It always intrigue me to discover how science and spirituality connect with each other and translate intuitive knowledge into outer realities. One such case is the phenomenon about telluric energy which gives a wealth of information pertaining to nature and its relation with people. The word ‘telluric’ comes from the Latin word ‘tellūs’ which means “earth”. This energy (telluric energy) is contained within the interior of the planet earth and its current pervades the surface of the planet at a very lower altitude. It can be tapped and used for various purposes such as healing, vitality, fecundity, prosperity and other useful benefits. Telluric currents result from both natural causes and human activity, and are responsible for the shaping of our world as we know it. They travel near the surface of the earth and interact in a very complex pattern to manifest their life giving properties. In places of high telluric power, Mother Nature provides energy and cosmic messages to us, and is also more responsive to meditations, prayers, or incantations. Telluric energy is essentially the power-source of all magic performed on earth by those who know how to handle it. I believe that a correct use of this energy and learning how to control it is a key knowledge which can unlock many secrets and give us a way of living in harmony with Nature as well as help us solve many of our human problems. Let us examine some aspect of this priceless energy and explore its use in ancient as well as in our modern time.

Scientific perspective of telluric energy

Modern physicists have confirmed that all matters in the universe are composed of the same substance which is essentially made of small particles of energy. So energy is the central cornerstone of creation. Everything we see or don’t see is composed of energy. It is energy that holds us together and keeps us apart. Energy is the creative force within all life including that of humanity and the living earth itself. All life on earth is not only created by energy, but it is also made of it, sustained by it, and continually affected by it. The two most intense concentration of energy sources are from the sun and the earth, but they have completely different properties. Scientifically speaking, telluric energy is said to be an electrical current which moves underground or through the sea. It is produced by the rotation of the earth which creates electric currents within the earth’s magma, thereby producing a magnetic field on the surface. The phenomena of telluric currents are induced in the earth’s crust by the effect of solar radiation (mostly from our sun) bombarding the magnetosphere of the earth and causing changes in the outer part of the Earth’s magnetic field.

The best conductors of telluric currents are water, soil, and stones. It is possible to measure the general conductance of a particular place by calculating the magnitude and directions of telluric currents on that location. The life force from telluric energy moves upwards through stones and soil, and is strongest around green plants (most especially on the trees in the forests) and where water flows from beneath the earth such as in spring water falls. Telluric currents flow in the surface layers of the earth and constitute a huge electric potential to exploit. These currents are known to have diurnal characteristics, that is, they flow toward the direction of the sun, and are most potentiated at dawn or twilight. During the sunrise (and sometimes also at sunset), the solar radiation on the surface of earth is optimal, thus creating a perfect condition for the magnetization of telluric currents on the surface, and consequently producing life giving energies on the lower atmosphere that are known to have beneficial effects on the physical/emotional/mental well being. Depending on the environment (elevated areas are best) and on the climate (spring times are best), these energies can be felt and even seen with naked eyes. We don’t know how ancient Egyptians or Sumerians referred to those life giving energies created by the fusion of solar and telluric energy, but we know that ancient Indians called them Prana, while ancient Chinese called them Chi.

Earth Batteries and other uses of telluric energy

Earth batteries are sometimes referred to as telluric generators. They are constituted by a pair of metallic rods made of two dissimilar metals (such as iron and copper) which are buried in the soil or immersed in the sea. These two rods serve as electrodes, and if they are sufficiently apart from one another in such a way that a redox reaction can still take place, they can tap telluric currents which can be transformed into electrical energy we use every day. Telluric energy is not fiction but fact, and it is very likely being used by our power companies to provide some of the electricity we use today but we are being charged for it. I have done a sufficient number of electricity courses in the tertiary, and what astonishes me is the fact that nothing (or very little) is being taught about telluric energy in the academic curriculum, despite the fact that this is a great potential source of free energy that is readily at our disposal! Undecided It definitely seems to me that these are some of the information that is being withheld in our world and about which we are not supposed to know for some obscure reasons. The following YouTube clip demonstrates how electrical potential in the ground can be measured by placing two electrodes in different areas and noticing the voltage differences caused by the oscillation of telluric currents.

