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True love is proven by sacrifice.

A most awesome write Kyra. I took the liberty of printing it and gave it to my husband to read. He is a very devout Christian and he was deeply touched by your words. He mentioned the fact that so few actually live the love they proclaim to have.
Thank you again for so many words of wisdom.
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I'm happy this could touch your husband, like it does to myself too Smile Who can resist the forces of love, whether it is expressed in writtimgs or throw actions of sacrifices. Even the grestest of spiritual being can't do nothing but pay attention to whoever on earth would express love in nomatter what expression. Smile

I may not stop writting until death separates me from earth. Smile. I also thank you for having taking the liberty to print to bring light next to you.

I love you all and all the love you bring to this site. Smile

A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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My Dear Krya,
I cannot presume to follow the wonderful wisdom and philosophy you bring to us.
Moon Bear
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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I definitely agree to that.
Thanks Moon B.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Yeah, real love is shown everything. Even lovers are dedicating their lives for the love.
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Please correct me if I am wrong. From the flag of your country, I am assuming that English is not your first language.

Your post says:  real love is shown everything

Am I right in thinking you meant to say:   real love is sharing everything

On the subject of love, I quote here an article I found in my computer. I do not know its origin, so if I offend anyone's copyright, I apologise.



Romantic love is very much a combination of physical attraction and emotional involvement.

Spiritual love is the loving of all things equally, unequivocally, non-selectively, unambiguously and non-judgementally.

How can we make love work, and how can we make love last? The answer is not difficult, and yet we battle to grasp an idea that is almost child's play in its simplicity. Love, or the heart, is normally associated, and correctly so, with the centre. We talk about the heart centre. But the heart must be in line with a proper intellectual understanding, as this will prevent us from loving that which will hurt us; and we all know how painful love can be.

The spiritual or intellectual solution to all things is the circle. Think of the artistic renditions of the Buddha and Jesus. They are often shown with a halo, which is a circle around their heads. This means that they are in tune with the knowledge of everything. They have overcome the contradictions in their thinking.

So then, how do we make our feelings compatible, or one with, our thinking or spirit?

The heart in unity with the spirit, (mind at peace) is found in the centre of the circle. The circle is defined with respect to its centre as follows:

The circle is a trace of points that are equidistant from its centre.

This means that in order to be in possession of our thinking or spiritual faculties, we must love (centre) everybody equally. If you do not love everybody equally, then the centre cannot construct the circle. Therefore, the mind or spirit will appear not to function. You will think that you have lost your mind, which is a condition that can accurately describe 'falling in love'.

This comes about because we interpret love as special, or that there is someone special out there for us, whom we will love more than anybody else. As we know by experience, this special love is very volatile, and has driven many people crazy. The only type of love that has any reality is a love that loves everyone equally. Special love is not love at all. Rather, it appears to destroy love.

So if you want to love somebody properly, love them the same as you love everyone else. This is how Mother Teresa found her way home, and regained the power of her mind once again.

William Shakespeare agreed with this, as he wrote about in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is an archetypal story of special love. From the moment they met, it was all downhill. It wasn't long before both of them were dead. Their deaths were the result of a whole series of errors, errors that could easily have been avoided. They died at the hand of these errors, because special love is itself an error.

The Biblical view is also about special love. God only loves those who accept his Son?? There is some truth in this, as God knows that the circle (Sun, Son) solves all things. Therefore, if we don't choose the circle as the intellectual solution, nothing will work out.

But God hasn't abandoned anybody who might choose not to see how the circle (Son) solves everything. He still loves them and trusts that they will come to understand and then change their mind. His patience is limitless as he waits for everybody to return to right thinking.

The God in the Bible has chosen Israel as his special love. Even the central Biblical command is flawed - Thou shalt love the Lord with your whole heart. This hints at special love. Rather the true God has chosen non-special love, where everything must be loved equally. This means the love of God must be the same as the love of anything else. If you love God more, then it is special love, and the heart (centre of circle) will not be able to construct the circle. This will result in losing access to the powers of the mind and spirit. The Laws of geometry, just like any law based on truth, must be consistent with the laws of psychology.

The perfection of the idea of non-special love is found in the simple and correct interpretation of the circle and its centre.

 So yes, love the lord your God with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole mind, but also love everything else in the same way.


