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What is in your opinion the benefit of being vegetarian?

(01-25-2018, 06:20 AM)faer789 Wrote:
(07-09-2013, 02:36 PM)krya Wrote: Hi Guys,
What is in your opinion the benefit of being vegetarian?

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Hey Krya, 

I have heard of many benefits from being vegetarian, but besides the physical health improvements and the great benefit it results in for the environment, there is another point that I've thought about and sticks out to me. 
When you eat food, in general, I believe you are absorbing the energies that have surrounded that produce (unless you set the intention of clearing the food before eating). 
But I feel that with animals, especially those that were killed/grew up in a brutal way (like most are in factory farms), there can be especially toxic or lower vibrational energies that could lower your own vibration or generally make you feel more negative. 
I've been practicing vegetarianism for the past few months, and while I'm not perfect (and would like to stretch to veganism) I do feel better and healthier than before. 
When I first started out I didn't eat meat for a month until a day where I ate meat for two meals, resulting in my stomach hurting. While it could've been conditioning and just feeling gross with myself, my body may have gotten more sensitive to meat in the time I gave it up. 

P.S. I recommend watching the documentary What The Health on Netflix 

- faer  Smile

Thank you very much for your input faer. I think it is a important point to consider.
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M. Krya
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The blood type of the human has much to do with the required consumption of food types Some may still require these denser foods for awhile longer.

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Back in 1972, when I started to really make meditation practice pretty much a daily routine,  is when I first started to become a vegetarian.  For one small period of a month or so about 20 years ago I ate fish and poultry again and my body wasn't happy about it - so I stopped again.    Never went vegan except for short period of time.   I try to eat as much organic produce as I can find or afford.   I do love animals, but to be truthful,  that wasn't my main reason I became a vegetarian.

For myself I can feel the difference, eating healthy food or not -- and it seems to effect my spiritual connection.  

But, I never recommend vegetarianism as a path for others unless they feel drawn to it.

I agree with points here that it is a vibrational energy you take into your body, and that it is better for health reasons also.

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I agree with  Aceofcups that we must not recommend vegetarianism as a path until the people feel drawn to it. 
I was a vegetarian by religion, but never understood or respected it. I used to use beauty, fashion, health product that contained animal products and sometimes consumed eggs too. I never cared for other animals the way I do now. It is very true that vegetarianism alone does not lead to good health or spirituality. There are many vegetarians who eat unhealthy veg food that deteriorate their health in the long run. They become sick not just physical but mentally also.

 When my spiritual journey began, I found that I am being drawn to healthy foods and my body stopped accepting beauty products, foods, medicines that contain any animal product like fish oil, gelatine or eggs. Gradually, I began to feel an aversion towards milk and grains. There came a time in my life when my body was living only on nuts, fruits, water, and sunshine. But, during this time my activity level was average and I used to spend around two hours in meditation. That was the time when I learned the most important lesson of evolution and ascension. 

I learned that no one is right or wrong, everyone is on a certain level of evolution. The never-ending debate of being vegan/vegetarian/nonvegetarian is just absurd. When the awakening starts, everything falls into the right place. 

I realised that the journey of evolution starts from:

animal instinct: The being eats anything as it is unaware of the cosmic duties and relationships. It just follows what is important for self-survival.

cannibal instinct: The beings are still animal but can take decisions -eats animals and humans, often of other clans.

human: beings who are developed and civilized enough to decide their choices. But, still possess animal instinct and are unaware of other kingdoms like Plants and other animals. They have a love for their own brothers. 

Evolving human (maha purusha as we call in Hindi): These beings are vegetarian/vegan, spiritually evolving, but yet not well balanced. They begin gaining awareness of other kingdoms and have empathy and love towards them.

Sage (Rushi in Hindi/sanskrit): These beings understand the importance and purpose of life and respect plant kingdom, develop spiritual abilities, survive only in the gifts of Nature( like fruits and nuts) water, and Sunshine. They understand the cosmic relationship, thus avoid harming plants, animals or any micro being.

Great Sage/saint (Maharushi) - survives only on water and on Sunshine and are spiritually awakened. They hold the pure wisdom and knowledge of the cosmos and also live up to it. 

Then comes the time when the person decides to survive only on the Sunshine and decides to leave the physical body. The journey of life does not end as there are various other levels a being needs to go through before mingling with the source and at every point of transformation, the being itself is the cause/source of every effect around it. So you see we are the Divine and we are the Source!
But, as we move higher, the physical activity reduces. 

When our life involves a lot of physical and mental work, then our bodies depend more on external sources of energies like food for replenishing its lost nutrients and maintain its normal function. So we need to have a balance and also take care of the vibrations we are taking in. Afterall, everything is vibration. The body is always governed by the mind, so we must keep the mind healthy and peaceful, the rest will ultimately be healthy and in balance.

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The benefits of being vegetarian are really huge.
I changed my diet to mostly vegetarian last year with regular exceptions of eating fish.
Each vegetarian meal directly affects the whole body-mind-soul system with plenty of fresh energy. After I eat a delicious dish of green food, it gives the power to make a restart and to be refreshed, raised up.
On my personal energy levels I can say my amount of sports has increased +100% and more. The best result I got from it that I gained weight and muscles, because my body is able to use this nourishment. In addition my feelings tend to be more calm and positive.
I am looking forward to eat more vegetarian from day to day, year to year, on a daily basis so that I manage it.

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