What is "Love and Light"?

What is Love and Light?
   There is an eloquence to signing off any correspondence with ‘love and light,’ which has become quite popular in the United States.  Vibrationally, it is as if we are projecting a sense of good will to the person we are communicating with; an open-heartedness.  But what does it really mean?  It is even more profound than we have realized!
   We first must evaluate what the purpose of life is.  According to the Ancients, God, the Creator, is an immense all-knowing energy force, far beyond what we are able to comprehend at this point in human evolution.  The beginning of all life started with the release of vibrations, which traveled through space, accumulating over billions of years into one mass vibrational event, converting energy into mass.  This is known as the Big Bang.  Like mass accumulated with like mass, forming the various celestial bodies.  Mass also includes the atoms that comprise the gases that form the atmospheric plasma.  A network of conscious beings was created from highly conscious energy.  Plasma cords connect these intellectual beings, forming part of a structural network designed to propagate Creators understanding throughout all of creation.  The purpose of life, and all of creation, is the promotion of an ever-expanding universal consciousness.  The question is, how does universal consciousness expand?  How does wisdom and understanding move from the Creator throughout all of creation?
   In accordance with our spiritual guides, “Understanding the Light: The Light and communication are directly related with the understanding, to communicative thought patterns.  Light Beings are the cordessential beings: Communication travels on a Light cord, crossing the paths of higher entities for learning that are eventually connected to Light Beings.”
   The Light is a communicative energy that travels on Light cords—plasma cords that form throughout the atmosphere—connecting all beings through a vibrational communicative thought in the promotion of universal consciousness.  The Light crosses the path of all higher beings and is eventually connected to the Light Beings.  The Light Beings are supremely intellectual spirit beings at the top of hierarchal order that co-create with God, our Creator.  They release knowledge and understanding onto the Light cords at the behest of the Creator in planned sequential steps for enlightenment of all of creation.  The Light Beings in this message are called cordessential beings because they are essential to the production of the intellectual stream of Light energy that travels on the plasma cords throughout all of creation promulgating universal consciousness. 
   The plasma cords form various communication networks for communication at diverse levels of understanding.  Source network connects the higher beings who are able to communicate extremely intellectual understanding.  They are able to convert their understanding to various degrees of simplified thought in a teacher-student relationship.  The neuronet is the communication network that humans are able to tap into for a quick access of information, much like Googling a question on the internet.  There are other networks for communications at various levels between the different intellectual entities.
   When we sit down to meditate, quieting the mind with an intent to pray or to communicate with another being, the charged atoms within the atmosphere begin to vibrate and then align.  These vibrating atoms form plasma cords for which the communicative Light can then pass along from teacher, or spirit guide, to the student.  It acts like the fiberoptic cables we use for television, internet, and telephone services moving a communicative light from a generation point to a receiving point.  This telepathic communication can pass from one entity to another, whether in physical or non-physical form; from the holder of understanding to the one searching for answers.  Our auric field interfaces with this network.  We can learn how to become a part of the communicating universe for the expansion of our own understanding.
   Universal love understands the purpose of creation.  It is the respect for all entities that engage in the promotion of consciousness.  It is the sharing of knowledge and understanding to this end without the expectation of any type of compensation or exchange.  Universal love is becoming a part of the universal network, communicating with other entities, learning and then the sharing of that understanding with others.  It is the love of all of creation and All That Is, which is the sum-total of all consciousness at any given moment.
   In closing, when we say ‘Love and Light,’ what we are really saying is, ‘I love and respect all of creation and share this communicative understanding with you, expecting nothing in return.’  It is then that we enter the realm of the Oneness that we are all searching for.  So, we sign off for now in Love and Light.  May you be eternally blessed with an ever-evolving understanding of yourself and All That Is.
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I really enjoyed your explanation. Thank you
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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It is what it is
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