Many physicists began experimenting with telluric energy since the late nineteenth century, the most notorious one being Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943). He was the first to believe that earth has standing frequencies developed based on natural phenomena. Tesla regarded the earth as a polished conductor of telluric current that can carry an electrical current wirelessly across great distances without a significant loss of energy. By using the earth as a conductor and via one wire high frequency currents, he managed to send at great distances not only signals but also a large amount of power. Currently, it is estimated that the earth is being used as a wireless energy transmission mean for more or less 30 percent of electricity distribution in many industrialized countries, reducing the higher cost involved in wire distribution. Some people who are knowledgeable in electricity can (and do) track and hack this energy from the ground and supply their homes with stolen electricity this way. Perhaps this is why this knowledge isn’t being publicized? Maybe.

Tesla is credited with many other inventions and mind blowing discoveries in physics and engineering which indicated that he was way ahead of his peer scientists in his understanding of science and technology. This is why he is often regarded as the twenty first century scientist who was born in the nineteenth century. As far as telluric energy is concerned, Tesla is quoted saying that "if you have a circuit that can resonate at the same frequency as the planet, you can pull up as much power from under your feet as you wish by simply having the right frequency in your antenna". I wonder what the governments of this world are waiting for in order to take advantage of such a handy commodity and supply their people with free energy!

Ley Lines and Ancient understanding of telluric energy

Telluric energies are emitted through an electro-magnetic grid of energy flow called ley lines. These lines cover the whole planet earth in complex pattern, and the places where several convergent ley lines intersect are called Vortex Energy Points (VEP). There are several VEP around the planet, some being more potent than others according to the number of convergent ley lines they have as well as the magnitude of those lines. These VEP sites have a high magnetic value compared to other places on the globe, and they produce powerful spirals of energy. There is a tremendous amount of telluric power that can be felt around such places. Some of these key points of planet earth also act like portals to other dimensions of reality, but most of them have become inactive over the years while a few others are still active. The lands containing them were often designated as sacred sites by many ancient cultures who often built temples in those living landscapes. This may be one of the reasons why many different tribes or nations continuously fought each other for the control of territories containing such valuable sites. The Middle East is a notorious case, especially one popular place called Jerusalem, which has been the object of relentless disputes since very ancient times till today. The Christians, Jewish and Mohammedans all claim legitimacy of Jerusalem as their holy land, and they each formulated numerous religious myths in their respective holy books in order to substantiate these claims. But the fact is that none of their claims is truthful. Jerusalem has been the object of continuous dispute because it is one of the few sites on this planet which contains the biggest portal still active till today. So whoever controls such a hot spot has a great cosmic leverage over his adversaries, and this is surely the hidden reason behind the ongoing fightings in the middle east, of which those fighting know nothing about.

[Image: 34g12k2.png]

The electromagnetic currents identified by the grid of vortexes and ley lines also define the barometric pressure of the atmosphere as well as the weather patterns. They can also determine areas of geomagnetic strength on the globe, and fracture zones within the tectonic plates which frequently release a large amount of heat and cause various seismic and volcanic activities on the surface. And when powerful telluric currents travel trough the sea, they produce a phenomenon called El Nino. Satellites data usually indicate that before a large earthquake strikes, the total number of electrons in the ionospheres increase dramatically above the epicenter. Animals can be used as earthquake predictors because they have the natural ability to sense the changes in the local electro-magnetic field prior to a major earthquake, and that is why they often display unusual behaviors during such times. I have done a bit of research on this subject and have found that on February 4th 1975, the Chinese government successfully evacuated the city of Haicheng several hours before a 7.3 magnitude earthquake stroke, largely on the basis of unusual animal behavior observation. Some humans too have the ability to sense the atmospheric changes prior to an earthquake and they report the physical effects of that sensation to include dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, strange dreams and even visions. Ancient people had accurate knowledge about telluric energy and all its applications in nature and personal well beings.