It would take much more than the fallibility of humans to break the bond of love between God and man. That bond has existed since before the Big Bang, ever since God decided to Create, and to make Man a part of that Creation and entrust him with the task of advancing His plan for the evolution of both Planet and Race. That is Spiritual Love. The Love of GOD.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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(02-08-2013, 04:23 AM)krya Wrote: True love is proven by sacrifice.

It's easy for the mind to say "I love you" , than it is for the heart to mean it. Until that love is proven, words do not mean anything. Love does not need to be spoken, it needs to be proved. It needs to be felt. One can keep his mouth shut, and still prove love. For example, God doesn't need to tell us that he loves us, because he's  given us proves, which is life, and it doesn't need religious books to read to understand that. But of course if you start to read, you will know more about what God did to prove his love; he sacrificed a part of himself, which is Christ, in order to create and keep the universe alive.

This is my first time here and i just want to say that I’m very happy to be here and to share my opinion.
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This is awesome! Thank you Smile
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(02-08-2013, 04:23 AM)krya Wrote: True love is proven by sacrifice.

It's easy for the mind to say "I love you" , than it is for the heart to mean it. Until that love is proven, words do not mean anything. Love does not need to be spoken, it needs to be proved. It needs to be felt. One can keep his mouth shut, and still prove love. For example, God doesn't need to tell us that he loves us, because he's given us proves, which is life, and it doesn't need religious books to read to understand that. But of course if you start to read, you will know more about what God did to prove his love; he sacrificed a part of himself, which is Christ, in order to create and keep the universe alive.

All Believers say "I love God", All Mystics say "I love my higher self" but not all of them prove it. The proof of love is a sacrifice. One need to sacrifice something of himself to show love. Like the mother who is ready to sacrifice everything for his baby, or some animals who will die to protect their family.
And how many believers of today will sacrifice themselves for God? Very few.

Love is God and can be experienced
Love is God, everybody know that, but who knows what is God? Nobody. Because God is something we cannot explain nor define, whatever we will say about him is what he is not, and what we will not say about him is what he is. So at our human level, the closest answer our mind can come up with is to say: God is the unknown. What we do not know is what God is. However he is something we can experience, we can feel as bliss, and many spiritual people in the history of human kind have truly felt God. God is then a state of conscience, of feeling alive, what the religious of Buddhism call the Buddha for example is that state of conscience we call God. So our heart can know things that our mind can't explain. Love manifests in our heart (our feelings and desires); God is experienced as Joy, as bliss in our heart. Whenever we love something or someone, it's God loving through us. So we experience God by loving. love always have that property of sacrificing, just like it sacrificed Christ. when it manifests in us, it will try or force you to sacrifice something for what you love, you will see yourself naturally sacrificing time, energies, money ... It's even through those sacrifices that we can measure our love for something or someone. Therefore as long as we are unable to sacrifice something of ourselves for something or someone, we may say whatever we want but the truth is we do not love yet.

The manifestation of Love as a spiritual motivation
Now love exist at different degrees. And depending on the degree of love we have, we manifest different sorts of sacrifices. When the degree of love is spiritual, we could manifest disinterestedness or altruism. In an old articles, I compared the degree of love to the physical temperature. Yes because that's what love is in the physical world. Love can change like temperature, when that temperature goes down, we feel cold (unhappiness), when it rises, we feel hot (happiness). Happiness and unhappiness are both expressions of the same thing Love. Happiness is love at a higher degree and unhappiness is love at a lower degree. But the more we rise our inner temperature (love) the more we approach true love (God). True love is felt as a very warm feeling. You will hear many mystics talking about the spiritual fire; that fire has nothing to do with the external fire, but it's an expression of spiritual motivation. Every human who had been touched by that fire have testified it to be an exciting desire for God. I believe everyone here have felt it sometimes, even for some time only. There are times when you are so motivated, excited about spiritual things, that you feel a very strong desire, an urge, a push to pray, meditate, read. A desire that makes you say things like "God I want to serve you, I promise to obey you"; You become so on fire that you make plans and goals for your spiritual life, you schedule what type of exercise to do, you practice like crazy, and think about spiritual matters all the time. If you have felt that, then you know what that fire is like. At the beginning it comes and goes; that's why we loose faith, and pause our spiritual life from time to time. But then later, it settles down in our heart to live it continuously.

