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What is mother nature?

In some of my posts I've mentioned about mother nature, now I would like to go back to it and give some details, I invite everyone to add in, remove or talk about this in his/her own words. as I always say, your way of saying could be more meaningful to others.

From the beginning.

In order to make myself understood here, I'll have to go far back at the beginning.
At the beginning of things, was the absolute, the absolute is the unknown. and from the absolute came out the known. the known is the part of the unknown that can be known. Now you might wonder if I'm talking about God? Yes, but I'm being more specific here, there's God unknown(the absolute) and God known( God we all worship).
Both are not 2 separate things but the same thing. it's like God unknown wanted to be known so he transformed himself into a known thing.

God splits to create

From his known aspect, he wanted to create what is going to know him, so he has to create, but in order to create, he divides himself into 2 entities, he becomes God the father and God the mother. From the known came out God the mother, this is what we also call mother nature.
speaking roughly, I'll say that God created for himself a wife. it's a bit strange to give God a wife I know. but keep reading, maybe I'll make sense.
God the mother came out of God the father, just as what the book of Moses tell about Adam and Eve, it's the same truth, ever since that event happened, it became a divine rule: to create one need an opposite side of himself. And I'm sure we've all seen that in our daily life, the easy example is the creation of a baby that requires a man and a women. we do not invent things but simply repeat what has happened up there. and if you really think of it, you will notice how that divine law is found almost everywhere creation is involved.

Mother nature comes out of God
God the mother or mother nature is not something really different from God. it is just an extension of God himself, another form, aspect of God. and the difference is that, that aspect of him is called negative, please note that I do not mean negative as bad here, but the opposite energy of God. So you have God the father which is the positive side of God and God the mother as the negative side of God. It is well known that a human being is created in the image of God, right, well then you should be able to tell this truth about the God mother in you, otherwise this is not a universal truth.
I can help you with this, look at yourself, take your whole physical body as God, then your right side is God the father and your left side is God the mother. then your right side (right hand side) has positive (electric) energies and your left side (left hand side) has negative (magnetic) energies.

In the book of Moses "Genesis" it is said that Eve was extracted from one of Adam's ribs, doesn't it explains a lot to you. and it's not difficult to know on what side of the Adam the ribs was taken, it's surely from the left side of Adam, why? because it would have been a mistake if it was taken from the right side, a mistake according the the Divine law of creation. If Eve was made out of Adam ribs, that means that Eve was not different from Adam, that means Eve was an extension of Adam, his flesh and blood, his own body part.
That means from 1 came out 2. and later from 2 came out 3 and from 3 multiple 3's could be made. have you ever asked yourself the question how Adam ,the 2 boys ( their children) and Eve alone managed to populate the world? was it possible?, well there's more to the story to tell for me, but this is not the topic so I'll move on.

The third aspect of God gives shapes to Mother Nature
So here we are now, we see the connection between Eve and mother nature, why? because Eve is indeed the mother nature, and Adam, God the father. how could Moses explain this to people if not with the images of Adam and Eve. The story of Eve in Genesis tells us about mother nature.
So God used the union of the positive and negative side of him to create a third aspect of God, God the son, who is usually known as the Christ in Christianity or Buddha in Buddhism or the spirit of Krishna in Hinduism. Christ is also named as the verb, this is because that third aspect of God created from the union of God the mother and God the father is the Divine letters, to be used to form words and sentences. So now we could say that God can make a speech.
the letters are all the pure first matters that combined to form words (the angels); later, words combined to form sentences, that means, angels gathered to form our universe.
and a human beings as images of God, have the power to pronounce sounds in order to create on the matter, to transform the matter. Human Sounds have a great connection with spiritual beings up there, the knowledge and better use of the words, could make of us great white magicians, just like our heavenly parents are( but this could be another topic too).

So what is Mother Nature?
Mother nature is the visible side of father nature. mother nature, is the matter (visible and invisible), while father nature is the opposite of that, but he holds the key of matter. Christians know that in the bible it's mentioned in (In revelation ) that "God's Throne is surrounded by 4 creatures which eternally sing praises to Him"
those 4 creatures are the 4 elements matter. but at that high level, matter can't really be called matter, or maybe could we call it the "spirit-matter" if that helps. Mother nature is to show the beauty that holds his husband God the father, that's why she reveals beauty, kindness, gentleness, sweetness...

Mother natures is a consciousness, not a being of any sort, but manifest itself in the universe in many forms, as she holds the secrets of forms and matter, she can design the most beautiful shape to express the Father's Idea.
she is the visible and invisible universe, she contains anything that is possible to know. She is the Eve of the bible, she is Iris of the Egyptian myths, she is the kundalini energy of yogis, she is Mary the mother of Jesus, she is the woman in general, she is nature. she is then the outside part of our Father. And is not a stand alone thing, but an extension of the Father in another form, just like God is the extension of the absolute.

She Gives Matter to spirits
Mother nature is matter and gives matter to spirits. she gives a form to the unformed, in order words she gives bodies to the spirits. we can't ignore her just because it doesn't meet our culture knowledge, because we like or not she exist and is present, we live in her, and inherit our bodies from her. and then we should know that everything that manifest mother nature can do what the great mother does, that's why women being the manifestation of mother nature, they can give birth to new human beings. to give birth is to give matter ( 4 physical elements) to a spirit, women do not create human beings, but they give matter, a body to the spirit so it can live on earth. women also have the power to give matter to Ideas, woman give the matter they have to ideas or spirits,, so if she is impure, she gives birth to demon or she could give birth to the most wonderful idea or spirit, this is even the symbolism of Mary the mother of Jesus, who gave matter to the most wonderful Divine idea.

Without the mother nature, nothing would ever manifest, nothing could be realized. woman have the responsibility of bring heaven on earth, because only them have that power of allowing ideas to be realized. not most women know that, and it's so sad. So many things are just impossible on earth without the presence of woman. Mother nature loves her daughters very much, she loves her boys too, but great care is given to her daughter as they are the key to the work she has to do. Women like to be naturally beautiful, it's like instinct to them, and this is so wonderful to notice, by doing so, they are sending out a message, saying: "Hey boys, look how beautiful God is ".
Man should be able to see women as the image of mother nature, and women see men as images of the Father nature, when that happens a connection straight away establish between heaven and earth, women can connect directly with God the father through Men, and Men can connect directly to mother nature through women, this is all done by how they look at each other.
Woman are waiting to be filled by the spirit(light) so they can make that light come true.

One day, when the whole world is convinced of the power that holds women, men and women will start working together for the coming of the most beautiful spirits on earth, man will give his electric energy and women will take it to give it matter.
Through women will come down genius, saints, angels, and God himself.
Let women and men work together for the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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Beautifull.....I really don't need to say more. Absolutely beautifull.
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no need to add anything................
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And half a year later - I could not presume to think there is anything I could add. I feel humbled by such wisdom. Thank you krya.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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