What is meditation?
Just like a prayer, a meditation is a mean to connect to the spiritual world. The state of the mind and heart we create thanks to meditation opens doors to the spiritual world. So from meditation one can communicate with spiritual beings. but of course, the type of messages we receive in a meditation depends on our development. A meditation is aimed at connecting to our higher self from which we get wisdom and love. So if somehow you get out of a meditation being all moody, sad and angry, you decide not to do meditation again, well, that was not a meditation. Who comes out of a room of nice perfume, will feel so delighted that he will want to go back there soon, while if you come out of a bad smelly toilet, you will come out of it fingers on your noses and swear not to go back there.

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Different types of meditations
There are Hindu type of meditation, mostly chakra related. There are Buddhist meditations related with calming the mind, there's also the Occident type related to cogitating and a mixture of the above meditation type. Truth seekers, especially beginners, find it difficult to choose what type of meditation to go for; since too many options are available to them when doing their research. Many wonder what type of meditation is right and powerful for them, as they see everybody is practicing meditation its own way. so they ask themselves, Is there a universal way of meditating?

Meditation in that regard is like a sport, you have all sorts of sport, rugby, football, baseball, and everyone cannot play football, nor everybody can play basketball. For example I've noticed that basketball is not as popular in south Africa as it is in united states. And there's no law that oblige everybody to do the same sport. A sport is a sport, whether it is basketball or rugby, the purpose is to keep fit. To entertain people too, but it's first to keep in good shape. Finally the sport people generally choose to practice is the one of their country of birth. So the same with meditation, meditation is a sport, when continuously practiced, gives a good emotional and mental health. Depending where in the world you are, you are likely going to practice the type of meditation to suits your culture. But like I said, Nobody can ever force someone to practice a particular meditation, I came from a country where football is mostly played as sport, but I chose to play basketball, for various reason, because I loved American culture, I'm tall and love using my arms rather then my legs. Why do we have to do a meditation that seem complicated for us? So I think, even if your country practices Zen meditation, and that you do not see yourself fit for that type of meditation, then look around, go see how other countries in the world practice meditation. And if you like it, if you see yourself practicing easily that foreign meditation, then that is best for you, you will connect easily, quickly and deeply into the spiritual world, rather than struggling with a type of meditation you do not understand, and that doesn't seem to help you get anywhere. Bottom line, It's all about connecting to God's network, to the spiritual world to nourish our soul.

Examples of meditations and their benefits
In any sport, there are professionals and non-professionals, you can join a team and play national or international, or you can stay non-professional and play in your backyard with friends. When you choose to be professional you join a team and you are trained step by step, you learn quicker, get all the encouragement of your team and teacher and very soon if you are hard worker, you start to impress the world, and are printed in magazine, you get contracts and become a star. Some non-professional do so well in the street, that they also become stars in no time, with a very quick training and here we go. Well the same with meditation. You can join a meditation group; for instance, you go to India to find a master to teach you the Mind-fullness or in Japan to find a master who can teach you the Zen. That's the professional behavior; The non professional behavior is to learn from home, because you believe you can, you read about it, you understand it and you practice it. And if you are a hard worker, you can meditate just like the professional and even better! Then the spiritual beings will come to give you spiritual trophies, and some other spiritual beings will have to come to make you sign spiritual contracts so you can help others in that field; you become popular among spiritual beings, you become a spiritual super star. Meditation is first a mean of connecting to our higher self. If you can do that connection whatever way, then you know how to meditate. Let's take some examples.

The mindfullness meditation, this is a meditation in which one let go of all sorts of thoughts in his mind. In mind-fullness we learn how to see the thoughts without encouraging them, but we let them rise and fall. That way we detach from the matter, since esoteric philosophy says that the world started with a thought. Yes when thought start, the world start. When God thought, the matter was formed. So in mind-fullness, one actually connects to the space between the thoughts and the nothing, that space is the silence. Because by dint of not taking care of thoughts in the mind, we come to the point where thoughts appears in the consciousness very seldom, and that interval, that time when there was no thoughts, that time when you were waiting for the next thoughts to rise. that time is what we call eternity. Eternity is that silence of the mind. Yes eternity has actually nothing to do with time, because even 9999999999999999 centuries will not still mean eternity, will it? Eternity is that silent state in the mind. Which means anyone can enter eternity though meditation; Eternity is in the present state. And every time you enter it, new pure energies enters in you, and activates chakras.

