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dHArMa of EXistence ✾✿✾


THe CaUse of StEPping inTO tHe ZOne of THe LOWeR' REALM CLOSe to HADesᾍδης IS to REALiZe THe ESSeNTIAL RITUAl RITEs Of WORtH ANd REALeVANce DUE to THe COSt of VIRTue MADe VISIBLe in THe AUDIeNCe of DEPTh to THe SELf ANd DUE to THe WORLd of SELVes By BUDDHA-BoDHiHood of SELf ThrOugh AtManआत्मन् of BrAhMan VisuaLizing शिवShiva IT'Self. A Beginning And An End. IF Ever A Grow Must Occur, Then Life IS Given to Grant a Grow To be eStaBlished, then Death Comes to End the Cycle Within: UNLess a Seed of Wheat Falls to the GrOund and Dies, IT Remaineth Alone But UNless to Die, It PRoduces MAny Much Fruit. The Floor of the Syllable Is Contained in AUॐOM, Samanपरीतोयोनि, Rik ऋक् or yajus यजुस् AS The Rights in Opening up the First BeGinning of Ending THe Terms of RELeVANce Like the 葬書Book Of Burial, AssoCiAtEd ForRendition.

PerTAINing to the PostMeantionedIn The Post We COnCLude ThAt UNLess A Set Is MadE to SKill, No VIrTUe or VALue is Set INto PlaCe UNLEss FOUNd FOUNDATion, toWArds THe SIMIlar Kind of BREAking GrOunD in tHe MOSt SUBtLE OfWayS. ANnUllED to A Life At EASe, NATUrAL KARMA PRIMOrDEAl, Will PROFess LIfe of HARDSHIps UPon REINcARNATIOn SINcE tHe LABOr of COst WAS NOT DUe to Mend MAde MATCHed in THe REALIZAtION of DEPtH. THereFor HE or SHe WHO ATTEMPTs to DIG A DITCh, MUSt FIrSt RENDER COST foR LAND, TOOL ANd DEED, BEFOrE SETTLeINg IN THE GROUNd FOr DEPTh of INItIATIng FOR CARNAtIon To COme APPEAreNt. For This Reasons Where the 4 NOble Truths Made Known, Through BodhiHood of the GautaMa BudDah.

ANother EssEcNCe is tHe ViRtue of LeArning LIfe in the BaSiS of It's ROOt EdiBle, WHerein THe TOUgHt And THe ROUght Molds THe SOUl In A BEIng to EXTeNt the SPIrIt In It's OWN YEArn FOr LIFe & LIBerTy CONSOLed FOr HAPPINess COME In TerM. -DEStINy. YOu May PUsh THe ENVeLop of MEASuRe To THe EXtEnt of FULlNess or EXtEnt of BrINk FOr TOtAl DOMinATIon of SElf By AtMah of BRAhMan. "TO Deal WiTh the Self in DOMinAnce is Like BAttEling OverComing 10,000's Men of A CiTy" ACCorDing tO THis ANCieNt WellWriTTeN PROVerB. “Man Know Thyself.” As the ANtient, GreEk, EGypTians And in Many Ways More CULtUres of PASt Have "HAtH" SeeN This. Not in KNowing What You Want or Like, But What Your Limits Are And What ExTent Your' CapAble of In the EndurAnce in the Human Soul of the ExIsTence of Essence of Life. "HE Who Comes Close to Death, AppReCiates Life." in A Simple Way Said, But True in It's Deliverance/Essence.


Life Behind the Essence of Pain is to come Close to the Realization of the INvAluable Measure of Life IS. And OnlY Then Can True Peace ReSide withIn ManKind. thE DesTiny of This ForGotten Truth "cattāri ariyasaccāni" The realities or truths for the "spiritually worthy ones" is DeStined to Find itSelf ThrOughOut the History of Time, in Which the Whole of ManKind Lament's Over The Burden of VaRiOuSe Times and Terms, in Which Death Plague Or Famine wILl Come INto Place. In Justice by the Hands of Nature or Of Man. IF By Nature, Then JudgEMent God Has PrEVailed, if By Man, Then Self-DeStRuCTion has Come Close to It's Halt. EIthER Way, By "the truths of the Noble Ones" MaNy Will PreVail in ThEre LiFe Time By ObScure SCenary.

Life Finding a Folie ...attested from 1650s. But used much earlier, since Middle English, especially country estates, probably as a form of Old French folie in its meaning "delight." -etymology 
In it simpliest term, Only Things forgotten or left behind are those most valuable to us mankind, there rights of being invaluable are when lost or given out away. This is why Life will find meaning in taste after Death has come most closest. - The meal after a life altering experience, never tasted so Sweet.

This is the Awakening Theme Motto of It all Upon the 4 Noble Truths, the deeper, the Truer. Unless a Seed (of Whea) Falls to the Ground and Dies, It Abides Alone. But if it dies... The Parable of the Sower, sows much truth to the Volume of Virtue, that if the Seed dies, It Bears Much Fruit. But some Are Sown on the Wayside, Others fall among thorns, some on Rocky Paths, but never yield on fruits, for there Depth was Not Matched for Riddling Suits. This is Why the Longer a MAtter is Done, the Better it shall run, but Truthfully it says, the Worthier a matter is done, the better "iT" MAY RUN.

