep ? . When you are not used to keep consciousness awake at lower brain waves, you fall asleep and start dreaming. Alpha state is not dreaming, you fail each time you start sleeping? . But you do pass through Alpha state before dreaming. If only you could hold on a little more before falling asleep, if you could hang there conscious at a low brain wave, you would reach the alpha state.

To enter Alpha state the first thing you ought to do is to close your eyes. When you close your eyes, you signal your brain to lower brains waves already. The second thing you should do is to relax all your muscles. Each tensed muscles is a brain wave. Release all muscle tensions. This is one more reason why you should take a good meditation posture. Not the one to impress your colleague Smile, but the one which helps you relax your muscles. A position which doesn't require much muscle tensions. After few minutes when you feel your muscles are relaxed and heavy, your brain waves would already have slowed down significantly. Third thing to do now to deepen your alpha state, is you can play the "mind observer". You watch your mind as if you wanted to study what happens in your mind when you are in alpha state. Many thoughts may come and go when you are just starting alpha state, so you have a lot of watching to do . Observe and enjoy the alpha state.

Theta state. 
Theta state is easily achieved when you are in REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep. This means just when you are waking up in the morning or when you wake up in the middle of the night. Science have observe that that the brain has a little more activity while your body is not moving at all, this is like you being awake but with a dead body. Does it make sense to you? It should not make sense. Because normally as already explained above, your brain waves increase up only when your body start moving.  But with theta state is special, your body is not moving, your muscles are completely relaxed, but you happen to have some activities in the brain, some brain waves can be detected, as if you were really awake, even our eyes were found  to be moving rapidity in this state ( Rapid eye movement).  Well, this only makes sense if you remember that we don't only have a physical body, but an emotional and mental body within. When those subtle bodies become too active, they can bring about brain waves as well. So it appears that at some point during sleep, some other subtle bodies of ours do activate.

Did you know, when you lower your brain waves too low, because you are not moving your physical body, your brain will shut down the whole physical body by paralyzing it ( you surely heard of sleep paralyses?), then another body, a more subtle body within you activates. A subtle body called the astral body or the emotional body. This latter will trigger some brain waves, enough to produce dreams and lucid dreams. This state is called theta. Technically it's a state when you are active with a different body, in a different vibrational level.

Here is how you can tell if you are or entering the theta state:

  • You can see your room through/behind your blanket
  • You gradually start hearing more and more noises around, or it starts to gradually become silent, as if you were becoming deaf.
  • You can hear buzzing noises or noise of something vibrating within your body
  • You witness yourself slightly floating or involuntary turning from one side of your bed to the other

Whenever you catch such signs, know that you are in a theta state.

This may easily happen in the morning if you pay attention. In the morning, because you are waking up from a REM sleep. In the morning, when you mentally know you waking up, do your best not to open your eyes nor to move your body. This way, you will remain in theta state and explore it to see what is it like. Yes it's as simple as that. To wake up mentally without moving a muscle or opening your eyes. But trust me, I have students who cannot wake up without moving in bed ? . So it may be tricky for some people. When you manage to do it, you can experience the famous Theta state.

Love and light