Chakra meditation , There are lots of them taking their roots from different Yoga system, Hatha yogo, kriya yoga, sourya yoga, kundalini yoga. etc. A part from the Hatha yoga which includes a lot of physical exercises (Asanas), most chakra mediations involves breathing and managing body energies. This is to me like working directly to the result of things. Because other forms of meditations like mind-fullness, zen and the cogitating meditation provokes the opening of chakras and the awaking of the kundalini. In chakra meditations you will find the use of sounds (mantra meditation) and the use of images (visualization, contemplation) all aimed at stimulating the chackras.

Cogitation meditation, this is mostly for mind-oriented people, the philosophers. This meditation is based on the principle that the more a mind thinks spiritual, and deeply, the more it approaches the spiritual world. From this meditation we understand that different level of minds are related to different chakras. for example, the root and the sacral chakra runs worldly types of thoughts (thinking about problems of daily life, sex, food etc), the chakra of plexus solar runs philosophical kind of thoughts. So the type of thoughts you have in regular basis, and the way you think, tells what chakras are active in you. And the more you purify your mind, the more you understand, the more you think higher, and so the more you are cleaning your upper chakras. Usually other spirits of the nature which deals with intelligence get involved in that process, the sylphs and the angel Raphael for example;

The end Goal
The mindfullness connects you to an aspect of God, "vigilance, the eye of God", The chakra meditations will connect you to another aspects of God "Energies, the life of God", and the cogitation meditation connects you to God through another aspect of God "wisdom, the word of God". So whatever gateway you use, as long as it's a representation of God, it's a good way. In that sense, none of the meditations are wrong. We also notice that the effects for all those practices is on chackras, which also explains why some religiours became saints without even knowing about chakras. because all the prayers they've done and the virtuous life they've lived had activated their chackras without them knowing it. But of course, a good knowledge of chakras and can speed things up.

Now you might wonder, why are those meditations activating chackras? well because chakras are meant to be activated and opened as a person develops, as he enters the inner world of perfection. The perfect human being has all his chakras fully opened by the kundalini energy. The perfect human being is someone who has achieved the union of the lower self and the higher self. That union happens in us, but also in our chakra system. That union happens in our spiritual body when the positive polarity energies (found in the head) and the negative polarity energy (found in the sex organs) meet. So the union is when energies found in the sex goes up to meet the energies of the head. That's what nature explains to us with union of man and women. Man being the representation of higher self (positive energies) and the woman as a representation of the lower self (negative energies); But looking at things inside, our soul have a negative polarity when facing the higher self who is always a positive polarity; the human soul represents the women, and the spiritual soul(the higher self) represents the man .

What we call kundalini is in fact the representation of our lower self in the body, kundalini is a serpent-fire sleeping in most people's body at the root chakra. And what we call higher self is represented in our body at the crown chakra. When the kundalini serpent rises along the spine column, it opens each chakra on its way; when it reaches the crown chakra, we say that the Union of the lower self and the higher self has been achieved. In the universal language we say that the line (lower self) must bend and make its ends meet, in order to create a circle. A line is limited (creature) and The circle is the unlimited (creator). When a soul has met his soul mate, he becomes complete and perfect. he becomes God (a circle). So as we develop inside, chakras activates, kundalini awakes and opens all chakras from the bottom (root chakra) to the top (crown chackra). The day the kundalini awakes, rises and bites itself (To the crown chackra), that day the serpent will know itself, in order words, we (lower selves) will know ourselves (higher selves). And that is what meditation (and the practice of virtues) can bring about.
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Love and light