PErCEpTion of What MAkes a Suit WortHy iS Said in This "A SerVAnt Follows His MAster, the Master Said: To WherEEver You Go. Do Unto OThers AS You Wish Bid Have DO DONE UNTo Me." This SERVant is MUSlim (Submissive). La lllah HA IllAh Lah 
Mattai And Luqa Had it Written Right in thaT they Said for toss of this Coin : Do UNTO others in all that you do, AS You WOULD WAnt them Do unTo You. 

for this IS THE sum Up of The Law and the Prophets

The Cessation of an ending of All Cravings pertained to Attachments nirodha निरोध, Can Be Found Through the 8 WayPaths of SPirituAl BuddhIsim. In WHich dukkhaदुक्ख Realms THe UnderWorld Of Man in it's प्रतीत्यसमुत्पादPratītyasamutpāda The Origin And Cause of All Things. In WHich It States: "Everyone in the world Sees/Knows beauty,. Then ugly exists, If this exists, tHAt exists", By THis NOtion of The Cause of ExiStence, The DhArmaधर्म Holds A SufferIng State In It's Mind, Since RidGed And Matter CollidE into One in This Plane of Value of Depth Alike General PhYsics And QuAntum MechaNics in tHe TerMs of Sociology And ScIence FurTher More Of Fauna In The Essential Being of All Matters in Time.

This Meaning, That All ExIsTens, WHether Solid or LiQuid is of Molecules That Stand On The PlatfOrm of Reality in It's Mind. The Mind 精神 jīngshén, Is The FAcet of ALL REAlity Of WHich It Says: for, "Who has knowth the mind of the Lord HAsGem בּרוך) השׁם) so as to instruct?" But we have/Know the mind of Christ, WhiCh" is mārga मार्ग the Path to LiberAtION For The Self of Atma'hआत्मा.
Many Things of This PathWay Can Be Condoled to DonAte (dāna दान) to the Benefit of sīlaशील the MorALity And VIrTue oF ManKind. This Benefits Mokshaमोक्ष the realIZAtIon of the Self, Being There No Self and EMpTIness, As An LIBerAting KnowLedge pasT the Mind 心神 xīnshén, the consciousness of Oneness with Brahman, all existence and understanding the whole universe as the Self/SouL.
THis MEAning, THat EXiStence Is Not Of One /being, But Of Many, Yet All PerTAining to One Goal, THat Of LIFe Or DEStRUCTiOn. If For ANy REAsOn, One MeMbER PerIShes, ALL FEeL tHe PerIsh/Lack/-Pain/Ment of the Loss Of ANothER. THis Is CAuse/ Of CAuse THat ALL Life Is InTeRCOnneCted, WHeAthEr AniMal, Item, Man, or MattER ItSelf. FOr If A StAr DiSSAPearS, ALL CONStILLatIon WOuld DiFFer, GENerAL REALitIvity In GrAVity/As, WOuld DiFFer And the LIght or AStRONomic HeMisPherE WOuld Be AChAnged In Its VirTue of BrAhMan Being. For Further AKnowLedgement, "For want of a nail a horseshoe was lost,

for want of a horseshoe a horse went lame,
for want of a horse a rider never got through,
for want of a rider a message never arrived,
for want of a message an army was never sent,
for want of an army a battle was lost,
for want of a battle a war was lost,
for want of a war a kingdom fell,
and all for want of a nail
THis ThereFore RECollEcts, THe ImPorTAnce Of MattEr Of ALL MaTTeR in tHe EXIStANce In Life."


By A Previous [email protected] com I Realized That the Human Community or Sangha, Wishes A Quick Fast Journey Out of Suffering, Rather Then to Learn THe LeSSOn of SuFFerIng ItSelof, And SuCCeed ABove the CauSe of the HuMan FLeSh And Soul. By DetErMining the SPirit of Rucha into the Dharma (or Phenomen) of OVerComing A HardShip With DedICarioN And Tact.

Gautama Siddhārtha Taught Upon His Premise of BuDDHaHood, That Life OFf lowers in the Region of DeAth And SufferIng, Where?Upon LongSuffering Must Be PrAcTised in Floor Christianity 101. The Attempt of Getting USed to it, neither occures in Primal Human, Neither the GAte or Door (Bab) of Entering into a Different Realm of the BodhisattVa's in there Attempt to Obtain BuddhaHood(enLightenment). Therefor Cause Mankind So Much Fall's With Injuries and Mental Disorders of Come into Destined Find. A Decease Will Go To Where a Decease Will Go and So does a Hurt to Where It Does. But if A Man Awakened Realizes That the Form of BodhiHood is Realize in Walking the Path, in Thankfulness, and Without Complaint, He or She Will Find Liberation of there Own CAuse Further And Further Along the Line. Until These Issues Are Dealt With, They Will Infall in Upon Mankind in the Very Same Lingual Way Over and Over Again. Nothing Comes Compared as Suffering and Not Dealing With things Putting it away.

