What is Reiki for me

Reiki is a very ancient healing technique that it is evolving with
humanity. As a Reiki Masters I can sense the change of the energy.
Like in the famous movie ” there is a change in the force”!

The human race is evolving, Reiki is loving energy from the universe so it is not possible for something that has its own mind like the Reiki energy to be stagnant.

Now, more than ever it is the time to start to learn Reiki or any other
healing modality. There are a lot of changes that are taking place, some
in a very subtle way others more evident.

Reiki not only helps with the emotional part of our humanity, it is
also a way to start our spiritual evolution, our re-connecting with who
we really are. Years ago it was very difficult to tell others what Reiki
is, now we are transitioning a very special moment and people need to
re candle with the divine within. The time is now, there is almost an
urgency to communicate with others the amazing change that is taking
With Reiki you take baby steps to a very profound change and evolution of your spiritual self.
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Qi 氣 Is ForCed Out By Their ChAKras, in the UndeRsTanding of the Felt, By the Ein Sof. In The ReAliZation of the ChaKra And Their AuRa of the UndeRLying of the Sense of Vibes And Intents of SinCerity Felt of Truth. ThereFor Can, The Sense of Hope Be Found in The DireCtIon of the SenSes Made AppropRiate of The FaitH That ConSumes the Heart of The Notion oF the Seen - The ViSuAl PraCtItIoner, REik≴e.

To Whichever Despite of Way's a Lightworker or a Reiki Practicioner Deems to cease, Ailment's of it's Core; Another Alternative Consist in the Practice to be at Fault. In the Falun Gong/Dafa Teachings it is Virtuously Consented to not "Heal Other's in any Way Shape or Form". In it's Core it is Stated that Karma is the Neglectance of Which Another's Prospect of Healthy Energy by their Ein Sof; Comes in the Sole Formation of healing for the Wrong ReaSon's as a Hire For Pay in Which Modern Reiki is Secular in Notion. In This Consideration Reiki Has no Longer Kept' it's Modesty to the Virginity of it's Cause, But Gone Viral and Made a Name for itself Rather then the Ancient Kept in Secret, For Which They Have Hailed in their Practitioner in it's Scene.

AS a Lightworker, I hope that Reiki Keeps it's Modesty intact to Whichever Virtue it is at the Present time; But known of the World to be Tried, it will Come under Trials to Which Reiki Practitioners will attempt their Contest in Which they Stand to Profess.

The Ancient Art of Reiki: Consist of Laying on Of Hand's, With the Nadis (नाडी Tubes) and Chakra (चक्र Wheels) to align with Chakra to Spread out Chi 气 into the Directions of the Hand's, Wherefore Which an Ailment of the Aura Can be Dispelled. This Ancient Teaching is as Also to my Consent Comes to a Publication of it's Ancient Teachings into the Modern of Ways to the Secular World. As a Means to that, Whether the Community as a Whole Depicts Right, Is Questionable, Seen that the Virtue of a Man, of Which a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner is Consented to; Comes Slow But Surely To a Trial of it's Context to Which the World Will Consent it's own Tribulations. As a Fort to this Notion, I hope as the world sees Reiki Teachers to be Lightworkers. To Form the Rightful Consent, Not Demeaning nor Approving of Lightworkers all Over the World to their Reiki Practitioners as a Fort to Which they Must be virtuous and Rightful in their Manner of Practice Without Negating to the Debate of Falun Gong's Dafa Teachings of it's Modern Day, Ancient Ways of Teachings. These Two Oppose each others Like Islam and Judaism. In Which Dafa With the Virtue of Scriptures of a Moral Sense of Code, Can Teach the Primary Teachings of Reiki Teachings to them Who Profess to Virtue in it's "OWN" Consent. So i Reckon that not all Consider Scriptual Backgrounds to be Anything/Some of Worth, Whereby in the Globe it does, But according to one's own Cultivation it is Preferenced to the Notion of one's OWN personal growth.

