Understanding the Transformation

Understanding the Transformation
We are in the midst of a great Transformation.  But it’s not what most people were expecting.  For many, the Transformation was going to shift all of humanity in an instant.  We would be in this third dimensional reality and then, suddenly, we would be in a new fifth dimensional paradigm.  In fact, a friend recently confessed, “We didn’t think it would be like this.”  So, what happened?
Channeled messages are often limited, inviting us to fill in the blanks, but transforming the message in the process.  This leads us to interpret spiritual communication based on our limited understanding.  This has happened over the millennia and we are at a juncture, the end of a cycle, causing a reset to occur, bringing everything back in balance.  We are experiencing the culmination of all misperceptions that have occurred up to the closing of this cycle.
This period of time brings a rebalancing of our thoughts, spiritual truths, and our understanding of our purpose here on Mother Earth.  It encompasses not only the balancing of all of Earth’s scientific fields, but that of all galactic and universal bodies and fields.  The transformation is bigger than anyone could have imagined, creating an evolution to a higher expression of all thinking processes and all mass to support a higher transference of thought in an expansion of universal consciousness.
While it will seem as though everything will change in an instant, the moment where our reality shifts will be equivalent to a crescendo of various instruments playing in a long orchestral piece, vibrationally attuning everything in its path.  Let’s back up a minute.
December 21, 2012 was brought into our consciousness through the deciphering of the Mayan calendar.  The Mayans had been taught an elaborate system for keeping track of various cycles.  Noticing similar events would occur on certain days, they projected forward, making predictions for future events.  But why did those predictions suddenly come to an end, perpetuating the idea that the world was coming to an end?  Because it had come to an end of a much greater cycle.  Knowing that our reality was going to change in the next grand cycle, they were unable to predict what would come next.
Earth has come to completion of a larger cycle, which lasts 25, 986 of our Earth years.  It does not relate to time as it is understood universally.  The Transformation is the period of transition between one grand cycle and the next.  It is a rebalancing of everything that is out of balance and upgrading matter to start a new cycle, aligned to a higher vibration.  Even subatomic structure is changing to some degree to support a new physical manifestation of a higher value that is able to better communicate with All That Is.  This is to exponentially push humanity forward in understanding and spiritual abilities to more closely mirror that of other universal beings.
The purpose of all of creation is that of ever-expanding spiritual and intellectual understanding.  Universal laws dictate this movement to ensure the expanding conscious value of All That Is.  All That Is is the variable totality of all consciousness at any given moment.  Conscious movement occurs when we share information, changing the total conscious value.
As we muddle through our existence on Earth, we are contemplating our events and we are receiving spiritual communication that helps bring clarity to our confusion. But we often do not recognize it as such and usually attribute it completely to our own thoughts.  Channeling, the communication that takes place between another entity and our higher selves and is interfaced by the physical self, brings new understanding of our spiritual being.  That communication travels on strings of charged atoms, called plasma cords, within the atmosphere.  To upgrade the communication system, there has to be a restructuring of subatomic matter.  Our physical bodies also have to be upgraded within its neurological and chemical systems to be able to receive, or receive to a higher degree, this spiritual communication.  So, all mass is going through a subatomic change.
This is a period of time where the destruction of one way of life gives way to a new and higher way of life expression.  It is the collapse of many institutions that we have created forcing us to reinvent a new way of doing business.  We can expect that our financial, educational, governmental, spiritual systems, etc., to drastically change. 
Peace rules when everyone understands the more expansive truth.  Our infighting directly correlates to the fact that the truth no longer exists, everyone holding their own truth, but no one holds the universal truth.  So, this is a time that is calling out our misperceptions, forcing us to do our own homework as we try to find the truth, correcting our thoughts and beliefs as we piece together the facts we are gathering in the process.  This is the introduction of the new conceptual learning for mankind, the collecting of information, connecting the dots, to see the bigger picture.  We are moving away from the perceptual learning of the past into our future as conceptual beings.
Our physical neurochemical systems must go through a transformation to be able to process a higher level of information.  This change enables the nervous system to work more efficiently, making the connections between various data we have collected in our new conceptual learning.  The incoming cosmic rays, beginning around 2010, are transforming our DNA to various degrees, depending on our exposure, creating a new “gamma race.”  New DNA expression is also occurring within our children, ushering in a New Age of more gifted humans.  This is done in stages: the endigot (not indigo) came first, now the blue ray children are being introduced.  In the future the magniferious children will come, bringing exceptional abilities to the human race.  All changes will bring humanity’s abilities forward to more closely mirror that of other universal beings, opening up a new era where we will, once again, have a teacher-student relationship with others not from here.  Our physical bodies have to change to be able to process the information that will be given to us in the future.
The universe is rebalancing.  New learning spheres are being created.  Orbits have to be changed.  Earth’s axis will shift, causing a shift in the ocean waters to create balance.  New waves of energy are coming in from the universe, causing much volcanic and earthquake activity.  Earth’s surface will be reconfigured, presenting a new classroom for humanity, focused on the natural world and Universal Laws and Concepts.  Rain patterns and weather will change, eventually set to create a warmer, more tropical climate for a period of time before a later cooling off arrives.
We are under tremendous change: universal changes, Earth changes, molecular change, physical change, societal change.  All this has been occurring for some time, yet, for most, it goes unnoticed.  We are in the midst of the Transformation.  It is not an easy task and it is stressful to all.  All fields are being corrected and upgraded as we speak.  To be clear, we are not moving into the fifth dimension.  We will be moving into the shadow of the next dimension, to be prepared for the next dimension.  Even so, when all is lined up, the shift occurs and it is then that it will seem like it happened in an instant.
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The Changes that are pending will cost some their property. The Understanding they share; willingly or unwillingly will sup-up the generations that may or may not do the better for the generations to come. The question about transformation is not what mankind may does; but what it will become to. The conditions wherein the Next generations comes is neither fearful nor to consider seen good triumphs over the bad, since Ancients history is ever observed. But by the notion of them who are thus crucified for the sake of the masses; Their reality shifts with the masses to a new born babe in the midst of this war that the world in their reptilian age contemplates to destroy the children of em. Through this we apprehend but the Changes of transformation; and see the prediction of what politically is made in vice. Through this stance we witness of what Generations may come in the beings that are formed. In many vices, it is a burden on them. To Many Vices it is a burden to them who raise, But in no wise is it a burden to them who Give up their Lives to Raise the Generations that took on Transformation. Some are theirfore behind, by the Notion that the Hierarchy chooses Whom they may Raise and whom they may decline. As a Notion to this the World is still unjust and still in the burden of the worlds that have not changed of the reptilian age. Their minds are ever concepting in the Killing of man in the vice of the War and Jihad that they struggle in the external Realm. Unlike the (Virtuous) Teachings, they Study/learn not themselves to be approved; By growing into wholesome people, But attain the notion that war and killings is a just notion even in the entity of anger against a neighbor without a cause. Be it even in the forms of anyother notion; they Conpulate with Demonic Entities in their freetime; unjustly stripping the good of theirn an others purity. So whereas they strive for survival, them who are the whole notion of the raising vibrations suddenly are slaughtered for the masses whom they wish too benefit; but in the contrary through the demise and deception suddenly came to despise. 
The World is still unjust and is still in the borders of the realms that communities embark. Theirfore do the Lower realm and higher realms not collide, seen that the vice to the vice of another are not to entangle. Light has not part of Darkness neither darkness with light, but in all forms comes a Generations that is neither black nor light. What of them who stand amidst the war that is lingered between them two who force the balance to be balanced. 
Do Lights notice the notion of them who fight the good war of faith. It is easy to speak on celestial Changes that come across the hemisphere and horizon; But a feat often left out of too and towards them who make it happen in the reality of mankind. The Premise of them Who Kill and are Killed daily is as night in day. the Summation/Sum of the World is ever groaning to come to the Fulfillment of the Children of the gods; but devilic entities are amidst the world ever tempting the sons of god. So whereas i welcome change in general; the world does not care for the change but for gains and entertainments they may get. the world is out for their own and for their sake, rather for all who especially should gain some sort of recognition in their battle against the Darkness of their realm.

