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Things I’ve Learned & What My Guides Have Shared With Me

Nice Quotes Smile
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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Love is the ALL
Love is the only true emotion
Love is joy - happiness
Love is laughter - myrrh
Love is caring - giving
Love is receiving
Love is wonder
Love is all the feelings that express themselves with light airy feelings the tug within of Pure Happiness
Love cannot be explained
Love can be explained in jillion's of ways - thoughts- words-actions
Love is our true self
There is nothing more than love
There is nothing less than love
All else is only illusion
Never was & never will be
With true love comes
Love wants to share
Love never forces
Love is not vain
But sure in self, form & deed
Remember - it isTime to Remember
You - I -We- The All
Are pure love at our center
Nothing more nothing less
8 - 8 - 2004
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Let no one fashion your thoughts
Let no one come between Creator & you
Think for yourselves
When someone tries to tell you that Creator is vengeful
& will smite your enemies - for you are the favorite chosen One
[especially if you are a member of their group]
For there is this truth to know
Creator has NO favorites
Will not smite anyone for
Creator loves ALL Equally

12 - 6 - 2014

It is most important to realize not one belief system, divinely inspired book, or one chosen race or country EXIST. They may say they do, that they are the chosen ones of god. But they are not the chosen ones of Creator. They are people who have made their own god in their own image. They should just sit down, breath deep, and listen. Then they will find our Loving Creator who loves all unconditionally.
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We ALL are One with Creator - each moment. It just takes some of us longer to realize it.

After all --

We come from Creator
We experience for Creator
We are a part of Creator
We will return to Creator.

We will always be the soul within thus a part of Creator as well as Children of Creator. And we will never cease to be on our NEVER ENDING JOURNEY OF LEARNING AND BEING.
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Sky tiger : it might be a off topic here, but can you please tell me how to contact my guides ? I did some meditations , but I cannot really differentiate whether what I am getting through the meditations are my own thoughts or guidance from my guides ?
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Don’t try so hard.
Just sit back, breath deep, and listen to the voice within.

If it speaks of love, it is someone to listen to, who will help you on your journey

However if it tells you that your better than everyone else, or suggest you should do harm to another, is not your Guide, but a lost soul.

When I get someone that is lost, I simply say a prayer for them.

I put the White Light of Christ / Love around them.
And say I give thanks 3 times.

You should use the name of the person your religion uses.
Don’t try so hard, you will eventually make contact.
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thank you for sharing these posts, skytiger, some of which, I see, are repeats.

See you down the line.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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(10-24-2019, 08:04 PM)AnamikaS Wrote: Sky tiger : it might be a off topic here, but can you please tell me how to contact my guides ? I did some meditations , but I cannot really differentiate whether what I am getting through the meditations are my own thoughts or guidance  from my guides ?
Not wishing to hijack your thread, Skytiger, but may I offer this to AnamikaS.
If, in meditation, I feel light pressure on the left side of my head and shoulder, accompanied by a thought that may not 'fit' in the meditation, I go quickly to my laptop.
Sounds a bit silly now, but years ago, I would start typing the sentence that contains all the letters of our alphabet. "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." That is something all aspiring typists learned  to automatically type without thought.After possibly two or three repetitions, one's mind almost stops thinking. THEN I would receive different words totally unrelated to what I was actually typing and possibly not immediately making sense. THEN whole sentences would sequentially "appear" in my mind. Appear is not the right way of saying it. I might start a long, complex sentence not knowing how it would finish. Then I'd realise I had two/three/four pages of writing. Early days, some editing of grammar and spelling corrections would be necessary. Sometimes I would have to take my dictionary to understand what I had written as my 'guides' would insert unusual words as demonstrations that what I was writing was being INTRODUCED TO MY CONSCIOUS MIND - by whom? from where? 
Some of these writings have appeared in posts on MSG; some have been published in esoteric magazines; others I have used when working with various people during my world-wide travels.
From Skytiger's many beautiful posts, I suggest she is possibly working in a similar  way.
Nowadays I can take a ridiculous phrase such as "I was dressed in a completely unsuitable shade of pink" and in half an hour I can write a most amusing short story. Yes, that is part of the lessons in the monthly writing class I attend. 
At this stage, one 'knows' where stuff is coming from and when the 'baddies' try to chip in, I just kick 'em out.
So, for me, writing which at first I found difficult, is now fun - yes I have fun with my guides too, but that's another story.
People who give advice on dream interpretation offer similar advice. Why not try writing stuff down, whether by hand or keyboard and so give your guides the chance to 'chip in?' Yes, I have published on Amazon Kindle. I have a volume of short stories; another book of illustrated verse. Also, on the way,  a full-length novel about space travel and why it is so difficult. If you give your guides half a chance they will contact you. COS DASS DERE GODDAM JOB.
Sorry, I got carried away there.  Cool
Love and Light
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Thank you skytiger and moonbearspeaks for your valuable replies . I will surely try to follow your advice in future
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