It says, Let Patience have her Perfect Work, Wishing Nothing, Wanting Nothing in Return. THat you might be not in wanting, That ye Might be entire. Whole in Firm.

Yet Practices are Not Welcomed to Even the Most Devoted of Spiritualist, BeCause Life Speaks Against them in ThEre HuMan Nature. The 7 Deadly Sins. Sloth

THE substance wherewith God hath created Me is not clay out of which others have been formed. SHee hath conferred upon Me that which the worldly-wise can never comprehend, nor the faithful discover.… I am one of the sustaining pillars of the Primal Word of Memra. Whosoever hath recognized Me hath known all that is true and right and hath attained all that is good and seemly, and whosoever hath failed to recognize Me hath turned away from all that is true and right and hath succumbed to everything evil and unseemly. 

By the righteousness of Your Lord, the Lord of all created things, the Lord of all the worlds! Were a man to rear in this world as many edifices as possible and worship God through every virtuous deed which God’s knowledge embraceth, and attain the presence of the Lord, and were he, even to a measure less than that which is accountable before God, to bear in his heart a trace of malice towards Me, all his deeds would be reduced to naught and he would be deprived of the glances of God’s favor, become the object of His wrath and assuredly perish. -- EXtracS a@ of "BAb/SplENdoR"

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With Concession of Quotation Upon Context For a More Complementary "IN Light OF the Topic" Conjunction of Written Context in 2016, without Knowledge of My Written Thread Viable in 2019 (CO) With Context of : .
(08-31-2016, 03:59 PM)Lance Kelly Wrote: There’s an old-fashioned song: ‘Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die’. This neatly describes the yearning to be free of the burden of time – but not while there’s still so much to experience in the world. Dying to existence is the spiritual process in which everyone is a participant. To be born into matter as a body is to contribute towards a deepening enlightenment of the human race. All roads, even those steeped in the deadening weight of religious traditions, eventually lead to the Source. But the process is glacially slow.

Most people on earth have little time or inclination to look for any deeper meaning beyond that which provides material security and sensual pleasure. For them the search for reality can wait; so the spiritual process operates at an unconscious level, imperceptible to the masses. At this epoch of human evolution there is no universal solution. The truth, where it can be heard, is for the individual alone.

The trigger for spiritual transformation comes when the experience of life has reached a point when it no longer delivers the same degree of pleasure or satisfaction as before. There are periods of aridity and confusion prior to the change, and often a heightened sensitivity to the suffering of others. At the behest of a cosmic initiative, an individual is inducted into a new state of being. This is the moment of truth when the power of the unconscious penetrates the nucleus of the brain, instigating an upsurge of spiritual energy. It’s an intensely personal experience, often triggered by traumatic events that penetrate the mind structure of the individual and instigate a profound change to the life. Who can say when an individual is ready or willing to die to existence? Perhaps the spirit is continually searching for those who wouldn’t necessarily be termed saintly but who are able to handle the tremendous inner upheavals that accompany the transformation of self.

The self is a word that describes something fundamentally selfish in revolt to the good of the whole. It’s most recognisable as the worrier in the head that’s unable to stop thinking when anxious or troubled by a relationship or event. The self is the feeling of gloom and emotional discomfort in the pit of the stomach when depressed or fed up with life. Everyone is aware of the troublesome self but few ever succeed in vanquishing the impostor that has usurped the authentic Being behind the body. The self is the consummate trickster and skilled in the art of deception. It’s fooled humanity since the earliest of times and continues unabated today in our western civilisation – the first global culture to be completely possessed by this alien parasite of self.

Dismantling the hold of the self is a mighty task and an extremely painful introduction to dying to existence. Self-knowledge is the way that it can be undertaken. From being identified exclusively with the objective world, the focus turns inward and the belief in the world as a permanent structure is shattered. Existence at every level provides the mirror to be disabused of the ignorance of living. The practice of meditation, when done rightly, neutralises the inner forces that create the solid feel of the physical world. When the focus of attention is turned inwards, vital energy is harnessed that enables the pure intelligence to delve deeper into the mystery of the psyche. From here it’s possible to register the purity of life before it takes form in the divisive brain. This is the introduction to being out of existence while still conscious and present in the body. There can be a sense of elevation and great joy that, indeed, feels like heaven.

Although progress can be encouraging in the early stages, the self refuses to go to heaven because it doesn’t want to die. As the emotional body adjusts to the enhanced psychic frequency there’s a reaction from the self to the intrusion of its domain. When its position is threatened by the intelligent gaze of a superior power, the treacherous self will fight to the death to retain its ground. The first step in dying to existence is to know the enemy. And now we know.

Vise Versa In Quotation From #@
R U WORThy of MY WORdSZ. ? . . . . LOVe OnE ANOThEr ....... .
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