Water in the cloud and Imagination.

In the first article : Water in the clouds and imagination (Part 1 of 2), I compared water in the cloud as emotions and desires. But do emotions,desires or thoughts have forms in the invisible world? Yes they do. clairvoyants see them more clearly in forms of colors. When emotions are caused by mental images, a specific form appears. When someone for example visualizing an angel image feels a great joy feeling of devotion, a small blue image of an angel floats on top of his head or at the level of his forehead. That mental image floating is made of the person's vibration (or mental-astral matter). The blue color tells the clairvoyant that the person is having religious feeling for the object of his imagination. People who imagine things do not always know that they actually create living creatures in the invisible world. Thoughts obeys the laws of nature which can be studied from our physical world. And for talking about water in the clouds, I'm trying to display the laws of imagination.

Invisible creature created from our imagination
All souls give birth to living being in the physical world as well as in the invisible world. And we give birth in the invisible world all the time with our imagination, some of those beings are purely mental, I mean they are born in the mental world only. While others are purely astral, I mean which are born in the world of feelings. When we imagine things with almost no feelings, we form beings that floats in the mental world and depending on the direction we give them, they could go far away from us to bless or curse other people's souls. Because of those thoughts we are responsible to whatever our thoughts do to others. Now if our imagination is mixed with emotions or desires, then we should know we are giving birth to invisible beings which are between the astral (feeling) world and mental (thoughts) world. These kind of beings have greater effects on others because they influence not only other people's thoughts but also their feelings. These kind of mental-astral beings have an objective to fulfill, a desire. In the physical world, I compare those beings to the clouds of the troposphere. As we know the cloud of the troposphere are made of Air and water; Air representing thoughts and water representing feelings. But that water is in the form of vapor like I already explained in the first part of the article.
In general thoughts of maths or of philosophy for example don't have feelings attached to it. Such thoughts stays in the mental world. And they usually appear as floating symbols. So a clairvoyant could start seeing numbers or letters when we are thinking philosophically or maths or even see some complex floating geometric shapes. But it's usually a concrete objects that appears when the person thinks of his home, his friends, his dog, his job, his car, his wife...

Now how does the clairvoyant knows if feelings are attached to the thought? He/she can judge by the color of the thought. For example all intellectual thoughts are yellow. If those thoughts are selfish we get a dark color. So when the person do maths to cheat, when he thinks about all possibility to take advantage of someone, a dark yellow appears. If the person thoughts are spiritual, mystic, when he/she is thinking about the laws of the cosmos and desires to sacrifice his life to obey those law in order to become what God expects of him/her for example, in that case a blue color appears. Now when the person's thoughts are mixed with loving feelings towards something in nature, a green color shows up. For example parents who pray for their children protection give birth to green invisible creatures that fly towards their children to act as some sorts of guardian angels. Those little beings we give birth influence ourselves and others around us.

Those mental beings emanate beams of colorful lights that spread in all directions to touch other people's soul next to us. When those beams of light stimulate similar thoughts, images to those who are touched by them. So if for example you are sitting next to a school boy, and that you are thinking about your spiritual master, you are likely going to incite the boy to think of a similar thing, it could be that he thinks about his school teacher. This is caused by the light that emanate from your created invisible beings. But if you imagine that the boy is intelligent, you visualize that he knows how to live the divine life, at that moment your little invisible beings fly towards the boy to suggest him to become a better person, to live a spiritual life. This is what is hidden behind our common physical life, now because many people are not aware of it, they unconsciously push others to think about evil things, to commit crimes, they wake evil forces in others without knowing it because of ignorance. And those who knows these and who willingly think dirty against others practice dark magic. This is why these things are not always reveled, that's why these truths are kept proudly secret by initiates. Seeing that People are more attracted to bad things than good things. I guess Human nature is complicated!

What goes around comes around
But here's what will complicate the life of those who consciously or unconsciously will send little bad beings to other souls. Our mental children float in the mental atmosphere around ourselves, but those little creatures are absorbed by other people's souls which have similar vibrations as the little creatures. For example when a yellow being that carries a mathematical solution is sent to a person who knows nothing about maths ( not even the basics), the yellow being will bounce back and return to the sender. That means it's not intelligent to wish bad things to anyone. Because if the person doesn't have the element of that curse, the curse gets quickly bad to us. This also explains why we shouldn't see the evil in others, because then we wake up those evil things in ourselves.

Now you can understand why more complications come if we think wrong of people who have become very spiritual, advanced disciples or truth seekers, great masters.... for the same reason. Because there might be 80% chances that the wrong you think of them is what they are not, and so all the curse we could wish to those super humans come back to us badly. Then all we can do for our well being is to bless and never curse. Here a case of blessing: When we send wise thoughts to someone, lots of light blue beings are sent to the person and if he/she is not ready for those high thoughts, those lightened blue beings come back to us to lighten us. That's exactly what wise spiritual people do regularly, they use their imagination to send an army of beautiful invisible beings which get out of their mental body like bees which go in the world trying to lighten each and every human soul. If the soul is receptive, the invisible being influence the person, otherwise it goes back to the sender who is become more lightened. This is one of the greatest secrets of spiritual development. Even if you are not clairvoyant you can verify this truth. For example haven't you ever noticed that you started to understand things better when you were explaining those things to someone else? I bet you have already experience that. All teachers or parents have experienced that. They will tell you how much they can understand the things they teach for simply trying to explain them to others. The students help the teacher to become even better. Even if those teachers don't admit it, it doesn't matter, it's still true. If you want get great knowledge, give your knowledge to other, if you want to be wiser, try to make others wise, if you want to feel peace, give the peace of your imagination to others. Even if people don't listen, even if they don't become wise, you are the one who becomes wiser.
Unless you know what you are doing, but when the physical world you go out and start teaching everyone you meet like some pasters do, not only you could become more and more stupid or you will simply be taken for a fool or taken for someone trying to boast. I trying to introduce a way of getting knowledge with the power of imagination. By teaching with the imagination not one or 10 people but the whole world. This is done in our mind, you imagine that all beings of the world are standing in front of you and you explain to them about the things you wish to have a better understanding of.

