What is the spirit actually?

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"For me, proofs stay the only judge for human to tell if something is real or not. True or false. Nothing which is written or spoken is true until it can be proven in a way. I rely on the official science for concrete proofs using the tools available: microscope, telescope etc. But I would rely on the hermetic science for proofs about the abstracts, using psychic tools to research. Many things we read in spiritual books are simply good for knowledge. It's good to know, to be informed, and keep the info for later use. For comparisons, for logic. But I wouldn't take any we read or hear about spirituality to be all true until I've verified it myself by living it. "

@Axiom79 How do we know Spirit, God, Soul, etc, is something real as our experience is usually something "we told ourselves" or "someone else told us".

I have searched all posts on this thread without finding a reference to intelligence or intellect. Whilst I am all in favour of seeking evidence and proof in the material world, I propose that we humans are endowed with intelligence and intellect, as well as varying degrees of spiritual awareness, so that each of us can not only determine whether or not something abstract is proven by the available evidence, but also make a considered judgement. That judgement may be either evidential or intuitive, or both in varying degrees; it is for the individual to decide what is acceptable in the context of his/her current intellectual/spiritual status.
So, Axiom 79, "something we told ourselves" is pretty near the mark, in my view.

L & L
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Here is my contribution to this thread.
IMHO Creator is pure energy, pure intelligence and pure love.
I asked for many years, 'where do we come from, what are we at our core?'. My question was answered a few years ago when I had an OBE, which follows.
I found my self standing on a circular balcony like surface, actually unexplainable to describe. Looking out I saw and felt energy. This energy was all around, as was several spinning energies within the Energy I think of as Creator. Sparks were flying out of the small spinning energies.
"This is how souls are born, they are sparks from Creator. They have intelligence, love, and energy, with free will."
I turned to speak to my companion, all I could say was 'Your Jesus' over and over again. He smiled and said, 'when your not so overcome by me, I'll tell you more.
(FYI I believe Jesus is a WayShower, just like many others who have come to help us on our journey.
So I think our spark aka soul is a part of Creator. I believe our true home is in the Spirit world, our body is a 'suit' we wear in each lifetime.
We are here to experience and put into action what we learn in Spirit. Our spirit is the part of us which remembers Spirit our true home.
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I view the Soul as a magnetic part of the Spirit. Attacting matter from within to create the human form. When we die, Soul is released from matter and goes with Spirit. Once human form is created, the Soul can of course come and go from the body but human form needs that connection to Energy Source to exist. Spirit is our connection to The All In All - God.
That's my very elementary belief of our existence on Earth.
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Thanks for your input Flamelily
I also have a similar point of view about the spirit, just to contribute to your thought.
I picture the spirit mainly as a consciousness without matter. For me matter is not only physical, there is an astral matter (emotional energy) and mental matter (thought energy). So when I say consciousness without matter I am speaking of something beyond matter, beyond the emotions/desires and thoughts. This thing, the spirit without matter is like it doesn’t exit.

So in order to manifest in the material worlds (mental, astral and physical), it gathers matter around itself. All the gather matter is what we call subtle bodies of the spirit.
That is where I join your thought, that the spirit is like a magnetic thing attracting matter. With a mental body it manifests its wisdom, with a astral body it manifests love, and with a physical body it manifests will. It’s like the spirit has a mission to rule everywhere it is present. In all forms of bodies it is trying to manifests its true nature, and so all bodies get better through time, changing towards a better and subtle matter which obeys the spirit.

The matter is very stubborn and doesn’t always obey the orders of the spirit. And we as pure consciousness in these different bodies will sense this resistance in trying change ourselves. For example, you know what you need to do to get better, you try but it seems like your astral body ( your emotions and desires) are fighting your ideas, or sometimes your desires matches your ideas but your logic, your intellect ( your mental body) will resist and fight with you. It apparently takes time for the spirit to master the elements ( the matters), it takes many life times, but eventually get there. The spirit has proven to be stronger than matter because our elders have reached control over matter. Thanks to their success, we can confidently invest our effort in this spirituality business knowing that we will win, and show the chaotic matter who is the boss . We will remind this matter from what it originated
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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