Stone structures and other energy devices

Standing stones positioned above a fissure or above an underground stream, and that are placed side by side in geometric pattern(such as a circle) can act like a prism which sends a wide stream of energy waves along a particular direction chosen by the builders. The most intriguing case of this is Stonehenge, which was built by the Druids many thousands years ago. Up to now this site is still baffling researchers who are confused about the true purpose of its construction. There is an ancient tradition of builders from megalithic times who appeared to have a good understanding of how to control earth energies. They have constructed vast numbers of fantastic megalithic structures around the world intended to collect them, of which only a small percentage still remain today. The sites of construction of those structures were not randomly selected but were carefully placed at specific equidistant points on the globe corresponding to the point of intersection of strong telluric currents and which are symmetric to one another with respect to the equator. This is because the real shape of the planet earth is not a smooth sphere but can be seen as a spherical polygon containing sharp corners on which energy flow. Like the next picture indicates, there are ten major vortices within the planetary grid (represented by the red dots) equally distributed around the equator. These are located in: Hawaiian Islands (point16), Bermuda Triangle (18), Algeria (20), Karachi/Pakistan (12), Japan’s devil sea (14), Easter Islands (47), east of Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (49), Zimbabwe (41), Wharton Basin in the Indian ocean (43), and in the south west of the Fiji Islands (45). In all these sites there used to be huge standing megalithic structures built since very ancient times, but most of them are either deep under the waters or left as ancient vestiges.

[Image: 2127jlt.png]

Apart from being conductors of telluric currents, rocks and stones also act like batteries by attracting and storing telluric energy and then releasing it slowly into their surrounding over time. This is one of the reasons why ancient people venerated stone idols which were charged with telluric energy. A group of people standing around such stones in vibrational harmony withone another could tap its stored energy to help increase their own power and vitality. But just like any battery, the stored energy within such stones would eventually be depleted and the ‘god-stone’ will subsequently become useless and thrown away. Believers of Mohammedan religion are urged to make a pilgrimage to the ‘holy’ city of Mecca and pay homage to a black stone. That stone is actually a piece of meteorite rock which has fallen to that particular location since some six thousand years ago. It is very likely due to its telluric power that it was renown for, but it is very likely that this energy has already been depleted since a long time with so many people visiting the place for so many years!

The mysteries of ancient wisdom unfold with the knowledge and understanding of the pyramids. Many pyramids were constructed in various locations around the globe since several thousand years ago, but most of them have been buried under ground or submerged undersea over the years. The most notorious pyramids which still standing today are: the one of Giza in Egypt, the Ziggurats in Iraq, the great pyramid of China, and the pyramids of Machu Pichu in Peru. All of them are less than ten thousand years old. In a sense, the pyramids can be seen as stone-devices designed to focus vortices of telluric energy into the upper atmosphere around a city or town and thus attract cosmic currents. Unlike natural vortices of energy which move horizontally, telluric energies tunneled in pyramids are forced to move vertically due to the pyramid shape, and this consequently creates an increasingly strong spiral of waves focused upward. The triangular shape of the pyramid ensures that the spiral of telluric currents flowing through it will amplify in strength as it rises above due to the increasing restraint in the space of fluctuation. So the pyramids could also be seen as artificial kinds of vortex energy points(VEP).

Many surnatural powers such as levitation, teleportation, telepathy, telekinetic and other paranormal abilities have been reported to occur among initiates meditating inside those pyramids. Some pyramids also contained secret chambers which served like dimensional portals. Reports of initiates'souls ascending to (or descending from) higher dimensions of reality within those chambers were frequently heard. There are plenty more roles played by pyramids which we cannot understand in our days. The obelisks were also used as stone-antennas to channel cosmic frequencies (positive or negative ones) to a particular land. The tallest and most powerful modern obelisk is the Eifel tower of Paris in France. But unfortunately, this one was intentionally set up by its builders in order to attune to higher negative frequencies. This could explain why France is generally such a restless country to live in, since it is being irradiated daily by negative cosmic currents passing through that parisian tower!

Rituals as energy amplification

In order to maximize the potential for individual awareness and receptivity to subtle energies, ancient initiates later built large temples as places where people could congregate and partake from the currents channeled inside them. Unlike the pyramids which were for special use by initiates, these temples were open to the public. Chanting or singing hymns could help link the frequencies of those inside and harmonize their vibrations. Group meditation and prayers could also amplify the energy field inside the temple and this could in turn momentarily enhance telepathic connections among the participants. These ancient secrets were later transmitted to the builders of ancient cathedrals and mosks, and although these buildings (cathedrals and mosks) later became places of monotheistic worships, their initial builders had a different role for them which was purely for taping energy. I often used to wonder why the cathedrals are so huge than necessary and why they always have fancy architectures. Now as I began to learn about the use of natural energies, it becomes apparent to me that the purpose of designing buildings of such large size was to maximize the collectable amount of telluric power pulled from the ground and to project it to its surrounding city or town.

