I love the question of Virtues and Vices.
So let me share a few of what I think of it.

I'll appreciate if you add in new ideas to it.

In Kabbala tradition, the sepherat called "Tipheret" is seen as the world of Christ, of our true-self, I mean our super conciseness, our spirit or ( whatever you call it, maybe the son of God).
And we all know that's where we are going, to merge with our spirit, so as to make one with him. Our spirit is the combination of all virtues of the whole universe, all those wonderful energies coming from the higher plans
falls into our spirit. That's why our spirit knows everything angels know.

Because our spirit is made Virtues, the more you have them the more you are building your spirit.
Our spirit has a shadow, which is its opposite, the Matter.
Matter is then the sum of all vices, the opposite of virtues.
That means, the more you get vices you more you are building and feeding the matter.

So from here we can define what spirituality is. Spirituality is then all practices that feeds the spirit. And materialism is then all practices that feeds the matter.
And we are constantly either doing spirituality (living the spirit life) or practicing materialism ( living an animal life). Spirituality should also not then be confused as synonyms of meditations and prayers which are simply tools that helps us to get in touch with the spirit, but many more actions can also get us in touch with the spirit, and the practices of virtues are one of them.

There are too many virtues that I just can't cite them, we already know them. And we should also make clear that they are social virtues and spiritual virtues.
social virtues are those virtues that make of us civilized human being in the society. Those are some set of moral rules on how to live with others at home, at work, etc.

And spiritual virtues make of us spiritual being in the spiritual white brotherhood, in the eyes of angels.
just like the social virtues make us accepted in the society, spiritual virtues make us be accepted in heaven, among spiritual beings visible and invisible.

I've seen how people with lots of social virtues, who knows to how to do business, how to work in a work team, who respects, who can manage people, have courage and who can have good speech, succeed in the work environment. And are estimated in the society.
Well the same with people who have spiritual virtues, for those people, disciples, masters and angels and all other spiritual being pay attention to him. They let them participate to great meetings that happen in heaven.

Virtues open doors naturally into the spiritual world.
The more you have them, the more disciples see them in you and they feel like they need to learn from you.

And based on what virtues you have developed, you get a proper spiritual job in the white brotherhood.
All virtues, social or spiritual are good to get, but I'd give priorities to the spiritual virtues. Social virtues can come naturally by simply building more and more spiritual virtues.

Now here's something important.

It will take forever to get all virtues. You can not commit to develop each and every virtue, one by one.
it's an impossible mission. there are too many, you will never get there.
so what you do is you take one virtue, that contains all the virtues and Voila!

Our spirit is the total of all virtues, and he has a virtue where all the other virtues take origin. So you simply get all the others naturally when you keep Harmonie in your thoughts and feelings.
when you don't know what virtue to develop, go for Harmonie.
a virtue is a spiritual being and come dwell in us. And as you know not a single existence is independent. So that spiritual entity will call his brothers and sisters and uncles and friends and they will come give birth in you so you end up having a whole family of entities in you. All these because of only one entity you invited in you.

Let me give you an example:
someone very close to me, wish so much of Harmonie in his feelings and thoughts that I the idea of becoming vigilant come in his head. he practiced Vigilance in him, from that vigilance, came purity in the mind and feelings. And from that purity, came peace, from that peace, came health, from that health, came happiness, from that happiness, came great love, and then love and wisdom started to show up.

I'll finish with saying that. it is not good to stop spirituality once you've gone so far in it.
why? because you simply become so worse when you try to become a normal person.
the same with very bad people when they stop doing bad things, so bad they were, they became very spiritual at the end.
haven't you heard those stories of those guys who used to be a criminal and now has dedicated his life completely to God.
So the best advice is to always try and keep the balance even when we fall in the normal life.
because things might just become worse for us. it's like you reach a 90% degree of perfection and if you fall you will get to 90% degree of non-perfection.