Unconscious-mind manifests from the level of sensational-awareness, weaker sensational-awareness is against own emotion stronger unconscious-mind, but the most important is to understand sensation/emotion as the same energy of the psyche. Sensation/emotion represent the same essence and cannot separate, unconscious-mind cannot leave sensational-awareness behind and escape, but takes part of it with and polarizes psyche.

In other words, each time we think about another, one half of sensational-awareness identifies with the object of thinking and reflects back to another. Thus the both lose true identity and until reflection goes on I do not know who really am, but become what I reflect.

Power of emotion over sensation polarizes own awareness into I and another, me and outer world, however, non of them are real and the both disappear as sensational-awareness maintains emotion and identifies clear and loving self. 

Gela Kirvalidze, the one I appear to be does not exist without outer world, but who am I depends on what and how I reflect. Gela Kirvalidze is unconscious creation, and without another has no life, but when sensational-awareness is strong to maintain emotion, Individual Identity frees from reincarnation and leaves this world behind.

Stronger sensational-awareness becomes, reflects consciously and defines own self by will, but until we are in here reflection never stops and is necessary.