[Image: 2lonc2.jpg]

All prehistoric buildings were made of stones from the floor to the roof because ancient builders understood that stones are the best conductors of telluric energy. Also, the shape of those buildings were always domed or piqued on top (i.e. Roman and gothic art), because this helps to create a concentration of energy. Modern architects of modern houses and skyscrapers are completely missing the opportunity of exploiting telluric energy because the tall buildings that are being build nowadays are mostly made of iron ( which is not a conductor of TE). Also, they have rectangular or square shapes (this does not create spirals), they have flat roofs (this does not concentrate energy), and finally there are too many electrical and electronic installations within the buildings (which cause energy disturbances). But looking at the ancient city of Mohanjo Daro or Angkor vat, one finds a sharp contrast in architecture because those cities were built almost entirely of stones, without any metallic material in them. Sometimes bronze were moderately used because unlike iron, bronze is a relatively good conductor of telluric current.

Dances as energy extraction

Chants and dances are known to be an effective way for humans to raise earth vibration of a particular site and absorb the telluric energy emanating from it which can be used for purposes such as vitality and fecundity. The beatings of drums in such festive circumstances help to intensify the vibration of the local atmosphere where the dances are taking place. Primitive tribesmen seem to intuitively understand the importance of regular festive dances and it certainly helps them a lot in term of revitalize or rejuvenate themselves and their lands. Being naked (or semi naked) increases the sensitivity to these natural energies, and this is why also primitive villagers seem to be more receptive to this energy than say urban dwellers, because they are constantly exposed to it and they wear nothing or very little clothing or shoes. Also, many occultists (especially black magicians) prefer to perform their rituals while being naked in order to maximize their potential for absorbing subtle emanations. Let us get back to the issue of dance for now. One may only say that dance is very important and it plays a significant role in strengthening the energetic (etheric) bodies of humans, which then keep their physical bodies in good shape and avoid many unnecessary health problems associated with conditions such as obesity. This is why those who regularly dance seem to have a strong and flexible bodies!

Now, I am well aware that most folks from northern hemispheres are not very keen on dance, let alone the kinds of vibrant cultural dances practiced by sub-Saharan Africans or native Americans. But this is not a big problem, because there are other soft body movements that can be used, and which are just as good (if not better) at revitalizing the energetic body as dance. However, these subtle exercises require the performers to be a lot more conscious and attentive to their movements in order to get maximum benefit from them, while in a dance, the participants can simply have go with the flow and still get all the benefits. Many great spiritual teachers have designed different versions of subtle exercises in order to help their disciples take advantage of these natural energies. There is one exercise called Tai Chi (also called Qi gong) which I have been learning since sometime now, and which I like because it is most suited to my current living condition. Tai Chi body exercise was developed by ancient Taoist monks, and recently it has gained much respect and recognition in many places around the world, considering the flourishing numbers of Tai Chi classes provided in many major towns and cities worldwide. Tai Chi practitioners are taught about how to use specific circular body motions in order to attract and control the flow of energy within the body. It has a great benefits in facilitating a physical and/or emotional self-healing in the body. I can testify that my daily twenty minutes of practicing Tai Chi has yielded me many tangible results, and that is why I would recommend anyone to give a thought about it if possible. The following is a link to a 4 min youtube demonstration of Tai chi training:

Emotion generates and amplifies energy

A human body is not just a collection of bones, nerves and meats, but must be seen as a bio-electronic device designed to interact with its environment. This is why a human body can be connected to various electrical or electronic machines such as computers, and its functioning can be measured quantitatively this way because it also has electronic properties. The animal body too is a bio-electronic device, but unlike a human body is like a cell phone because it can receive as well as broadcast its own frequencies, an animal body is like a radio because it can only receive but cannot emit its own frequencies. Whether consciously or unconsciously, all humans are sensitive to the frequencies emanating from cosmic and telluric energies, although our sensitivity and receptivity of this energy has significantly decreased over the last hundred years due to various technological utilities invented in this last century. Some adept people (such as occultists and magicians) have the ability to project their special energies into the fabric of their surroundings. They usually reserve a special place where they regularly perform their rituals or incantations. This place can be regarded as a shrine which they imprint with their own energy field in either a positive or negative manner according to the nature of their workings. You can also do the same thing by reserving one particular room in your house uniquely for your prayers and meditation purposes and project your energy field around it using your power of intent. This can greatly help to facilitate your attunement process during meditation or incantation and accelerate your working purpose.

