Your website show You as a Hindu though You preach about Universal Spirituality

Shri Hrushikesh asked:

Why do Your photographs on Your website show You mostly as a Hindu even though You preach about Universal Spirituality?

Swami replied:

Universal Spirituality or Universal Religion is like the central government of India and the specific religion followed by any person, is like the state government of any one state in India. The citizen belongs to both the central and state governments simultaneously. This means that you can be a follower of Universal Religion while still being a follower of your own religion. Universal Religion pervades all religions in the world. It means that you can continue to follow your own religion. There is no need to convert to any other religion. The important point you have to learn from Universal Religion is that you should never criticize other religions. The same God appeared in different forms at different places, in different times. Each time the form taken up by Him was according to the specific culture of each place. He preached the same spiritual knowledge in different languages. All religions have some merits and some defects. The merits are due to the original preaching of God whereas the defects are due to wrong ideas introduced by the followers later on. You have to be selective and pick only the merits of all religions.

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In Reality this should be the other way around, showing universal spirituality in image/photographs and preaching hindu teachings.
It is a matter of attachment that swami does it the way he does, luring in people by his images of universal spirituality of his concept of Hinduism or Hinduistic thoughts. This is Folly and Nonsense; Vanity; he considers his own enlightenment in par to other peoples growth over the growth of the people and the life of the land. This is for he has never separated himself of his natural discourse of growth and religion of worth, I'm hereby not criticizing religion/universal but the person himself, as one who has layed down his former religions and preached universal in form of relation to relatability; Swami does what he thinks is most suiting for other's but no reply neither connection does form with him except to the who are of the hinduistic tradition, for he attempts to say he is of the universal, but preaches hinduisim; a Religion that primes itself on it's own discourse. This is a fair criticism as was said rather then on universal religion.

Islam states, there is no compulsion with religion/Pure for the right path has been made visible and known prior past already so that the verdict the teaching is clear of it's own cause if made plausible and correctly/ right.

Let Swami teach universal hinduism in form of spirituality, if he is so great and considers the worth of a ascetic or yogi in the sense of karma that all things be added up and come back to him due to righteousness. This is not a criticism to the sense of putting anybody or him down, but shedding light on the situation at hand as this post and thread is setted upon.

Tell Swami, Do not Rely on your Former Teaching or heritage, for You Neither know what Heritage is your's in the next Life; But teach the True Spiritualism, which is universal; in the sense by giving up all Worldly Aspects of Degree and Recognizim and You will See that Karma is made Reduce of it's Wrong kind, and you Find Light in the shed of What is Right over Wrong.

Stop Preaching on others what you grew up with in your lifetime, as if it is for everybody to live by your exam. You learn your own Religion and Preach Universal. So that You meet the people where they at rather cause them to enter your home to meet you at with homage of respect. This is Folly and Ludacris. True Practitioners Teach of Liberty; Your's is Confined to Hinduistic Thoughts And Tradition. This Criticism Comes About due to the Stated Question Above And The reply Without the Continuation of Video Review.

You Welcome Other's into Your Home in The Banner of You Hinduistic Tradition Rather A Welcoming on The Sense of General Reception. This is Folly, For You Store up Hinduistic Thoughts only; Rather UniverSal Thoughts. If By Some Sense This Is Rebutted in The Clip of Video; Let it Be knOwn To the People That This Was A General Criticism to All Who Follow There Own Religion oVer the Universal; As All Need to Grasp And Know ThemSelves in The Position of The World; So is EveryBody InBound to Learn of There Own Heritage Religion, Till They Find EnlIghtenment That  Non Were Verdict to Choose Any Greatness in There Own Religion. SpirItuAlity is Supposed to Be Free And Not Taxed Upon; EspEcially UniVersal. So Shall A Guru or Yogi Also Live. DisAttachment is The Cause of it Once One Has Reached the Level to Be A True Practitioner of Any True Religion. It Will State, Give A Universal Currency Over Rather then A HomeStead Currency; Religion/ Universal is That Currency; Else Needs A Person to Go to the Currency Bank And ConVert it OVer ThemSelves, Despice to Rate And Tax ThAt Comes With It, Leaving BeHind The Recipient to Be OverShooting or Undermining The Trade of Currency itSelf. Do Not Do This Folly And Meet the People Where They At WithOut Masking The Trade By You'r Personal Appraisal; This is Mischief And UnRigHteousness. All Written Should Be For GenerAl Relativity, Else is it of Religion Despiced And Giving True UnivEerSal Religion or Of SpirItuAlity A Bad Name.

Be Proud of Your HeritAge But Don't Get OverWhelmed of Confidence in it; Else Do You Live A Lifetime of Well By Homage of Respect, But UnWell in the Next Lifetime There to Come By Lack of it. Not Many Are Able to Become Siddharta's; Those Who Have Completed A Task to Fully. So Live Your Life Well And ConSider Your Pride; The Pride of Life to Be of Non to Little Worth; Else Will The Karma; Your's, Be in Lack; UnbAlAnced in the Life to Come. This is..

