Misrepresenation of Words, comes when you read a post that is in lower caps only; to Wherein the intended Communication is not set in it's prior set/setting to speak the vice of words of the conducted wish to the delegated form. This is a Theme of Topic that this Forum Concludes the Communications Decency Act of 1996 in an Associated Bridge to abridge. I like to Put a Motion forth to dismiss this Option, Seen it does not benefit them who seek to Write aligned to the Norm they associate at heart. It is a Misrepresenation and Mishap to Which a Member of any Forum should have Right in to SPEAK and Write then anyway they want. Both Use should be optional, Seen it is a Person who Gets Represented Rather a People. We are not in the Freedom of Press to aside the Norm of Open Writing to a Community at Large and Should be thus Given the Option to View or to Display it in This Given Norm; Rather then Prescribed of by a Given. Flat Coke does not Taste as Carbonated Coke; Each Soda Should have it's Original Taste; Rather a Steel Conderment. This is a Breach of Liberty to Each individual.

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