[Image: sou7br.png]

An area that is potent in telluric energy can initiate an energy fields which may be imprinted by a sufficiently powerful emotional event such as a war. It has been proven that mass human emotions (whether positive or negative) have a measurable influence on the earth’s magnetic field. This basically means that when something happens that triggers a lot of people to feel similar ways at the same time, it can affect the local or global energy field environment in a positive or negative way. It has been reported by some that the mass emotion of fear and panic generated by the alleged terrorist attacks of 9/11 in New York and Washington has created many electromagnetic imbalances in the global atmosphere, which in turn caused many disruptions of telluric currents within the oceans and caused the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. So this is to say that the collective attitudes and behaviors of humans always have a direct impact (positive or negative) on the local or global environment corresponding to the nature of the vibrational resonance. Humans are like the biological antennas of this planet and they live in symbiosis with it, so anything that affect humans in negative ways will also generate a negative feedback on the planet and vice versa.

[Image: 2niqmw8.jpg]
Energy circuits and artificial radiations

Natural energy (just like fire) are neutral, that is, they are neither positive nor negative. Certain places or events can change them either in positive or negative way. For instance, graveyards and ancient burial grounds act like energy circuits which can negatively polarize any line of telluric currents passing through them. Any house or edifice that is located near the graveyard on the path of such energy will therefore be constantly bombarded with negative energy. Also, a place that has been used as a battle ground in a war (and where fierce bloody fighting took place and which killed lots of people) will remain imprinted with powerful negative emotional energy which will change the polarity of any telluric current passing through it (either neutral or positive) and convert it to negative. Here again I think of France because it has several of such sites where fierce killings of the trenches battles took place during World War 1. Towns and cities built around such zones are literally bombarded with negative currents which always have a negative impact on the physical and emotional well being of their inhabitants.

Negative telluric currents can also be transformed from negative to positive and vice versa by using certain appropriate rituals. Magicians (whether white or black) know how to do it and they can litterally turn a particular spot (say a particular road, or a particular river) into a positive or negative energy flow. In the the case of negative flow of a road for instance, there will be many freak and unexplained accidents happening there until the road is cleansed (that is depolarized). Most Christian cathedrals (and mega churches) are built directly above ancient graveyards, and thus they can be viewed as negatively charged edifices. Perhaps the purpose of their builders in placing them at such negatively charged areas was to pull the concentrated negative energies from the ground, transform them into positive with appropriate rituals, and then release them into the environment. However, if the participants of a ritual in such gatherings (like on sunday masses) are not vibrating in harmony (which is often the case nowadays), the ritual will fail in its purpose and therefore this will even aggravate the situation by intensifying the negative energy collected and literally polluting the etheric environment of the area concerned!

Before building or buying a new house, it is always a good habit to perform a few cleansing rituals in order to remove or change the bad energies that may have been imprinted there since a very long time. You may also buy a talisman or a technological device to help deflect the path of any negative energy line passing through your house, especially if your house is situated near a graveyard. Some religious people (like the Catholics, the Hindu, or the Buddhists), use various kinds of rosary as a form of protective talisman against harmful energies. But it is very essential to exercise caution with such objects, because if you are not resonating at the same frequency level as your talisman (or any other protective device), it can backfire and cause even more damages to you! So it is better not to use them if you fear that you can't handle them properly.
Some spiritually developed individuals have the ability to heal unhealthy energies emanating in a place by using their own personal energy field or by channeling positive cosmic energies to that place. If you believe yourself to be one of them, then whenever you transform the energetic polarity of a place to positive, you are literally performing the role of an electrician of the planet by fixing energy circuits that were intentionally or unintentionally created at that place. There are also other negative adepts (witches, black magicians, etc.) who do the opposite by turning healthy energies spot into unhealthy ones. The following are some of the signs indicating that your home (or shop) may be standing above an energy circuit ground or is on the path of an unhealthy energy line: if your light bulbs continually blow for no apparent reason, if the pavements and walls of your house keep cracking for no reason, if you see a sudden deterioration of your family’s health right after moving in the house, if you have endless financial problems despite any effort on your side, etc. Also, your businesses will not prosper if the shop is built on such a ground because customers feel uncomfortable on the premises.