Understanding Transformation; the Cost of it is more to some then the others. The Justice they see might never reach their lifetime. However of a manner it is pleasant to the world of new gains. The ones that speak for the worlds and theirn justification; are many. But the ones that do and stand against the world's and their corruption are few.

However of a Case, the Changes that are ahead are Grant through the seen witness. But the justification of the ones spend, should be greater, cuz of Justice is the whole cause of transformation that at the end of the Day, by all dimensions we may stand amidst other creations; in the like of gigantic tree sized up a man in the size of ants.

Nature and the Nature of Man: 

Whereas your post is written neat and informative, i must still place it back into it's spot wherein nature and the world are at an ever given play. The depiction of what conscious change to mankind might bring, is immense in all it's depiction. Will Mankind find favor with the ancient (gods) to raise humanity into it's rightful depiction. The Direction wherein the industrial age has placed the world into, might succumb into a Reptilian Age anewed and [once] anewed again. This form of force will Destroy countless lives and mass generations into the notions that the war they fought is a righteous. Does transformation then be used for the better or, for the worse. In all the hype of excitement - we forget that this is still the battle at the given time; wherein good battles the vice of evil. In many Generations it is seen visually by the lives that daily live. Whereas we conclude and surmise this into statements that speak differently of verdict depiction, we all know that the world holds grasp of the lives it breathe's; in however of a manner it might do, That is the Question. With Stance: Political, Economic and Climate; Deterioration at given rates cause the world to plunge into it's given direction, Theirfore seen the Excitement of it - It is just as unexcited - seen what good is placed in the world will cause "what bad" in the world will be gifted. The better the image of the world is, the worse the people r internally. This is for they have not washed out themselves their internal essence of karma; Their Just due. So we Witness Countless deaths and injustice of the unspeakable, grinding the weaker away of the life they hold in the peaceful state they profess towards the People of the worlds. The dog eat dog mentality that the world holds devise evil at it's core. Whereas Transformation so is necessary, The internal Essence is also to be maintained; ... no vice is given; a grasp that all m"atters".

Just thought how ants and nature works and how humanity is in the likes of them; working in the nest for a kingdom that by the foot of an elephant is stumped into nothing more then a floor. Water comes in and flushes the remainder of their lives. The Universe is playing a chess with us, ever given good in the vice with evil; and evil in the vice of good. Sometimes it's as if G-d or the gods are watching a game they know already well to well the end of it; Dinosaurs were whipped out, and a new creation came into the world. How much time humanity has left to make a mark in this whole creation is questionable. But whereas souls live eternally, so does the evil they do. What then is man that the Creator should be mindful of them. Perchance the times are at change and the world truly turns for the better. Yet how many casualties has it yet to b taken to cause humanity to find the right way? Thanks again for your Post KentandReneeMiller. It was amusingly good & informative.
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