Everything is composed of energy. Everything animate and inanimate. The activity, or frequency of the energy determines its state and it could be said that the energetic composition of a rock is more potential than kinetic whereas that of a flame is the opposite, being more kinetic than potential, yet it has both types. Tesla worked this out in his experiments yet alchemists knew this hundreds of years ago, even the space between the stars is full of energy.
Energy is strange, it is generally invisible yet its presence can be felt. I, and others are able to ‘feel’ the energy radiating from menhirs, and can even see it as a wavering mist, not unlike a translucent flame emanating from the surface of the stone. Sometimes it can be seen as an Aura, or energy field. Everything, trees, grass, rivers, animals, the stars and planets, and us are effectively energy beings, science proves this by releasing the potential energy from minerals by a process of action and reaction. For years alchemists tried to turn base metal into gold, and our scientists only managed the nuclear bomb!
We are made from the five elements, earth, water, air, fire and spirit, if we look at the Hebraic creation story God fashioned man from the earth and then breathed life into him. The fifth element, the breath or spirit of God.
There are those who would deny the existence of both God (or Creator if you prefer) , and Spirit, yet we are essentially spirit based beings, not flesh based beings, and if we were deprived of just one of the elements we would fail to exist. Without water to drink we would die of dehydration. Without food from the earth to eat we would starve to death. Without heat (fire) we would freeze to death and without air we would suffocate. All this is logical and every schoolchild knows these things yet without the energy of spirit we would never have existed at all, and this of course is never thought of. We can make a being of clay, make it muddy with water, heat it by the fire and even blow air all over it but without the spiritual energy entering, it will never move, it will never speak, it will never think, it will to all intent and purposes remain a clay effigy or statue.
But, people say, we all will one day die and it will be as if we never lived. We will be gone like the flame of a candle in the wind. We will remain as a memory until those who remember us finally meet up with Dullahan (the Reaper) themselves and exit this life.
Yes there is truth in their misguided statement, this physical body will tire, weaken and become no longer fit for purpose but the spirit doesn’t succumb to these things. I still think like a twenty year old but my body doesn’t act like one, good diet and the gym help, but physically I can’t do what I could when I was twenty, yet my mind will!
The relationship between the spirit and the body is analogous with that of our relationship with our car, we thrash it mercilessly for thousands of miles, then begin to treat it more gently as the rattles and rust set in. We then have a choice. Scrap it, trade it in for a new model or even do without a car for a while and use another mode of travel, or even walk. Just because the car has run out of energy or effectively died it doesn’t mean the driver has!
So the old body, like the old car needs more energy to keep it going than is practicable. It creaks and groans and eventually gives up. The Spirit however is still full of energy, it doesn’t need to fill the tank or have a service as it is permanently connected to the infinite energy source, the Creator, the Infinite. So like the driver of a car the Spirit has the choice, get a new body, just hang out for while or stay together with the infinite. You see what the others, those who believe we are just a candle flame blown by the wind until we are extinguished, don’t know is that Dullahan is part of this great conspiracy, or deception if you like, because when he calls your name you cannot resist, because it’s your time, your contract is fulfilled, a contract you willingly entered into before you incarnated. He takes your spirit to the shore where he is met by Barinthus (the Boatman) who ferries you across the river, through the veil to the otherworld where you can then discuss your next move….do you stick or twist?....believe it or not only you have the answer.