True meditation is a trip to the space

True meditation is a trip to the space

Today I'd like to elaborate on the few words I wrote 5 years ago (in 2012) in a thread titled "Meditation on the silence".
Quote:"The silence zone is like the space of our galaxy.
The earth planet is our lower self ,
the space is the inner silence,
and the sun is the true self. "

Many of who I've practiced meditation with, reported that on different occasions, they felt such a great sense of peace, a peace produced by a very silent mind. And even more to that, many have witnessed a strong flash white light on their closed eyes during that wonderful state of meditation. Few other people who are out of my circle also reported to have seen the white light during their prayers, a prayer followed by a silent mind;

I describe that great silent mind state like being in an empty space. A space without air. If you have never gone in the Space either by a rocket ship or by astral travel, it may not be too clear for you what it feels like to be in the space. But it's okay, because you can still experience it with a silent meditation. On earth, some areas like the mountains and deserts, can give you a sense of silence. But I must say that no silence on earth can be compared to the one found among the stars. The reality we see around us is also within us. Everything which is outside is also inside. All those planets and the space, are also found within us. No doubt we can reach the inner stars space and experience the great silence and the light we find there.

[Image: meditation1.jpg]

The scientists of our time will agree with esoteric people on one point. The air on our planet allows sounds. In other words, sounds travel through air. In the space where there is almost no air, if not only thin air, mostly particles of hydrogen, sounds will struggle to travel. So although there is a lot going on in the space, movement and collisions, you hear nothing. Your ears are basically useless there Smile. However you can see more. Your eyes are needed in the space, without your ears you need your eyes widely open to check around.Smile. Okay, then understand that the same thing happens when we reach the space through our silent meditation. Because of the absence of air in the mind ( air = thoughts), you experience deep silence.

So we can reach an empty space in the mind where there is no air through our meditation. We can travel to the space via meditation. From there we can learn how our planet earth and other planets behave. In the inner space, our consciousness floats above the uncertainty of our thoughts (mental body or Mercury planet), above the emotional pain ( astral body or Moon) and the unbalanced instinct movements of our physical body (planet earth). From that inner space, we can see all that. You can take my words for it, because I've been there. We feel separate from all planets ( from bodies). There is no air, so we hear nothing (no ordinary thoughts, no inner dialog). And we can see ( see = understand) at lot at once.

In our everyday conversation, we use the expression "I see", to sometimes mean "I understand". So subconsciously we already know the relation between the understanding and the sight Smile. And yes there is a relation between them. Of all the senses of knowledge, the sight and to hearing are both our greatest tools of knowledge. Because they let us know about the most subtle type of matter : light and sound. 

[Image: song-of-earth-2-nasa-space-sounds-e1484741100325.jpg]

Sounds are more powerful on earth, and light more powerful in the space. Sounds travel faster in the 3 elements : earth, water, air. It's faster in solid matter, it looses its speed in water, and slows down in the air,  then it starts to struggle in fire, then it completely freezes in the empty space. And it's the complete opposite for light. From it's etheric source (which some esoteric have referred to as "The black sun"), light travels at an unknown speed, then it finally spits out of the visible sun, and still travels fast through the space. When it reaches planet earth, it goes through a series of speed decrease. First start slowing down in the atmosphere (air), slows a little more in the oceans (water), and then struggles to navigate the earth ( the undergrounds ). So as you can see, the best field of light is the empty space and the best field of sound is the matter. Then Sounds belongs to earth (or the matter), and light belongs to the sun (or the space). Sounds relates to the hearing and the sight relates to the light. Our inner hearing is our ability of understand the material things, our inner sight is our ability to understand the spiritual things.

We cannot deny the fact we have an eye within our soul. Otherwise what makes us see none visible things like "Opinions"? Look, you are giving an opinion, and someone says "I see". :Smile . That reply says it all. It proves that that someone has a special eye which sees invisible things like "Opinions" :Smile . It's amazing! well, maybe not to you, but it is to me. More amazing it becomes to find out that we even have all the other senses like the hearing and the smell, and the taste, and the touch within our soul. Yes we do. Our Etheric body (vitality) has the touche sense , our astral body (feelings) has the taste and smells, our mental body (thoughts) also has a bit of the smell and more of the hearing, and our causal body hears and sees, our buddic body is the original sight, the atmic body has it all, all the senses at once. We use those sense everyday without really being aware of them. We tend to always think of everything as coming from our physical body. No. Our ability to understand the truth from the lies for example is not something in the physical brain; this is from our causal body (our intuition). Our ability to understand the details of concrete things is from the logical mind ( the mental body). 

