(01-27-2018, 04:27 AM)krya Wrote: @postthebuilder 

Sorry if the end of post made you feel so. But that is just what I think not necessary the absolute true, I'm humain. 

In my poor observation, I can see that we humans are still incapable of true love. We do try but there is lots of room for improvement. I think we should not defend our lower nature. It is imperfect and it should be exposed.  That nature always expect something in one way or the other. Even when we pay God, it is because  we want something from him. That seems to be rooted in the lower nature. So if we cannot change that at least we should try to rather expect purity, blessing... 

In my opinion maybe only God can truly love, can truly sacrifice without any hidden expectation, because it has no lower ego, it is rich and perfect so it expect nothing from the poor beings to who it sacrifices.

Well, I shared my opinion, and I never said my view was to please everyone. I'm glad you also shared yours. And I respect it.

The best way to share and stay in harmony is to stay open minded. To read without judgement, without even attacking the writer, but to rather  reply or  write what you know is true for you. 

Let's just continue sharing. Its up to each reader to use the  discernment to take what feels right and leave what feels wrong. 

Love and light.
I may have been a little harsher than really intended friend.

I spent too much time with people who look to cut before even knowing what another is trying to say wholly. I can be guilty of the same at times perhaps.
May we grow in the love of Truth together by the will of GOD.

I am sorry for the excess.

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