What does consciousness mean to you?

I've found since my spiritual awakening that many are claiming to be conscious but all I find are angry people with knowledge of a topic and claim to now be conscious. So I ask, what is consciousness to you?
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Consciousness is the connection we all share with one another. We humans are telepathic and we know that we know...but no one talks about it. So people really, really know where you are coming from (sense) just like a cat knows when she is going to the vet.
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(01-24-2016, 06:09 PM)Navaeh_Trinity Wrote: I've found since my spiritual awakening that many are claiming to be conscious but all I find are angry people with knowledge of a topic and claim to now be conscious. So I ask, what is consciousness to you?
For me consciousness is in us the watcher. What is forever aware. Our consciousness can be pictured as the eye of our true self (our spirit). It is what in us is aware of thoughts feelings and actions around us. There is a difference between knowledge and awareness. Knowledge and awareness are respectively related to theory and experience. Someone who knows a lot on topics has the knowledge, this comes from the the intellect. With the a full intellect, one may have knowledge, theories on possibly everything Smile, but he may not necessary have the awareness of that knowledge.

Someone who knows what is to the mountains is different from who has actually witnessed the mountain. Who has witnessed the mountain is been aware of it. True knowledge should be the theory of awareness. I mean our knowledge should explain what we have experienced. Although this is not always the case nowadays. Today knowledge is about to memorize a lot of science stuff, and then vomit it on other people.

In the way I see it, it is possible to be conscious (the esoteric view) and to still happen to get angry, or afraid, or jealous etc. We all have some level of consciousness. Each human level of evolution can be measured by the level of consciousness, awareness. Some humans are not so aware of things than are others. And sorry to have to say it, but the less aware you are of spiritual vibrations, the less devolved in the scale of evolution you are. This is just how things are in nature. Stones are less conscious than plants, plants are less conscious than animals, animals less conscious than humans, some humans less conscious than others, and humans less conscious than spiritual entities, those spiritual entities are less conscious than God. God is the complete awareness.

I need to make myself clear here that this awareness is not knowledge, this is not the fact of knowing science, knowing text, NO. This is about living the knowledge in question, this is about experiencing, witnessing with the spirit sense. It is about being aware that we are thinking, feeling, moving. Therefore one can be angry and be conscious of his anger.

But of course, the anger of someone who is conscious is not the same as for the one who is not conscious of it. The conscious person witnessing his anger will have much power to control himself than the one who is ignorant of his anger. So it is true that conscious people will show less negative emotions and less violence.

So yes, let's say people with rage are not so conscious. People with knowledge are not necessarily conscious too. But a conscious person is the one whose knowledge is based on his experiences, and whose emotions are in watch.

Love and light to you
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Ok, so I'm not the only one who has become aware of this. I feel a lot better and more hopeful.

It does sadden me to know that life doesn't have to be as hard and miserable if chooses it not to be but yet see so many whom I've grown to know and hold dearly choose otherwise.

Love & Light Always
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Just have to remember we all come back so many times so different lifetimes - different lessons.
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