Humanity keeps on surrounding itself with more and more technological gadgets for the last few decades (televisions, computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc.) which increasingly create an artificial Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) around the planet. This subsequently raises the level of natural EMF already on the planet to unprecedented levels. Huge metropolitan cities like Paris or New York have artificial layer of light wave above them which inhibit the emanations of natural energies, and this is surely one of the reasons why city dwelling is not such a good choice. We may not recognize the symptoms of this EM saturation yet, but nonetheless they have real negative impacts on the physical/mental/emotional wellbeings of the general population and create many deseases such as cancer. Man-made EM radiation is an additional source of energy disturbances which can undermine the immune system within the human body and thus leave it increasingly vulnerable to various kinds of diseases.

Telluric energy lines frequently change their path and intensity which are determined by the flow of activity on their way. Major highways, high voltage electrical pylons or busy rail roads (especially the electrified ones) attract and pull these energy lines to a their own direction. This is why it is good to make sure that your house is at least 100 meters distanced from such infrastructures in order to avoid being constantly irradiated by possible negative currents that may pass through them (note that they may also pull positive currents). Other environments to avoid dwelling include: the place for refuse or chemical dumps, above or around deep coal mines, around transformers or turbines at power stations, around nuclear reactors and dumps, around missile storage sites, above underground train systems, side of ban of polluted rivers, etc because all these site stores or channel unhealthy energies that can have adverse effects on your general well being if you are constantly exposed to them.

Vortex points as energy Portals

Apart from collective human emotions (which is the primary polarizer), telluric currents can also be polarized by technological applications constructed by entities (humans or non-humans) living on this planet. Some energy vortices are positively charged (like those around the Egyptian pyramids or the Himalaya Mountains) and many healings and spiritual works can be easily accomplished around such places. Other vortices are negatively charged and they keep causing many natural catastrophes throughout the ages. Many ships and planes which ventured around major vortices have mysteriously disappeared without leaving a trace. The infamous Bermuda triangle is particularly notorious for such kinds of weird disappearances. The Devil’s Sea of Japan is also very nasty in such regard to the point where the Japanese government has officially designated the area as a danger zone, and it is the one causing many earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. Africa also has one such beast located near the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, but fortunately, it is inactive. Like we said before, these vortex points can serve as windows to others dimension if activated.

Each planet is enclosed in an energetic shield which constitutes its reality bubble. Natural energy portals are like doorways that open a particular planet to other dimensions of reality, while the pyramids are like little windows for this purpose. It is possible for humans to use space ships and travel to a distant planet such as Mars. But if they do not enter into the energy portal of that planet by attuning to its frequency, they will always find themselves in isolated areas of that planet where no life exists. I have strong suspicions that this is the reason a probe was sent to Mars in order to explore the planet and determine the precise location of its portals. The same thing applies to extraterrestrial beings who wish to come to this planet earth: they can't just come in like walking in the park. They must first locate energy portals on earth, synchronize with their precise frequencies and then pass through them in order to see anything in this world. This is the only way they can enter our reality and be able to perceive, influence or interact with us. If they just enter with their ships without passing through proper portals, they can only find themselves to some desolate places such as the Saharan desert and they will see nothing else. Even if they could circle this whole planet many times in search for life, they will not be able to see us and we will not be able to see them until they pierce the metaphysical veil separating us. There are several ET beings on this planet who are stuck this way because they either don’t know where to locate the portals or they know where those portals are but cannot pass through them due to the issue of frequency incompatibility.

This is why various ET factions have fought each others on this planet in the past for the control of those energy portals to the point where most the portals of this planet have been shut down and ceased to become operational. Only a handful of portals are still functional today, the biggest one is in Israel and is being controlled by the Reptilians also called Lizards. Thus, areas where major energy portals are located can be seen as the airports to this planet where all new visitors must pass through if they have the right visa in their passports (i.e. they have the right frequency codes). The visa (or frequency codes) can be given to them by the guardians of this solar system (who reside on the planet Saturn) only if they present an acceptable reason for their visitation. However, a dimensional breach may occurs when a particular portal of this planet accidentally open up even for a fraction of seconds, and this afford those ET crafts that were lurking around such accidentally opened portals to quickly slip through and get into our reality bubble before the portal close down again. Those beings entering our planet this way (without visas) can be considered as cosmic illegal immigrants! Smile Our planet is currently filled with such ‘illegal immigrants’ because there are many dimensional breaches happening lately due to the fact that the planet earth itself is currently being upgraded to support a fourth dimensional life which a significant section of humanity is meant to become in the near future.


