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Unfulfilled karma ?

Hello everyone , 
Today I have come with a question  .   
  If one person has this constant feeling that she needs to fullfil certain unfinished work of a person who is  dead  , how can it be  explained ??
The  dead person had passed through  a lot of hardships during her lifetime and  died an extremely violent death and she had a great responsibility  at the time of her death . She did a number of mistakes , the consequence of which was faced by many people.  
But the person who is  feeling the need to continue her work is born 10 years after her death ,  has grown up under life circumstances completely different from  the dead person ( in a better way) . She lived a life that the dead person wishes for herself until now . But at this point , there is a constant pull towards a specific direction of action  and a constant feeling of a need to complete something( though it is not clear what that something is )  . It's the inner feelings that  her destiny would put  her the same path but  this time , she has this chance to make a separate choice or end up like  before .   
How can this whole thing can be analysed ? Can there be real basis to it  or it's just some illusions created by mind ? But if this is an illusion then why it's a particular person ,  or a particular direction ? The feeling is not recent , it's there since she can remember as a child , the deep connection with the dead person , whom she never met , and have no apparent relationship with.  
I know this is a lengthy question , and probably a little bit weird too . But I  wish for your valuable input in this matter and  what should be done next?
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More Details, is very vague in the way your've put it; so it cant be analysed with the information given. If you care to give more input on it in a more concret manner, it might help..

R U WORTh of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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From What i've Gathered; The Person Who Wishes to Fulfill These UnreAlized Desires of Fulfillmet, Has Set Herself into the Foot of Feet of The Person, Who Did Not Get to Fulfill Her Own Desires of Mission At LarGe. It Would Be A Great Deed in Doing, If This Can Be Sought Out ThrOugh, Tho RegArding How DifficUlt it is, or MighT Seem. To ConTinue One's LeGacy, And The Fulfillment of It; ie. Burden. Is To Do GoodNess in The ReAlm of KArma/ Action's of The Past 10 Years PriOr to the FulFillment And ConSumption, For That PArty And The PArty ItSelf. 

It is the passing on the Baton to the Next Person in A Sport Alike Called Relay. That Grant's That Person to Fulfill AnothEr Ones Desire of The Past in her Wishes of Life Fulfilling Race. Whether it is PlAusable And Realistic, That is AnoTher QueStion; But to Pick Up Where AnoTher One Left Off, iS Just As Much A Desire To Be Reckoned On As Any OthEr SuBjecT in Life We Live SinCe All PicK up From A StAndPoint of AnoTher Ones Life. SpiRitUAlly, She Might Have Found An Anchor To Where She Might Able Find A PlAce in Her Life. ReAlisticlly, It DepEnds On Her CirCumStaNce And The Conclusion if it is HEalthy Enought For her to Do so.

In All Reality, if she Found Such anChor; She Might have Found Something Good, a Sense of Calling. And For Most if such is found, it is a Good Thing. But Many Questions will Arise by theiren Peers if they Should Permit that Person to Go Through With this.

In My Consideration, it is Always. A Good Thing. Rarely is a Calling Like that a Bad Thing, Since that Person Will Get to Know Herself in a Deeper MaNNer. This Should not be Objected off. But Then How FAr Willing are You Willing to Let Someone Go into the NeverEVer Land to Find herself Again. So there Peers need to Consider, If they are Willing to Let that Person Seek and Find herself; What she is looking for in That Quest of HErs in.

IF she is financially stable, then i say; Go for it, but if she isn't then thats a story about her support and if they think it is worth of being embarked upon, or on.

On A ContRary, The Person Who Seeks to Fulfill AnoTher Ones UNfulfilled Quest. Is Feeling A Sense oF ReinCarnAtion. If She Truely Feels ThAt Way. No One Should StaNd in Her Way, As This Would Be AgainSt A HiGher Power Then thE Self. It Then Is VitAl ThAt She ConTinues On The PAth to Set ThiS PerSon's KArma ArIGht, As It Is Dear to The PerSon IT/HerSelf. This IS A HigHer Quest And Should Not Be Deteriorated Upon. How To Help, By Giving Time. Depending On That's PerSon Age And IndePenDance.

If she is able to do it on her own, then By All MEans Let her; with the Consideration that her Family be kept in the Light of her Endebra of Finding, But if she is still not of age to embark on it. Then This is more a tricky question as this would go into education and how to raise her up in not forgetting her inquire of That spark she feels so deeply and Dearly in her heart.

Killing it is like Killing a Person. This Comes from a Higher Power and is not to be messed with. So you Might be in a bit of a debacle. I Can't Say More Unless Further Information is given indepth. Elsewise This was My Input, For all i Could,..

A Part of My Advise is Kept in the Dark, Because Going Further into Depth will CAuse her to Lose HEr Sense of Inquiry/ Mission. No Person Should Take That From her, and Tho You Require Answers, This is Not for the Peer's Understanding to be answered For IT Would Reckon Her World of it. You CAnt Know it all; to Give Someone the Space She NEeds to Find Herself. If You Do This, You Go Against her, and IF You Do This You Do Harm. Sometimes it is not for Us to KNow All Things of a Persons Dealing But HAve Faith, In Whatever MAtter. In This CAse, It Might be as Elaborant,But No Different then Another Taking CAre of the Matter Set BEfore HEr. So IF She is Able to Do it on Her Own. Then I SAy let Her.

This is Greater then You Might Think. So Stop Being Rational Over All Things. I Will ONly Comment as Much as Seems Required of it, Since This PErsons Life is More Valuable. Don't Question HEr Desires of it, Just Observe; Perhaps You Can LEarn a Thing or Two About Life.

P.s.: Don't Try to Snatch it From Her for humans tend to do so/that. For I Will have to Cause KArmic Havoc on Your Life; For Greater Good. As Such i Recommend Be A Good ByStAnder And Let it Pass if She is of Age to Deal with it herself.

Much Love, M
R U WORTh of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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Hi. There are a few questions which need to be answered here.
What and how did you know of the person whose work you wish to continue. Were they a family member, how did you come to know of this person, their life and their work?
Do you feel a spiritual attraction to this person? It may be that this person now in spirit has chosen you to fulfil her life here in the physical, or to put something right for her. If this is the case you have the choice to walk away or to do what you feel you need to do. Sometimes we are ‘chosen’ for tasks by others in spirit, this is often unfair as all the details aren’t readily available, but you still have the choice, nothing can force you to do this. Another possibility is that you are that person re-incarnated and so have the feeling that you need to do something. Normally past lives are not remembered in a future incarnation although sometimes they can impact on a current incarnation, and in special circumstances a spirit can re-incarnate with partial knowledge to enable them to ‘finish the job.’
You haven’t said how you know so much about this person. A good spirit medium may be able to answer some questions for you as could a past life regression…but be prepared for some shocks.
This site may not be the place for this discussion, so you can always pm me and we could continue privately if you wish.
What is important is not the right doctrine but the attainment of the true experience. It is giving up believing in belief.
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