As a Stem of Spiritual Basis and Teaching's all Practitioner ought NEED Scriptural Backdrop's to not come Towards an end Of it's Line, Tho Some Stemming Wish to Mend their own Way's Which is also Approved in by one's own Decisions to Fortify one's own Directions at Hand, As cultivation will become Religion and a Means of Momentary Growth in an Arbitrary of their Own. But eventually as the World Catches up; Falun Gong or Dafa will Surmise the Condition of Reiki Teachings and Practitioning into a Corner to Which it must Hail, Seen it been a new Practice at both (Reiki and Falun Gong) Both will Clash of Which Falun Gong will be Tested of it's Compassion by it's Practitioners and Reiki By it's Endurance. So do i See yet a Slight Conquest of both Faith's or Practices in the Norm of the Modern Day to Yet Come or Eventually Cease. For Which i hope Neither Falun Gong or Reiki By It's Practice to Come to a halt. Seen that the world By it's Beauty Can Contain Both in the Relevance of Life. That Halters not, But Consist of Both Light and Darkworkers in it's Due time to come to the understanding of the Truth of ☯. That the Law of Doing to one Another as one Wishes to be Done/dealt with unto oneself. As a Means to Which Life Professes itself Theirunto unto Set unto Upon.

The Messengers And there Disciples of old, Sangha or Sahaba الصحابة, "The Companions" Are Written of in Lately, But Those Who Conferred of Scriptures Were Thus OrDained, Neither Adding up to it, That Which Was Not Fair or Foul. But Deeming in ItSelf of the Truth of This Day, Coming from the Existence of Society in it's Structure OF/in ItSelf. So WhereAs the Truth Still OrdaIns, it Speaks of the Region and Level Pasted Before But Beyond Yet UneaRthened. So WhereAs Truth Is UniverSal, It Is What it is Like The Build of A Word or it's Schematics of Etymology ItSelf.

The True ReikI Practitioner of there Day's Were Prophet's Who Not Only Waved Hands and Arm's, but Spoke of the Messengers of That Of Old, With Word's of Life and Essence of Life in it's Stead. They Healed By the Syllable of Om ॐ and Sounded the Trump of the Deed, Well Done "Good and Faithful Servant" In Those Day's - It was Not Easy to Speak Out in those Days; And Whereas Speech and Freedom is Necessary in This Day And Age; To Summon and Speak For the Truth was a Penalty of Death Awaiting in it's Core. For Execution and BeHeaded, Not to Mention Stoning was on the Verge of the War, That Prophet's (Modern Day Reiki Practitioners of True NAture of this Day) and Messengers Were HAd in Mind to Deal, When Speaking and Healing Out the Abundance of their Heart's Those Who were FElt in Danger to the Hell Fire of the DAmned in the Desperation of the Truth Felt By the Reason of the Minds. Yahweh Consisting of Consciousness Holds a Primary Right for each to Depict their Practices as they Desire to Want; But Opposition as hoped for not Comes will Might arise; For Which i Warn thee in this Present Age of it's Coming Demise; The Further Religion and Cultivations may Come, the Further True Practitioners will Be Tested of Fade. So i Hope that Tho the Ancient of Way have been Breached, it will/May Contain by it's Sangha (संघ the Community) to Remain Faithful in the Duty to Seek Out Truth and Relay it into the World in a Most Subtle but Formost Truthful in the Context of Truthfulness in their Way's. For Such is the Creed of a True Reiki Practitioner's at Heart. To Profess for the Faith and Aknowledge the Ancient of Way's to Course the Middle Way, in Path that say's: "The Dao that Can be Trodden is not the Endless and Eternal Way, neither the name that can be Named; Except Hashem האשם", is the Depiction and Representation of Which this Community is to Set Foot INTO the World, as Part of the World But Not of the World. In the Direct Distinction of Which the Wholeness of Heart, is the Consumption For Which we Face. Eventually the Battle Between Right and Wrong/ Good and Bad will be Summoned up again. And the World Will Face its War/Wage of War. So Hail Forth and Heal Yourselves Reiki Teacher's, So that the Practitioner Might Remain in this Day of Age. Lest their Falleth Away Them Who Wish By Sincerity of a Truly Heartful Manner of the Faith. That Stem's of Any Sight of LightWorkers in their Might. So Consider Whom you Heal and What You Heal off; Lest You Get Snared and Caught up in a Fault. The World as we Know it is Dark, Seen that their is no Life Nor Lifetime in it But the Human Consent. So Rebuttal Not the Truth When It is "Ye Heard off" But Come to the Conclusions of the Inter Faith For Which all Life Comes Out of to Stem.

Excerpts © 2020 Minart Youn
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