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Water in the clouds and imagination (Part 1 of 2)

Water in the clouds and imagination Part 1

Imagination with children.
Imagination is an activity of the right brain, to invent things in the mind. It’s mostly responsible of creativity, and the genius in humans. Many children use more of their right brain to think, so they would give answers spontaneously sometimes without having thought much of it. They create scenarios that don’t even exist, they each have their own mental image of father Christmas and of angels. They have imaginary friends that makes them happy, and also some monsters behind the closet and under the bed that scare them Smile. That’s the world of children. As they grow up, they start to think rationally on everything, their mental body starts to devise the real and the unreal, and that’s how many of grown-ups lose their imagination skill. A skill must I call it, because it’s one of the powerful tool our soul has. Imagining all sorts of things can be dangerous, true, but it’s not a reason to prevent our children from imagining. All parents should do, is to guide their child on a proper imagination, on directing their imaginations to spiritual things. Parents should encourage their children to imagine more of those angels, of the beautiful spirits of the nature and above to advice them to imagine themselves as spiritual beings . Tell the child what those spiritual being called, what they do, how they do it, and in which way they can be friends. A person who grows imagining the spiritual reality cannot feel lonely even when he/she is alone.

Recently I saw on Facebook, an image of a small Buddhist boy sitting alone peacefully with a joyful smile on this face with his eyes closed. The expression of his face could tell that, whatever he was imagining was beautiful. There was no doubt about it. And just by looking at that image, I felt Joy, and I kept a smile as I kept looking at that picture. I’m sure many of who look at that image feel the same. Well it’s simply because Joy which is an expression of Love is contagious. imagination is a tool that can be used to experience Love. Imagination can also be used to experience unhappiness too, since happiness and unhappiness are 2 sides of the same coin: Love. But because we all want happiness, we’ll be more on the positive side of the coin, won’t we?. Imagination can transform our inner world. It doesn’t really take months to change something inside, the inner world is more flexible to change than the physical world. It will take you months to build a house physically, but it only takes 5mins to build one in the mental world. And higher in the causal world, creation is even instant.

Creativity and realization
The holy scripts, the bible speaks of the 7 days of creation. That doesn’t mean It took God 7 days to create the physical world, But rather 7 forces were used to create the world (visible and invisible). Think about it, is it reasonable to believe that it could have taken a minute for God to create a world? Otherwise why do we say God is beyond time and space and that he is all powerful and all that? The creating was instant. It is the manifestation of that creation that takes time. Our physical world for example was not created in seven days, but in billions of centuries. A day as mentioned in the holy bible has nothing to do with time of creation. Maybe we could talk in details about that in the future. But what in more important to note here is the fact that creation is instant, and the manifestation requires time. And all beings exist in the manifestation, the visible and the invisible universe, all is the manifestation, the created; And God is in and out of his manifestation. At our level, the creation of ideas happens in the causal world (in our spirit) and the manifestation happens from the mental world to the physical world. In our spirit, ideas are instant and when they get into our human soul, they can be concrete images or ideas in the mind. The mind (mental body) doesn’t only deal with words and abstractions but it can also deal with images. Words are more related to the mind world than images. In order words, the words we say without opening our mouth comes from our mental body to our physical left brain. There are many levels of voiceless words from the impure ones to the pure ones. For instant the concrete thoughts are heavier than abstract thoughts. But a well organized collection of concrete thoughts (during a cogitation for example) can bring about beautiful mental symbol Images, which are as less heavy as a mystic abstract thought. The abstract thoughts tend to be less heavy and so spiritual because they do not deal with anything like in the lower concrete worlds, and so they are close to the causal world.

Our human soul uses the mind to try and understand what comes from our spirit. But because not all humans handle effectively abstract thoughts , the spirit information get translated as images when they reach the soul. And it’s through image thinking, some people manage to have quick understanding of things. See, many people understand things they can’t explain. Sometimes you may not know the reason why you are so convinced about something but you know that something is right. If you can’t explain it, that means your rational mind can’t explain it, or that your mind may not have enough information to explain it. You believe in God, you are so convinced that of his existence but you have no knowledge to explain God, so you realize that there are spiritual ideas that loses their true meaning as soon as we try to explain them;

Now Images are more related to the astral world (the world of feelings), that’s why visualizations, which is a technique of using images in the mind, touches quickly the astral body and later make their way down to the physical body. Images are related to the astral world, but that doesn’t mean images are created in the astral body. All images and voiceless words are created in the mental body. The mind (mental body) has upper side and a lower side, an upper side meaning a side that is closer to the causal vibrations, and the lower side that is closer to the astral vibrations. And images are found in that lower side of the mind close to the astral body. Please note that by the upper and lower sides I’m not referring to bad and good sides. But it will be better if we go read all this in the nature, as I always say, nature is the greatest spiritual book and explains things better Smile .

