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Dear Members,

You know you can also sign in with your facebook account right?
I wouldn't call it a new feature but, because the feature hasn't worked for a while, we may call it new feature. Wink

As an existing member, if you would like to login in MSG with your facebook, you must link your MSG account with your Facebbok account. You do that from your user control panel, it's at the bottom left of your menu . Or just click on this link to get you there :

Click on the blue "Sign in with facebook" button and the rest is self explanatory.

Then the next time, you come to MSG to login, you have a choice, you can either sign in with your usual MSG details or You may use use your facebook account. If you choose to use your facebook account, you will just click on "Login with facebook" button, and there you are!

Please note: This feature is not yet available on our mobile App.

Let me know if you have any questions about it. 

Thank you.
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Thanks for this. That makes it easy for me.
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