hello guys
i'm new in this interesting page and i wish i'm the welcome here with you
well i have been interested by future teller and that kind of stuf for a few weeks , and  i did a lot of research about how i can predict my future .. so  i found out that there is a lots of alternative for that .. lot of web site talkes about tarot cards reading, hand reading or horoscope tarot prediction  .  so i feel like lost and i want to talk about that with you and have your point of vew about each way of prediction . 
i don't know if you inderstood what i meen but let me give you an exemple of what i found on the internet</p><p class="" style=""><br><a href="https://www.crystalteller.com/?fbclid=IwAR2ubZWpHB5t-9SRhQJP-EhUphCGY10ecmk_rLRSwfPxzzpS4CV6uf9hoN4 ">Click here</a><br><br>it talks about fortune tellers and the how predicting future is possible
i realy need your help guys</p><p class="" style=""><br></p><p class="" style="">thank you a lot and i apologie if i put this topic in the wrong place&nbsp;&nbsp; i'm new in this site so i don't know how to use it