A Message to All God Breathed Sentient Beings. May You Live Well And One time in Your Sentient Being; Lifetime Find EnLiGhtenment, And The Cause of Tathāgata of Arathood. Moksha is the Cause (Liberation) not binding oneself to a single Religion but Furthering Universal, so That You become a Complete Soul (Atmah). The Greater Vehicle is that of One's own Religion, the Lesser that of the Universal; But it is What makes one a Bodhisattva, one who has completed the task of Siddharta and Is thus to Render into the Unknown of the NirBaVNNa. Greater Because it is Most Easier's, But Lesser BEcause it's Harder to Come By; ONe Ought to Make the Lesser Religion Greater as Much as the Universal; Tho Swami Might Try that as so Many of Most, not Many have Enlightenment of How to Step out of there Primary Religious Heritage to Free there Soul of All Bondage that Life Has Thrown themselves into. The Universal Replies to All Man; the Personal Own, to a Group of People. One Ought to Learn All; But Speak Universal So to Set People / Soul's Free; Tathāgata means a Soul that Has Been Perfected; This Goes into the Round of the Bodhi- or Buddha Hood. Else Will Reincarnation Cause one to Come Back into Life again and Relive it in aNewed, Rather Complete the Task and Fill the Void in the Space of Nirvanna for the Completion and Liberations of Soul's to Come in the Form of the Life and in the World Lost Born Anewed to Regrow in the Form of Moksha Losing a Lifespan of Generations and Causing them Who Await to be Reborn to Cause of Suffering to Suffer in there Soul's. BodhiSattvas are them Who Breathe to Grow for the Liberation (Mokska) of them who Died and them who are living and breathing in the World to be Confined; Judged. Walk Towards Your Carma, Rather then Make Yourself to Comfortable in the World You Live in to Breathe, For Who Knows if You Don't Store Up For the Winter, Who Will Know if You Have Nurishment in the Life to Come; WInter. Free Soul's, Don't Cause them to be in Bondage to Your Bondage (Primary Spirituality and Religion of Heritagiable InDownment and Term.) This is Where Soul's Intermix and Grow in the State Afterlife, But a Flower in the Garden is as Beautiful as it is, Apart of The Garden Itself. Consider the Lillies in the Field; They Neither Toil Nor Weave But God Gives them Growth and Harmony; 禪. Fight for the Karma of Mankind, So that Humanity Might Lead it it's Way. Personal Religion Can Cause other's to be In Bondage or Help Other's to Reach Growth of Enlightenment (Cultivation). As Such All Personal; Own Religion is to be considered; For Personal Cultivation; But For Freeing Soul's, One Ought to Do it in the Consideration of Moksha (Global Liberation).

This Text Was Written to Straighten Out the Forum once Again; as a Disciple of any Master or Guru; You Ought to Ask Questions AND Question; Not Simply Comply DattaSwami. Earthly Wisdom Only Goes that Far; When it Run's Out on Context; Can't OnLy Eat one set of Food; Vitamine A is not the Only Requirement of the Body But Vitamine B and C as Well. One Set of Thought is not Enough. Can't Go From One Set of Thought into Defining the Universal, The Universal Is Above any Single Doctrine, Learn of the Things of the World; or You Depire that Only One Set of People, one Set of Rule; One Set of Religion is the Right One; All Religions are Right if they are Sought for in the Right Condition; Universal Spirituality or Religion is Correct; it Feeds the Whole, not only the Punjabi. As for Them Who Do not Wish to be Fed By the Punjabi; you Can't Live by Your Own Heritage or Social Food's itself Alone. Try Other Thing's to them Who are Narrow Minded in Consideration of Food's; All Food's is Good, Even Nicotine and Intoxication's. To them Who Do not Consider it; there Conscious has Confined them in; Saying it is Bad Because My People or the People i Associate with, Do not Consider it; But even for THC (Weed) Studies have Shown that it is Good for Something, as Does Alcohol is Good For Something. I am Neither an Advocate not an Abuser Of Such Thing's But the Earth is the Lor'ds and the Fullness thereof of it. To them Who Whom it is Bad, it is Bad, to them Good IT is Good. Don't Pledge Your Grudges on Another One's Life, Seen you Do Not Know All THere Condition's neither Circumstances of Life; Not All Are Born in the Farm and Think Electricity or AutoMotives are Bad; Some Think Only there Lifestyle is Right; But Who Say's What Generation is Right. the Future will be when No This Or Such is A Given Norm, and Will you Say Them of the Past Have Done Wrong by there Time in the Concept of Your Karma; Do You Wish to Add ON Baggage to the People of Old? Who Have Gone Before You and Who Have Lived and Will be Considered of there Own Karma? Duty and Action? ... Live Life to Free Soul's. For the Center of the Atman; the Soul is Every Living Being; This is NAmaste; This is Greeting Every Soul in Similaritude and Without Upbraideth Respect of Disrespect.

Again this was not a Criticism but a FeedBACk, Your in no Way Hated by Any Man. This is a FeedBack on the Thread: Item's Such as Intoxication of Cause of Smoking or Drinking Are not Involved in Spiritual Path; Ludacris; All Live to there Lord and Master, and All Will Die to there Lord And Master. Live Freely, But know the World Will Push to Aim YOU towards there Individual Way, Until Mankind is Extinguished or Freed of their Fall. Personal Liberation is Folly; SelfFish; Many Will be Suprised to What there Life's Sum is worth of it; Free the Soul's and Render unto Univeral Spiritualism.

(09-18-2019, 05:15 PM)מ שشem:dru:vid::: Wrote: True Learned Understanding Has Come AbOut to Mankind &Humanity in the Cycle of THE HISTORY of Time; ThroughOut Which, History HAS 
ShOWN US & Should Have Taught us A Religion and Universal Spirituality of it's own Variety on It's Own: ManKIND.

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"Exercise Your own Personal Religion Without Causing it to Seem Universal Until Universal is Reached" © Minart Martin Youn; UloDoe 2019
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