In all religion, it's all about love; it's preached to Love, always Love. To my mind, that advise is only effective if they also give us the method on how to develop that love. As the first time I was told to develop love, I was confused because I didn't know what to do to develop love? a feeling? No idea; It's normal that believers continue to hate, since they do not know what love is and surely not how to develop it. In many people in the society, Love is only noticed as the attraction between couples in love relationships. And for some few others love is that fact of helping people. They are not totally wrong, there are sure some love in that; whether it is pleasure or Joy, it's still God. But Pleasure is the lowest manifestation of God in human heart, while Joy is a better manifestation of God. Did you know that the tears of joy contains a love vibration? And so best is not to remove the tears of Joy (if you happen to have them during a laugh, or before something joyful for example), let them dry on your face, as they holds the vibrations of the love of God in them.

Sacrifice maintains life (the spirit).
There are different degrees of love, and we can tell the kind of love someone has in his heart, by looking at the kind of sacrifices he makes. Look around you, people do sacrifice all the time so others can live in the society. We all manifest from time to time some signs of generosity, we would travel miles for someone, we would walk in the rain to buy food for our dog, we go everyday to work for our family, we even would do the worse things just to please our partners; When there's an accident somewhere you see ambulances and fire fighters running for help; there's a war or flood in a country, and other countries rush to help; Many die in the place of others. Also In the history of religion, there's been all kind of sacrifices, mostly animals were offered as sacrifice to "God". In some traditions human beings were also sacrificed (Some of those cruel rituals still exist today and done secretly behind door in the black secrets societies). Sacrifice is at the core of creation, of life, of survival. Everything in the universe do acts of sacrifice, even in our body, where some cells have to die so that new ones can come to life. It is always through sacrifice that life is possible. So sacrifice happens in all regions of the visible world but also in regions of the invisible world, in our thoughts and our feelings. The sacrifices we make inside of us are millions times greater than the sacrifice made outside. The sacrifice of oneself (sacrifice of something inside of us) to God cannot be compared to any sacrifice made outside of us, It can't even be compared to the sacrifices human beings do for each other.

And it should be said, sacrifices of animals do not please God, especially not the sacrifices of human beings. Instead of sacrificing the physical animals, humans should learn how to sacrifice their inner animals (the animals of the heart), which represent vices or weaknesses. And just like people used to properly select the kind of animals needed to be sacrificed, humans must now find those selected animals in the heart and sacrifice them for their inner Christ. For example in ancient Egypt, the Bull API used to be sacrificed, the bull blood was believed to fertilize the earth; Now Inside of us, the bull is the uncontrolled sexual desire, when sacrificed, it will fertilize our inner earth, meaning it make of us spiritual living grounds (bodies). And there are plenty of other kinds of animals in us to sacrifice to get spiritual results.
[Image: 290wx1l.gif]

Also one need to know how to go about sacrificing the inner animals which are in fact our inner impurities. An impurity is a vice or weakness. To sacrifice them is not to kill them, we simply change their state. In the outside world, those animals are domesticated and used to assist us in life. That's what exactly need to happen in us too. To sacrifice our inner animals, is to educate them how to behave better so they can work for us. Anger for example is a state of an inner animal, but once we've domesticated (educated) that animal, it changes state, it becomes patience. It's the same for the rest of animals, Lies must change to truth, fear must change to courage... When you sacrifice a branch of tree to the fire for example, the branch doesn't disappear totally, but it changes state, it becomes bright and it identifies itself to fire.

In the future, humans will study a spiritual zoology, a study of our inner animal kingdom, people will find out for example how some animals that fly and live in the air correspond to the vices of the mental body. Some animals in oceans correspond to the vices of our astral body, and some animals on the surface of earth correspond to vices of our physical body; Then people will understand what Genesis truly means about "Adam had power over animals in the garden".

We do certain things in the outside world which correspond exactly to spiritual principles, the only problem is we do not bother trying those things inside of us. I've seen the benefits of self-sacrifice in what we call sunbathing; see, in order to sunbath, people expose themselves to the sun heat, and remove their cloths, then only the heat of the sun can change the color of the skin to give it a health glow and provide vitamin D, increase blood circulation, balance hormones. All that also happens in our inner world, when exposed ourselves to the spiritual heat. The inner sun is the spirit (the higher self), the heat is spiritual love, our cloths are the vices to sacrifice. It's only when our cloths are removed (Vices removed) that we can feel the sun heat (the love of God). Our skin (aura) will change colors (the colors of the aura) and be filled of vitamins (Powers). when we remove the cloths we see another kind of cloth, A Vice and a Virtue are both cloths of the soul, The vice correspond to the physical cloth, and the virtue correspond to the skin.

