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Working with the etheric body

Working with the etheric body

In many posts I've shared my view on the etheric body. I thought I could come back to it and group together the few basic and simple ways of working with it.

The etheric body needs serious care. Most people survive with very less etheric energies. They basically got used to living with very little etheric energy. insufficient etheric energy contributes to a short life span, and above all, the laziness to accomplish/action the will of the spirit which requires a lot of energies to execute. It is therefore in the truth seeker best interest to take a decision to work on increasing their etheric energy, to feed it with new energies every day, in order to make it easy for the will of the spirit to manifest better through the physical body. We may develop your etheric body in many ways. For a start, here is what we may do.

1) Try and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily. When you rest )sleeping, you actually allow your etheric body to absorb solar energies from the atmosphere. This is a natural way established by nature for the etheric body to recharge. Use it in your advantage. When you are awake, a lot of your etheric body energies are being used by your body; especially by the brain. In fact anything you do willingly uses the etheric body energies: Speaking, listening, walking, thinking about a difficult problem, jumping etc.

2) The second thing you do is to learn how to withdraw the etheric energies from the food you eat. Yes, any food especially those which grew exposed to the sunlight, contain solar energies called prana (the solar energies) which empowers your etheric body. Fruits are the most exposed to the sun light. Apples, mangoes, bananas… preferably choose the ones which are fresh, with shining colors. For example, bright yellow, red, purple, fruits. The presence of colors in the fruit demonstrates a great amount of solar energies in it. Notice that when those fruits get bad (meaning when they loose their etheric energies), they loose their colors, which means their prana energies expire.

3) There is also a special way to eat in order to observe the energies from food. The secret is in your mouth. Your mouth has natural tools of observing the etheric energies. Those energies are withdrawn from your mouth. Precisely from the top part of your mouth, and also under your tongue. When you have the food in your mouth, do not quickly swallow it. Rather take some time to chew it enough. And above all, from time to time, you should stop chewing to breathe deeply. Take a deep breath through your nose and mostly most importantly feel the air as you breath in and out. From time to time. You may stop chewing and take a deep breath. Fell the air which goes past your mouth as you are breathing in. You may if you can also imagine that you are withdrawing the energy of the chewed food from the top of the mouth, thanks to movement of deep breathing. This attitude allows the energies to join your etheric body through the top of the mouth.

Love and light
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My mother was a Romany gypsy. She certainly did not know the meaning of spiritualism or prana or etheric body.
My father grew as much  of our food as he could.

UNDERSTAND THE SOURCE OF EACH KIND OF FOOD YOU EAT AS WELL AS THE AIR YOU BREATHE ETC. In Christian religious communities there is a  ritual called 'saying grace' before and after meals but I fear that today most so-called Christians have no understanding of the purpose of this practice .

For me, eating and drinking are as much part of the spiritual experience as are meditation or prayer.

I don't mix much with other people these days but from what I hear and read, most folks have absolutely no idea of the importance of these things. 

Just another reason why much of the civilised world  lives in such confusion.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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@MoonBearSpeaks, Your mum instructions are 100% in accordance with the esoteric science view of energies in food. Looks like your mum had the sense of spirituality at heart. I'm glad to hear that. Smile 

In fact this principle applies to the 3 main organs of energy substraction (the mouth, the lungs and the sex). The lungs, just like the mouth, is an energy (prana) substraction factory. The mouth can withdraw the subtle energy from food, and the lungs can withdraw the subtle energy from the air. All we need to do is give those organs time to do their subtraction job. Meaning retaining the raw material in the organ. Enough time for the lungs, mouth or the sex organ to take the subtle energy. This is why for example, the retention of air in the lungs during pranayama breathing is the most important part of the practice. You want to retain the air in the lungs for some seconds so the lungs may have enough time to take out the prana from the air taken from the outside world. 

Love and light
A meditation is a trip to the space between the sun and earth. Where there is No days no nights, no noise, no rain, no wind, no earth force of attraction, but just peace, just light, just silence, just freedom. Would you Join me in this trip?

M. Krya
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When I was about twelve or fourteen, one of my older brothers, Michael, introduced me to Hatha yoga. I never understood how he knew these things - we lived in a quiet village in the south of England and at the time I had little concept of what existed east of Suez. At that age  Michael taught me the technique of three-stage abdominal breathing. I find it an essential prerequisite to even most basic relaxation, meditation and mind control. There are scores of sites on Google for anyone looking for more info.

The picture is of my late wife in our house in Wales when she was 78 years old. In those days we participated in yoga and tai-chi groups on the beaches of southern Spain and also did our own daily routines at home in UK. 

[Image: Yoga_Xmas_08_2.jpg]

L & L
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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I have never considered the importance of eating slow.... I recognized the important of fruits, vegetables, no meats, and healthy foods, but the process of eating slow is not something I ever considered spiritual. Eating very fast, is bad for digestion and also is some what gluttonous, I understand this. But I definitely fall somewhere in between Slow, Breathing eating and Fast eating. Perhaps my youth and time in the university caused me to be somewhat OF a eat on the GO or in a rush mentality. 

I will work on this becuase what Kyra and MBS said actually makes alot of sense. Thank you to all the contrubitors.

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