What is kamaloka?

I spoke of the Kamaloka in the first topics about life after death.
So I would like to go a little bit more into it.

Kamaloka is seen as our life after death, it is the space of the astral plane where we go when we die. Life after death is what we could call it, but in reality, it's just one of the first steps after death. In kamaloka, the soul starts the transformation process; it needs to free itself from impurities so that it can leave the astral world and move on to a higher world (the mental world) from where it will get ready for its next incarnation back on earth. Kama means desire and loka means Place (region), Kamaloka does mean the region of desires. why Desires? because that region is, the place of our astral body (which still survives after our physical death). That place is where our astral body will run out its earthly desires. And those desires need to get off the soul so that the soul can be free to move on.
Some would wonder why do we call it region of Desires, while we also still have our mental body after death? Well this is because kamaloka is a sub-region of the astral world ( world of desires), so in that world although you still have your mental body, the desire and feelings will influence you the most. Normally on earth (physical world) we have a certain level of control over our desires and feelings by the power of our mental body ( our thoughts) , but once in kamaloka, we do not control the desires no more, we simply are now victimes of them, so you will witness your own just-ended-life desires, and there's nothing you can do to satisfy them or to avoid them ( no control), and that's what causes sufference. it's pretty much like someone who feels like drinking water but then finds out that he can't do anything to satisfy his thirst because he has no physical tongue, no physical water, to help him do so.

In kamaloka the person who is just dead, lives his entire life backwards to the day his was born, 3 times quicker than our life here in the physical world. But this is not a life he can have control over, these are scenes going on in his mind like a movie or I would rather say that he is in the movie, feeling all the pains and joy of everything and eveybody he as the actor is causing.
But his astral body is lying in the air in a dream like state. So some can also call kamaloka as a state of consciousness in which we get into after physical death to start the purification process. kamaloka happens in a sub-region of the astral world, where all those going trough that purification process are gather together. That means you will not see a dead person in a kamaloka state if you enter consciously in the astral world when you sleep at night. Unless you know how to change your astral body vibration to that low level to enter that sub-region.

When we sleep and enter the astral world, we usually would meet other astral bodies like ourselves whose physical bodies sleeping somewhere in their bed , also you would meet some people who do not have any physical bodies because they never had any, people who are simply the creation of some other people's imagination. Yes with the power of the mind, the group of people who have same belief and thoughts could create an astral entity, what's what some religion have ended up creating, in the catholic churches for examples, I have seen how mothers gathers to pray marry (mother of Jesus), one could think that those prayers are wasted, but if you have some astral senses, you will be surprised that those millions prayers those mothers have done for centuries have created a great entity in the astral world. that astral entity is not a bad entity thanks to the kind of thoughts those mothers do. That entity body created is then used by a higher spirit from the mental world.
And that's not all; you could meet astral creature’s commonly called creatures of the nature, sylphs, salamondre, endyne, ginome etc.
Now if you see a dead person in that normal level of astral world where we go when we sleep, that means he hasn't started started the kamaloka yet. Yes some people when they die, could still have a lot of energy to keep their astral body awake, this usually happens when the person have a motive (usually those who already knew how to astral travel when they were still alive), or isn't aware he is dead so he is running here and there trying to carry on the daily routine of his life, but it will not been long enough before his astral body lacks energies and start to fall asleep, and from that start sleep he enters the kamaloka.

In kamaloka the soul of a spiritual person last very few time and changes the plane to enter a higher plan related to his level of spirituality. But for a low spiritual person, the time in kamaloka could be longer, usually years. that backward life of ours we see in kamaloka state allows us to discover the other reality side of our life on earth, for example let's say you hurt someone during your life time on earth, now in kamaloka what you see is first the feeling of the person you hurt then you hurting him, since things are going backwards, you start to see the hidden things you could not see during your life time. at the end of kamaloka you should have your whole life story.
but this has nothing to do with God's punishment for the errors you have made on earth, no, although you will feel the sufferance you have caused, you still have to fix them, that's why we go back on earth, Otherwise why do you think we keep coming back on earth? This would have stopped if kamaloka was the punishment!

Sufferance does not exist to clean our mistakes but to teach us what is wrong. To fix the mistakes is to clean our karma, and we do so by going back to the plan where we caused them. I think a topic needs to be opened in the future about the confusion in religion about purgatory.

What this means for our spiritual journey on earth is that it is necessary to clean our astral body of its impurity in order to ease process of kamaloka. So that the job nature has to do to clean our astral body is made short. All these information can be verified by whoever can astral travel in the sub-regions. but I do not advise that at all to anyone to go visit those lower regions, please do not try this at home, rather let your higher self one day take you there if it's to learn something.