There's a fear in people to engage in a spiritual life. The fear to sacrifice something that give them pleasure(thier happiness). The fear that they might suffer from privations. But unfortunately something still need to die in us for our spirit can grow. To maintain the manifestation of life of the spirit, the soul (the matter) needs to sacrifice. Just like to maintain a fire, we need to throw at it matters (dry branches); or in order to maintain the fire of the candle, the solid part of the candle (matter) must keep sacrificing. No sacrifice no spiritual life. That fear can be removed when the love for spirituality get involved.

But how can someone love something if he is not attracted to it and how will he be attracted by it if he sees no profit for it? We do not sacrifice for the hell of it, we sacrifice because there's a great joy in doing so, a joy for being in control of our inner life, the joy of finally noticing the spirit manifestations in us. Not to mention the joy to see all the psychic abilities our spirit provide to our soul.

Disinterestedness is defined as a virtue of someone who does things without any expectation of interest, of benefits. I think that's not true. Do you believe it's possible for a human to really do something without any interest? I don't think so, There's always a profit behind anything we do, for pleasure, for fun, for an idea... Maybe our dictionaries should change the disinterestedness definition to "a virtue of someone who does things for a spiritual interest". When the interest is material (is not spiritual) then it becomes selfishness. The interest is what drive humans. We go wherever there's interest. If you tell people to engage in a spiritual life, they will first see what is the interest; and they are right, why should we waste our time on something that doesn't have an interest? Why am I going to meditate if there's no profit? while I could be doing something profitable? It happens that people start a spiritual life by moral obligations, or they are forced to do so, and because the obligation here is the reason behind it, you will notice that these kind of people sooner or later stop spirituality or simply do not progress much, because they do not have the love for it. They will not be able to make sacrifices since love is missing.
We love the value, the profits, the benefits of things, not the forms of the things. This is why it's necessary to understand the benefits of a spiritual life, because then we will love it, and the more you see profits behind it, the more your love increases and it invites you to do sacrifices easily without fear. you will be willing to sacrifice anger, jalousie, sensuality etc because of your love for the spiritual benefits.

Therefore, Disinterestedness is a sacrifice of our heart impurities for a spiritual desire. That spiritual desire could be a desire to become a true son of God, a desire to feel the love of God, a desire to see oneself one day among the angels, a desire to rule certain planets in our galaxies one day. The desire over the mastery of matter, a desire to become rich and powerful spiritually, a desire for wisdom etc. If you can enjoy sacrificing anger, jalousie, sensuality etc for those kind of desires, then you know how to develop Love. Because to develop love is to prove it.

Love and light
This was very profound and promoted true knowledge until you conflated genuine love with gain.

Christ is the Way and the Truth.

Though self sacrifice is true; is it really sacrifice if you do it in expectation of something better?

We do for the sake of all and the desire to please our LOVE

I had read maybe half and had to stop to take care of something. I left thinking that you where indeed as one crying in the wilderness.

Upon completion I was unfortunately certain that you now, at this time, are not.

yet still;

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Sorry if the end of post made you feel so. But that is just what I think not necessary the absolute true, I'm humain. 

In my poor observation, I can see that we humans are still incapable of true love. We do try but there is lots of room for improvement. I think we should not defend our lower nature. It is imperfect and it should be exposed.  That nature always expect something in one way or the other. Even when we pay God, it is because  we want something from him. That seems to be rooted in the lower nature. So if we cannot change that at least we should try to rather expect purity, blessing... 

In my opinion maybe only God can truly love, can truly sacrifice without any hidden expectation, because it has no lower ego, it is rich and perfect so it expect nothing from the poor beings to who it sacrifices.

Well, I shared my opinion, and I never said my view was to please everyone. I'm glad you also shared yours. And I respect it.

The best way to share and stay in harmony is to stay open minded. To read without judgement, without even attacking the writer, but to rather  reply or  write what you know is true for you. 

Let's just continue sharing. Its up to each reader to use the  discernment to take what feels right and leave what feels wrong. 

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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