Libraries of the mental world.
People who are hungry for knowledge should understand that they won't find everything in books, it's all in the mental world. And with the proper imagination, we can retrieve any information we want. All the information we find in books comes from the mental world. The writers knew methods which attracted them in their mind and then wrote them on papers. All things people have ever thought about, things they have ever imagined are all stored in the mental world. Thoughts of same kind gathers together and forms some sorts of layers. Like air is gathered in the sky in forms of layers, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere... there is a mental group of thoughts that contains all earthly thoughts and which corresponds to the physical atmosphere layer called troposphere, another mental group that holds mathematical thoughts and which corresponds to the mesosphere, another that holds philosophy types of thoughts which corresponds to Mesosphere, another which holds mystic, esoteric thoughts which corresponds to Thermosphere and another group of thoughts that holds symbolic, Divine thoughts which corresponds to Exosphere. Please read http://www.myspiritualgroup.com/Thread-T...n-the-mind for the description I gave to the physical atmosphere layers.
During a meditation, one can connect to one of those mental areas and find from there the things people have or haven't yet written in books. This is why it will happen that you get an idea and talk about it, and later you read about your same idea in a books written by someone else. You can meditate upon someone's idea to the point where you connect to the same mental library as the original thinker and see the rest of the things the writer didn't say. Most spiritual people didn't write or say everything they knew, it's up to their followers to connect to their source of information in order to read the endless things those spiritual people used to enjoy.

Emotions can help our imagination
I was saying there's water of the sky or the vapor (the cloud) and water of earth or the liquid water. I compared the liquid water to emotions and the gas water to desires mixed with defined images. I also said that the clouds displays images in the sky that all children notice. But you can also notice that the liquid water displays images. Everybody knows that water reflect images with the help of light. What does it mean? it means that it's easy to have mental images when we have emotions. Emotions and images work together very well, just like water and images agree. People who are sensitive can sense the thought of any emotional person. Someone who is emotionally hurt can easily recall the faces of people who hurt him/her for example. Just like it's easy to remember the images of things that made us feel the greatest joy. This is why spiritual people sometimes uses spiritual music, beautiful colorful environment to cause great emotions to ease their imagination process. Music alone touches the astral matter easily and provokes invisible colors. In the esoteric science, in astrology for example, Jupiter is symbol of Wisdom and generosity, the color assigned to it is Blue, and an angels that inspires music, poetry, beauty. One can then imagine colors or use Music to generate generous, spiritual feelings and desires. Some music can cause red colors, others orange, some others yellow ... I mean some music can incite you to do something, to dance, or to do a spiritual gesture (red), some others can make you feel alive (orange), some others make you think much (yellow).

All esoteric have agreed to associate water to negative polarity forces, and so to the moon and even mirrors, because all female principles reflect light. The soul for example is the female part of spirit, and so the soul reflect the spirit. The physical body is female part of the soul, and so it reflects the soul. When the female part calms down, when it clears, it reflects the image of the male part. And everywhere in nature, it's so. The sky with its clouds is the male part of thing and the surface of earth with its water is the female part of things, and so again it's on the surface of water reflects the clouds and the blue color of the sky. According to these natural laws, we notice that it's water that needs to calm down in order to reflect better the images of the sky. In the same way, it's our human soul that needs to calm down to reflect the spirit (the divine nature in us).

[Image: 15ofhpk.jpg]
Everything that happens on earth, is recorded by the moon. Planet earth is associated to physical plan and planet moon is associated to the astral (feeling) world. I used to even consider the moon like a sort of video camera. The record of it is called Akasha records in esoteric terms. Where everything is recorded, absolutely everything. Even a Cristal ball is another form of water, another mirror, the one who uses the Cristal ball actually sees the reflection of the things he/she sees from his inner world, projected on the Cristal ball. Even the retina (of the eye) is another water form (or mirror if you want) on which the inside and the outside world reflects on. The consciousness is another water form, it's the biggest and most interesting form of mirror that exists, because on that big inner mirror reflects not only earthly things but also divine things.

Feelings can then help our imagination. Because Images are easily recorded during strong emotion, and in the future when we get into the same emotional state, the images that were recorded shows up on the screen of our consciousness. With strong emotions, vivid memories (mental images) can then be recalled with more clarity and detail. If there's no clouds in the sky, water don't reflect clouds on its surface, that also means if we haven't build anything inside, we can't expect to see anything in the outside. That is how our dreams come true.

Love and light