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You can change your username (Limited time frame to do)

Dear members,

As you may have noticed. There is no option for you to change your username. That's for a good reason. We wouldn't recognize you if you changed your username whenever you wanted.

Now since many of you are not too happy with the username chosen during registration. Or maybe you would simply like to change/adjust the spelling of your username. I'm giving you a chance to do so. 

For 14 days, the option to update your username will be available in your user control panel, under profile update. Or you just click here to get there directly. 
Preferably make a one word username please. 

If you face any difficulty in doing so, you can PM me. 

Thank you.
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It's Tought not to change names, Sometimes, You Grow up or out of it.. So How Do You Deal with that; Do You Remain the Same, Like Wearing the Same Shoes and Even So they Break and You Have to Wear NEw Shoes. So How Do You Deal with when You Outgrow Your Shoes?

AS the Wind Is, So Are Those Born of the Spirit; and Isn't this a Spirititual Forum, Teaching of Spiritual Things; How then Can We NEglect of Spiritual MAtters, if the Sense of What i Have Previously Stated Above is a Common Thing to Do; Wearing NEw Shoes at Times; Perhaps there Should be Something Like; the More Your Status is, the More Availability to Change Names You Have; Like 100 Point's 2 Times Availability to Change Names; or With a Sense of Showing the Old Names to the in a Draft to other USers for the First Month or so... This Matter Should Have a Spiritual Solution as i Said; As the Wind is So are Those Born of the Spirit, They Move as it Calls them and So Should be Let to Do so, neither Keeping them Back nor Keeping them Behind. Altho i Understand this being a Forum in the Worldly, It is Consenting to Spiritual Things, and How Should We Let the World Dominate Us or Them Who are SpIritual to Consent to there Cause. Understanding that People CAn BE Mischiefious Over UserNames, But Keeping Someone Behind Who is in NEed to Change Shoes, IS Not the Right Option Either... So Please Contemplate and Consider Other Options. -- MaRtin...
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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Quote:Perhaps there Should be Something Like; the More Your Status is, the More Availability to Change Names You Have; Like 100 Point's 2 Times Availability to Change Names

Point taken. It's an idea I consider to bring up with the rest of admins. Thank you.

Please understand you are not forbidden to change your username, but not something to do regularly. Like I said in this old thread, it would be harder to recognize each other's posts if we were all to change our usernames whenever we wanted. That's why we need this forum rule to avoid the chaos to happen.

So again, if anyone would like to change username, please go ahead, the option should be available in the user control panel, if it is not, you may contact one of the moderators or administrators to do it for you. I will trust we are not changing the username many times in a short period of time, it would be confusing. 

We need to have a public unit identifier for each member, and the username is been so far our only member identifier. Maybe sometime in the future we will upgrade the forum to make use of real names next to our avatars and keep usernames for login purpose only. Until then, I humbly ask members to keep this rule going in order to maintain some order.

Thank you
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