Water in the clouds.
I wrote an article about the different levels of the mind in the past (the power of light in the mind), saying that In the outside world, in our planet earth, our mind is the atmosphere. The troposphere is the common people’s mind, where you have rains and winds…

Everybody knows much about the weather, but if they at least try to meditate on the spiritual weather, the inner invisible weather would be better understood. And so it’s the water in the clouds of the troposphere that should attract our attention to understand imagination. In the physical world, there’s water down on the surface of earth, but there’s also water in the clouds. And both water don’t have the same state, water of the clouds are vapor, and water of the sea are liquid. The water of the sea correspond to our feelings and the water in the clouds correspond to the mental images. Vapor or water in the air is like feelings in the thoughts. Clouds are known to form images in the sky, if you look that clouds more often, you could see all sorts of images formed, a dog, a person face, a horse and even scenes like people fighting, someone shouting at someone else etc. Even the moon which is related to our feelings displays images too, some people see a women sitting in the moon, I for example see a woman with a child on her lap in the full moon. The world of feelings is such a fluid world that the soul can see different images, and so it makes dreams, and it is capable of creating them. It’s normal to me that all elements corresponding to the world of feelings displays images, because nature is intelligent and does nothing at random. Water by itself represent feelings and so it displays images like in a mirror, especially when that water is calm. But in the case of clouds, water is in the state of gas, and elevate in the air from where it forms images in the gas form. In the same way, the part of the mind that generates images has lots of relationship with the astral elements, the sub consciousness, the memory.

See, all the principles found in the bible, the Upanishad or the Veda and even the kabbalah are all found in the nature, which makes it then possible to teach a 11 years old child the whole esoteric science through that living book of the nature. And wise parents can teach their child how to read the nature. That way, he will be able to see the light in all the holy books written by humans and used in all religions, he will understand them better, and will find no use to get unnecessary conflict with religions.

To visualize an image is like to create an inner heavy cloud. Clairvoyants can even see some sorts of images in the cloud form at the level of the forehead of someone visualizing an image. To create a mental image, some mental matters (energies) must gather together to form that image; that matter contains mental and astral elements. And every time a thought contains feelings, it is not far from manifesting in the physical body, because again, feelings like emotions, affect quicker the physical body than the thoughts. Because emotions are like the temperature of the atmosphere, when the atmosphere is cold, you notice that everything on the surface of earth becomes cold. The surface of the earth is the physical body and is affected by the temperature (the emotions). For example, to get scared is like to suddenly found yourself in the south pole of earth where the temperature is terribly cold, and that could makes your skin scrawl. The same with the different emotions, pain, joy, disappointment, sadness etc, they are all change of our astral body vibration.

In order for thoughts to affect the outside world (the physical world), they must first be transformed into astral matters (meaning feelings). And it makes so much sense when you look at it from the outside world, you will notice that air (the atmosphere) do not change earth (the ground), but water does that better, water has the power to change, to modify earth, to revive it, to nourish it. Water fertilize earth and allows it to grow plants and create good conditions for beings to stay. This is why water pours down the sky to affect earth. Yes the raining phenomena is a reality that happens in our inner world when we get emotions. Someone blushing is like earth containing water after a rain.

But what about the desires, wishes of having something, or becoming something? For this kind of feelings nature tells a different story. A desire sure belongs to the world of feelings (to the astral world) but because that feelings is attached to an object, to an image, it is now composed of both, air and water, a combination form like; the form of a Vapor, the gas water. While a simple feeling with no attachment to an image corresponds to simple water, and the temperature of it to emotions. The more the feeling is simple, the quicker it affects the physical body. In Indian philosophy and theosophy, the human soul is often referred as kama-manas meaning astral-mental (or in common terms Thought-Feelings), they combine both in one word because we really cannot separate thoughts and feelings. Where there’s thoughts they are always feelings. However we can have more feelings than thoughts or more thoughts than feelings. It’s true, we can see that in nature too, as chemistry science views water as Ho2, that means water contains a gas. A desire is a feeling made of a thought, or an idea, a Vapor in the outside world. And because of their complexity they do not come true quicker than emotions. In nature we can count many kinds of desires, and I can tell you about 3 important of them: The fog, the vapor of the cloud and the snow.

Fog is a desire that contains very confusing images.
Vapor in the cloud is a desire that contains strong images
Snow is the desire that contains well defined images.

I’ll sure come back to that in the future, to give more details about the different desires, their nature, the time they would take to come true, and how they are seen in the outside world. There’s so much to say, so I’ll have to break everything down to “small” posts (I know it doesn’t seem small Smile ). But those who love reading the nature, will sure find out for themselves more about what I’ve not mentioned. The most important thing here, was to bring the attention on what mental images are, and how they affect the physical world.

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Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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I liked the allusion you made about emotion being influenced by the climat. This is so true because as one can observe, generally speaking people who are native of cold regions (the northern hemispheres) tend to be emotionally cold, wherea those of warm regions (tropics and southern hemispheres) tend to be emotionaly warm by nature. So it always seemed to me like there is a correlation between climat and people's predisposition to life. A cold environment seems to inhibit emotions but foster the intellect, while a warm environment does the opposite. I don't know if I am the only one to feel that way.
Mystery creates wonder. Wonder produces curiosity. Curiosity raises questions. Questions lead to answers.
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