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let me introduce you to some angels i met

greetings cosmic travelers. today I want to introduce you to some angels I met on my path, now their names are not from strange languages, you won't hear a name like Mikael or Gabriel and the like

it's more like calling Gabriel what the name means in English which is: the Divine is my Might

Mikael is actually a question. that faithful angel exclaimed when the accuser said he will be like the Divine, Mi ka El meaning who is like the Divine? if I was there I would have answered him everyone is in the likeness of the Divine since the Divine is all there is hehe

so let me get to it...

1. the angel of Life.

greetings angel of Life, what is your essence?

the angel of Life speaks:
 what is a human life? it is the art of acquiring virtues which are the ornament of Life.. the only prize that counts in the eternal World.
in life, Man must begin with his virtues. a life without virtues is like a garden without flowers, like a tree without fruits. if you are young or old, make virtues the foundation of your Life. through virtues, you can find equilibrium in your life.

thank you for your kind advice dear angel of life.

now let me introduce you to another angel..
his name is:

2.the angel of competence

here is what he has to tell us :

every man submits to the competence of another. the attention of religious folks is attracted by this or that brother or sister. they consider them to be competent people. they say: "this one is spiritually advanced" they hurry to be around them to hear something from them.
how can we recognize a competent person? if we consider a basin tap we realize its competence really quikly; put a recipient under it and observe how long it takes to fill it. if it takes a half an hour to fill the recipient then it competence is equal to a half hour. if it takes 5 minutes then its competence is 5 minutes. which one will you choose? the last one? then it is the most competent.

thank you, dear angel, of competence.
if you Love Someone, you Love them all the same.
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When Moses met God on the mount, he asked God who he was. God answered 'El' which simply means 'I am.' This was then taken to be Gods name. El.
The [b]name Gabriel[/b] is a Hebrew baby [b]name[/b]. In Hebrew the [b]meaning of the name Gabriel[/b] is: Man of God. God's able-bodied one, or Famous bearer: 
From the Hebrew [b]name[/b] מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) [b]meaning[/b] "who is like God?". This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. [b]Michael[/b] is one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an [b]archangel[/b] in the Bible.
It is true, although we are all created in the image of God in so much as we all have the divine spark of life within us and therefore God is part of us and we are part of God, yet we are not actually like God.
We all have potential, as in Christs parable of the talents, we have the power of creation and destruction, but we can only create physical life, not spiritual life, as all spirit comes from the Father. So just as all flesh comes from our earthly parents, so all spirit comes from our heavenly father, or God if you wish.
We all have a path, a spiritual path and a human path. It is not true that we all submit to the competence and will of others, that would make us slaves. If we are slaves it is a slavery of our own making as we see in the Tarot symbol of the Hanged Man. 
Let he who has intelligence work it out!
We were not born into bondage, slavery, or debt. We were born to be free, with free will and choice. 
The name Angel comes from the Greek Angelus meaning messenger. Angels have power so they can move freely between the worlds but their powers are limited. They are servants of the Almighty and are bound only to do his bidding.
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