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Want to know how many people are in the world? Want to know how many people are in your country?
Want to know the approximate population in the future?


Its a bit scary. If we keep having more children, and people's lifespan keeps growing, how will Mother Earth keep feeding all of us????
Space, open spaces will be taken over by more towns.

Nature, plant life and animal life deserve to live without invasion by humans.

Time to get serious about space travel and searching for inhabital worlds we can settle on, that have no native populations of their own.

What say you, any ideas????
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I enquired about this some years ago and the answer I got was that we will not successfully space-travel and colonise other planets until we, as a race, have learned how to treat Mother Earth with proper respect.
I am a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience
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Greetings Skytiger and MOONBEARSPEAKS,

If we can stretch our imagination or even better, give ourselves permission to the possibility of changing our beliefs about the current reality that we live in; then we have an opportunity to consider that our reality as we know it is an ‘illusion.’

For a moment, if we can visualize ourselves on the star ship Enterprise (without Captain Jean-Luc Picard) and we are on the Holo-deck... the area where we can you can enter another time period and interact within that reality as if it were real – sounds like a past-life scenario – but for the participators it’s very real (much like our present reality.)

In reality, pardon the pun, we actively participate in each life/past-life through our consciousness. When then physical body dies, it is our consciousness that leaves the body behind. We simply change the channel to another realty/dimension. The illusion however, is that we believe that our experiences are true/real. In this reality they are but we have agreed, prior to entering into the physical, to have a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ in place. This veil is in place for many reasons, so we don’t get cold feet and want to get out of the experience if the going gets tough, having the desire to be in the presence of the ‘Oneness’ or simply changed your mind.

Now, we need to stretch our imagination even further as this picture of our reality even gets more complicated… are your seat belts on??? Imagination stretched??? Well, another picture requires painting first. Who are we… we are an aspect of our Higher-self… our soul, is our Higher-self and we are fragments of consciousness experiencing this earthly experience. Actually we are experiencing multiple lifetimes at once (as there isn’t the concept of ‘Time’) in the other dimension where the Higher-self resides. The soul has the ability to fragment into several aspects (conscious energy) that leaves the Higher-self (source-self) to experience physical materialization within the 3rd dimensional reality. Each aspect is connected through the Higher-self and have their own abilities, talents and personalities all encroach upon the 3rd dimensional reality/space time continuum. Not all aspects of self have a physical existence, some may not have a body at all and may choose an experience on another planet/realm.

If we were to regard the concept of twins as two aspects of the same soul, whether they are identical or fraternal – or non-identical twins can be different or the same gender. The soul/Higher-self wishes to experience a life experience in two different bodies.

'Now what has all of this have to do with the number of people are in the world, future populations and how will Mother Earth keep feeding all of us????'

Considering our reality as we know it is an ‘illusion’ and the ‘aspects’ of souls, everything… this is the time where the 3rd dimensional reality is traversing through a higher frequency area of the Universe and this change is providing a chance for the souls of this world and other worlds/planets to take advantage of this opportunity as it will assist in their soul’s evolution, as they can resolve many issues, karmic or personal; in one lifetime. Taking advantage of this vibration change is something that no-one wants to miss. Has anyone noticed that ‘time’ just seems to fly by??? The days seem shorter. Everything seems to happen quickly. Another observation we can make is the increase in our personal vibration, it has increased and in doing so it is helping to bring our deeply buried cellular memories to the surface in order for them to be dealt with. This may also explain why those souls from elsewhere are congregating in this 3rd dimension, to have those cellular memories also dealt with. Some souls with a more negative/lower personal vibration may not even be aware of what is happening and their ‘fight or flight’ defense mechanism kicks in and they act accordingly… ‘road rage.’

As we are observers (consciousness) I feel if we can allow ourselves to place our judgments (of what we physically see happening) aside and know that ‘everything is happening exactly as it should’ and retain a positive outlook that everything will turn out better than we can expect; will help the Universe to raise that vibration/frequency for the better.
"People may forget what you said and they may forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
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