(02-10-2015, 11:57 PM)noman Wrote: Don't take this the wrong way, but after reading this post carefully, It is now clear to me why most African countries in hot weather move slow in development. It is so damn hot that there is no condition for thinking. Smile

Agreed. But still, we may need to mitigate this viewpoint by requesting a redefinition of the concept of development. We must honestly ask ourselves whether the kind of lifestyle now witnessed in modern countries, in which human beings are turned into worker drones, techno-addicts and soulless consumer zombies who are massively “incarcerated” in anonymous concrete jungles (i.e. the metropolitan cities), whether the kind of world produced by that lifestyle truly deserves to be referred to as "developed" at all. If we are fully satisfied by that kind of lifestyle and consider it as an apex of development, then that would be quite indicative about the nature of our consciousnesses.

As far as the difference among people is concerned, like noman you have pointed out, it is better to view it not as a fundamental difference in genetic potential among the races (because this is equally distributed among all the races), but rather as a simple matter of where people put their priorities in order to optimize their collective survival. For instance, when a group of people are exposed to hostile environmental conditions, this will force them to seek innovative ways of adapting in order to survive in that environment, which is something they wouldn’t be concerned about if they were blissfully living in a paradisiacal “garden of Eden”. And naturally, their mechanism of adaptation will gradually be transmitted to future generations until it becomes a part of their cultural heritage that manifests in their tendencies and predispositions.

The problem about conveying esoteric information such as this one is that you will never know how it will be interpreted. Some may fall into the temptation of using the information to fuel racial, tribal or ethnic prejudices by painting members of other groups with one simple brush and elect themselves as the special specimen (or the “chosen ones” like so many have pretended). This has been the cause of so much troubles and suffering in this world, and it is precisely the reason why some information are better left untold because they risk being misunderstood or twisted by an undisciplined/uninitiated audience. But if a person can resist that temptation by mitigating his or her own preconceived opinions, then that person will find that it makes perfect sense to have different kinds of people in this world who have different polarities, personalities and predispositions. When this is understood, then the person will no longer see the diversity among people as a threat or a problem, but rather an asset that it is.

Any soul that wishes to learn from a different polarity than the one it is currently working on can always have the chance to reincarnate in a different gender, culture or race that can better offer the opportunities for such a learning. Many prefer to learn slowly from one polarity per lifetime, while others choose to learn from both polarities simultaneously. We live in a world that over-stresses the importance of specialisation. To look normal in this world, you are expected to specialize only in one domain of life and stay almost totally ignorant in all the others (this can even be said to be a robotisation of people! Smile ). Personally, I prefer being a generalist than a specialist. I believe that it is even possible for someone to be a pure mathematician (i.e. a left brain activity) and still love to write or sing songs (i.e. a right brain activity), or to be a spiritual person and still get directly or indirectly involved in matters of society. Similarly, there is no good reason why a person should only learn one language, religion, culture, or profession for his/her entire life and settle for it alone.

To gain a broader knowledge base in life, one must be willing to learn simultaneously from as many sources as possible, to reflect from as many perspectives as possible, and to accept as many disciplines as one can handle.