What is the reason for experiencing cold chills during meditation?

From my experience, chills are very common, especially for meditation practitioners . Many meditators have experienced a cold chills during meditation, even when the temperature isn’t that badly cold. For those who have experienced this and wonder what could be a possible cause for this. I suggest an esoteric explanation. You are welcome to give your point of view too.

Some insight about Cold and hot
What happens when you lose heat? You get cold. The physical body reacts to that loss of heat by shivering, skin hair stands, or goose pimples. The goose pimples means that your body is trying to preserve some heat. Biologically, that’s all it is.
What everybody knows is that, the body loss of heat can be caused from the external temperature, but what we forget is that the loss of heat can also be caused from the inside (from the soul).

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The inside temperature
See, your physical body is in between 2 worlds: The visible and invisible world. So it is influenced not only by the outside temperature, but also from the inside temperature. Yes there is an inside temperature too. The different states of your soul is that inside temperature. I mean, your mood, your feelings are what make the inside temperature. And there are many degrees of temperature, from sadness, worries, anxiety, to joy, all those are different degrees and manifestations of the inside temperature. For example, one can say it is badly cold in you when you worried. Or spiritually hot in you when you are enjoying a peaceful, spiritual kind of music.

Your physical body reacts not only to the physical temperature, but also does react to the inside temperature. For example, haven’t you ever experienced some soft chills, some goose pimples, caused by a pleasant feeling while listening to a great piece of music? I personally happen to get that a lot and frequently towards music, wise spiritual text, spiritual images and symbols. I get a cold pleasant chill.
Just like it happens to have goose bumps when we have a fearful, scary thought. This is quite clear that our inner temperature also affects our physical body temperature too.

we should know that when we meditate, we do a lot of mind work. And when the mind is used to focus on one specific thought for a while, the soul gets cold. Depending on the type of thought we focus on, we could get bad cold or a good cold. What happens afterwards is that the cold temperature of your soul replicates on the physical body.

Or if you want to see this in more details: Your whole human being is composed of thoughts, feelings and physical body. Those different parts of your being tend to copy each other. I mean the physical body copies the temperature of your feelings. And your feelings copy the temperature of your thoughts. By nature, thoughts are cold and Feelings are hot. When thoughts gets colder, feelings loses some heat. At that moment it will feel like the whole of your inner temperature (mood) is cold. If that inner temperature last or is intense, the physical body will then also try to copy the state of your feelings. The physical body will say “Well, I see that the feelings world I’m linked to, have lost some heat. Ok, I will also try to do the same in my way”, and so the body heat decreases and the cold is felt. The chill caused from the inner temperature doesn’t last long, and it is usually sudden, almost like you don’t know when it startes. And It feels that, that chill happens on the surface of the body. It can be felt strongly but it will rarely shake you.

Thoughts are very cold when they are spiritual.
The pure but thoughtful mind can be compared to the north pole of planet earth. The impure mind but thoughtful can be compared to the south pole. We know how cold it gets in the north pole. There is a lot of ices and a lot of white. Not any being survives that temperature. That’s why we don’t meet as many kind of animals as there are in midway between the poles; I mean in the equator zone. The spiritual mind just like the north pole is very cold. That’s why it doesn’t allow earthly pleasure (wild animals of the equator). All earthly pleasure die in that kind of weather. See for yourself, when we want to indulge ourselves into earthly pleasure, we tend to suppress our logic, we must forget all moral laws to enjoy pleasure to the full. As soon as we start reasoning, we find it hard to experience the madness, since logic will make us feel guilty and stupid. It can be difficult to get angry soon after reading some logical reason of why not to get angry Smile . Now imagine someone who is always thinking, reasoning about anything he/she is about to do. Hooo well, you will notice that he/she becomes a cold person. He/she will be very slow, he will have hesitations because he will live under so many principles. Yes my friends, Wisdom freezes anything not spiritual in you. Wisdom is the coldest world we could ever know. When you become wise, many wild animals (wrong desires) freezes in you. As long as you keep freezing yourself through meditation, those wild inner animals will become so inactive that they won't bother you anymore, they won't even manifest no more. Who regularly meditate this way, moves towards the north pole symbolically speaking.

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And feelings are the hottest when they are spiritual.
From this point of view, it is clear that when we meditate, we become and ices in your thoughts. Now your feelings also copies that temperature, so they lose some heat. Our feeling world can be compared to the middle zone of planet earth, the equator. Where it is mostly hotter. That zone is the perfect condition for wild animals. In the same way, in our human heart, our feelings live many vices (wile animals), some good animals too, but mostly wild ones. When the mind (thoughts) is shut off for the a long time, the heart (feelings) starts to get hotter and hotter and wild animals come out. This is the kind of hot which hurts. And which is not so spiritual.

Now I should point out that there’s another kind of hot temperature which is linked to the Divine world. It is the kind of high temperature which doesn’t cause a global warming, which doesn’t remove the ices of the north pole symbolically speaking. That means there is a high hot temperature, a kind of pleasure which can coexist with the reasoning, with wisdom, with the ice temperature. This is when you feel such a joy doing something which is based on spiritual principles. This explains why you can feel so much joy in helping people, in learning the spiritual knowledge, you feel joy in doing spiritual exercises, joy in listening or singing lifting music, there is joy in reading, in looking at beauty, in doing something divine. Those are the kind of pleasure (rather called joy) which doesn’t decrease your intelligence and your wisdom.

When meditation can produce a cold temperature, chants can produce a great amount of heat.
The simple action of talking a lot of crap for some time can make you feel hot. During a prayer, your soul becomes very hot (a good high temperature). While when you are meditating, your soul becomes very cold. People who meditate are cold people, they aim for wisdom. And those who pray a lot are hot people, they aim for love, and virtues. Words or sounds increases hot . One can increase his patience, his generosity through words, or through sounds.
You will noticed that great meditators love the top of the mountains. It can get very cold in the mountain because the top of a mountain represents the highest mind of earth. Meditating in the mountain can become easy and intense, Because that's where our inner cold merges with the outside cold. And with prayers, mantras, vocalizations, some rare spiritual people are able to produce a lot of body heat to resist to high cold temperature.

Finally it also should be added, that During meditation, many other things may happen. Your soul may change vibrations (cold) and put you in contact with certain spirits of the nature which correspond to your soul vibrations. So while you are meditating, one or many spiritual beings can gather around to assist you. Your soul could get warmer or colder depending on the type of spiritual being you are surrounded by. As code of guidance, just remember that in general beings of love will cause an inner warm temperature. While beings of wisdom will cause an inner cold temperature. The intensity of those inner temperature can be replicated on your physical body too.

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