This article is only an overview of what telluric energy is all about and how it affects our daily lives whether we are aware of this or not. Knowledge about this powerful energy is priceless as it help explain many phenomena and anomalies occurring in this planet, as well as giving us the means to view things in their appropriate context. At this point in time, humanity is still behaving like a little child by carelessly making use of natural energy sources without understanding the possible consequences of such a behaviors. Notice that I have mostly taken a scientific approach in describing this phenomenon. But one can also take a spiritual approach and arrive at the same understanding. In our world we have been conditioned to think of science and spirituality as two contradictory and mutually exclusive disciplines, but this is not the case at all. One can speak the spiritual language or the scientific language to describe the same reality without there being any contradiction. The science that is taught at schools or in the academic circles is only a diluted version of true science, and it contains many deliberate omissions. This goes the same with the kind of spirituality being taught in religious institutions, and which has artificially been made to be contradictory with science. Ancient people usually took the spiritual (or inner) approach in their study of the universe. In our times, it is the scientific approach that has much appeal to most people. Once one understands the working of the natural energies, one is subsequently liberated from the limiting superstitious beliefs propagated by many religions and social cultures. In the another topic I will try to examine the cosmic energy and its interaction with telluric energy.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Just as explained earlier by John, here's something with regard to the Telluric Energy : THE IMPORTANCE OF LOCATION OF YOUR BED OF YOUR DESKTOP OR YOUR FAVORITE CHAIR

Have ever heard about the checkerboard that covers the entire Earth surface? this checkerboard is composed of multiple different invisible walls. When two of these walls intersect, resulting in a disruptive effect on EVERYTHING that is in its path.

So, if you are sleeping just below one of these crosses, you gradually drain your energy while you sleep rather than refuel. The same is true if you work or if you are watching TV for long hours, precisely the spot where find such crossings called "KNOTS HARTMANN." NŒUDS HARTMANN in French.

Thus, when the position of one of these nodes is juxtaposed with the location of your bed, it is possible to detect the exact location of this cross touches your body. It can be located on your lungs, your throat, your pool or any other place. It therefore follows that a particular organ in directly affected.
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That is an important idea thegroup has pointed out. Yes indeed, it is very essential to place the bed or the favourite chair at an position which optimizes the flow of energy within a room. It is a bad idea to place the bed at a corner of a room because that angle (90 degree) creates energy lock, and this can have adverse effect on the health. It is best to the bed is somewhere in the middle of a wall. Some people also put a glass beneath their bed in order to deflect malignant energies that may be coming from the ground where their bedroom is located, but I see this as an unnecessary undertaking. Better change places than going through such procedures.

At the end of the day, I think that the best thing to do is to make sure that your house, your work place or any other place where you regularly spend a significant amount of your daily time is not situated at an unhealthy energy spot in the first place. If you feel like it is, then you may want to consider moving out of that place, or taking appropriate protective measures, without however being overly obsessed by (or resonate with) fear. Just do what you can, and let nature take care of the rest.

It may also be important to avoid doing certain types of jobs such as working in a coal mine, or in a nuclear facility for instance, as those places concentrate large amount of unhealthy energies which negatively affect the physical/mental/emotional fabric of all the people working around it. Above all, allow your common sense indicate to you places that may appear to be healthy and others that are unhealthy. This is why you need to listen to your gut feeling about the state of your environment and take appropriate actions.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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Interesting discussion. I also found the following video teaching about how to remove bad energy from the house:

Never heard before that the house need energy cleansing just as it needs to be cleaned from physical dirts.
"To love is to be".
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Dear John,
I am very thankful to you for sharing this. I always told people that spirituality is a great science to understand the existence of the cosmos but hardly anyone believed. You gave words to my meditational experiences. I am grateful to you. Smile
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Thank you for such a succinct explanation of Telluric energy.
You are right - some areas feel "heavy" whereas other areas feel very "light".
Also electronic device which use high frequency such computers and televisions and mobile devices do affect the environment. I know of several friends who need to switch off the devices in their presence, otherwise they feel nauseous, suffer from headaches etc.
I will certainly attempt to get a better understanding and "feel" for the energy.
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