So there are 2 forms of understanding. One which comes from the mental body (the hearing) and the other which comes from the causal body and buddic body (the sight). While our mental body deals with inner sounds, our causal body deals with light. While our mental body works in the material world, our causal body works in the space, in the spiritual world. During the silence of your meditation, you may either understand via the mental body or the causal body. When you cogitate, when you do a reasoning meditation, using thought sounds, you are mostly using your mental body at that moment. When however you become silent, when there is no more thought sounds, that's when you reach the inner space, the causal body.

Now what? Are we going to stop with the mental (mental body) work, because it works on the matter? While you want to work in the spiritual worlds? :Smile , Absolutely not. We need both at work. In fact the mental body is closer to the causal body, the work on the mental body can take you to the causal body. We just need to know how to handle this agitated mental body (mind, thoughts) of ours. 

We need to learn how to go from million thoughts to just one thought, then from one thought to no thoughts. It's not wise to go from a million number to 0 number. We go from million to one thought by training our mind to meditate on one subject at a time. Then to move from one thought  to zero thoughts, we need to learn to meditate on abstract thoughts. For meditating on abstract subjects, you soon realize that you don't need mind words anymore, you don't need thought sounds anymore to understand the subject of your meditation. That's when thoughts disappear from your head during a meditation while you continue understanding at a higher level. That's the safe way to get to the space of your inner solar system. Mental silence cannot be forced.

Spiritual literature says that we can hear the voice of God when we enter the silent mind. It's true. But only if we also understand that God's voice is different to human voice in the sense that it doesn't travel the matter very well. Like the light, God's voice is stronger in the spiritual world (the sun and space) and very weak in the material world (earth).  We may only see (understand) God's voice from the space (the causal world). And we may only hear (analytically, scientifically understand) God's voice in the mind (mental world).

It's also said that the words of God created the universe. Well, this original words, this original sound is nothing like our physical sounds. These words of God are the only sounds capable of travelling the empty space of the universe. It is light. The Light from which all forms of sounds (thoughts and vocal sounds) came from. 

It's also said that we have a 3rd ear which allows us to hear the voice of God, or to have intuitions in general. It's true. This ear belongs to the causal body too. But it is the part of the causal body which touches the mental body to transport the spiritual messages. So although our ordinary mental body can hear, it can't hear the finest, divine sounds, meaning the early conversion of light into sounds. The 3rd ear is that very part of the causal body which converts lights (spiritual information) into sounds (thoughts). This is even what intuition is. A conversion of light into sound in the mind. Then if you want to think deeper about it, you notice that this 3rd ear of the causal body is both at the same time : an Ear and an Eye. It sees light and converts it in order to hear it. Did you also know that our throat does the same, it converts thoughts into vocal voices. It's not by chance our throat chakra is linked to our causal body. It links the head (the space, the spiritual) with the body (the matter). 

Our mind is built to hear (understand) concrete information, and our causal mind is built to see (understand) abstract information. Anything which starts and stops, can be properly understood by our mind. And whatever has no stops, whatever is eternal can only be properly understood by our causal mind (intuitive mind). That's why people in general understand better when they are explained things using concrete examples. When you start speaking of symbols and principles, of the cosmos, of the limitless, of eternity, there you loose them immediately :Smile Why? because they only use their inner ear most of the time. If they could also open their inner eye, they would understand and become interested in the spiritual, mystic reality. For now, they confuse the inner hearing with the inner sight. They believe they can see, while in fact they can only hear. Let's rise up high in the atmosphere of our planet to hear less of the noise of earth society (worries, anxieties, emotional pains...), but let's not just stop there, let's rise up higher again out of the atmosphere this time, out into the space to go beyond the inner hearing and expand our inner sight.

Love and light.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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What can I say but thank you Smile
"You mess with me, I lighten you"
Awesome Admin
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I would love to meditate more, at my groups Monday....I never took it serious before but this Monday she gave us wraggs with facial oil on them and it was a good mediation.

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Beautiful.  Heart

Music to my ears. Thank you =)
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