(02-10-2015, 11:57 PM)noman Wrote: Interesting topic.
Don't take this the wrong way, but after reading this post carefully, It is now clear to me why most African countries in hot weather move slow in development. It is so damn hot that there is no condition for thinking. Smile

For me it is now clear, the skin color is not what differentiates us. It is the weather. Smile Smile

Hahaha Smile Funny as it may sound, I would agree with you norman on that thought.
Like John_ly, I also have observed the outer temperature affecting the inner temperature.
The simple example is to see how people act during the day. When the sun rises, people wake up and starts their activities.
as the suns rises in the sky (afternoon) people become super active. At night all activities slows down, then late at night, they all become inactive.

Apparently it is not the sun light with keeps them active, but rather the heat. Because you can notice that during hot nights, people tend to remain as active as in the day. While even when there is light but cold during the day, people tend to become very inactive, most of them would prefer to stay in bed. Related things affects each other. When it is hot, related organs in the body also tend to become active (the heart). And when it is cold, the brain also tends to become active. Just like what happens between the moon faces and the water of planet earth. Since they are related, the water of earth and of the human body rises as the moon waxes.

Certain regions of any given system are meant to stay in cold and some other in hot. All things near the center are usually hot and things at the peripherals, at the extremity, away from the center live in cold. In the solar system planets close to the sun are hot and those away gets cold. In the human body it is the say, the center or the heart and all organs around are hot, while the brain which is the peripheral is cold. The heart needs to keep warm. If it freezes we die. The brain must keep cold, if it heats we can't think straight no more. It is even said that the brain's food is oxygen. Oxygen is a cold thing, and the CO2 is a hot thing. A pretty rough demonstration is shown in the air which enters our nostrils, it is filled with oxygen and feels cold, while the air we breath out is hot because it is the CO2. So that cold thing, the oxygen helps the brain to focus and come up with some creativity, to help the world development...

The equator zones of planet earth which represents the center of our planet is hot while its extremities, I mean the poles are cold places. Everything which lives around hot places tend to be super active, even animals get wild. While everything around the cold tend to be calm and inactive.
But because we've seen dumb people rise from perfect condition, or the opposite, Smile it means that there are always exceptions to the rules.